The Strange Dragon and the Former Choreman – 2

Chapter 2 – Farewell Party

I got to work on the very day that I decided to go to the new continent.
I shared the news with my comrade heroes and prepared to leave.

The new continent was very far away.
It would take weeks just to reach the demon port after traveling by land and sea. And then weeks of voyaging by sea after that.
Traveling by land was one thing, but you couldn’t bring anything large with you on the ship.
However, I didn’t have much in terms of personal belongings to begin with.

As I used to be the baggage carrier when I was in the Heroes party, I had a ‘Magic Bag’ that could carry a lot of stuff.
And since there was still plenty of space left in it, I filled it with water, medicine, and food supplies.

This would be a good backup in case the ship got lost.
Besides, we didn’t know what might happen on the new continent. It wouldn’t hurt to be prepared for anything.

The day before my departure from the royal capital, the Heroes held a farewell party for me.
They had all gathered together to see me off, in spite of their busy schedules. I was very grateful.

Once it started, the Warrior said,

“So, our Theo is going to the new continent. We’ll miss you.”

Warrior was tall and incredibly muscular. And his shoulders were as broad as two men.
But he seemed oblivious of this fact as he slapped me on the shoulder.

“Ouch. You really are ridiculously strong.”
“Oh, sorry.”

His personality was much like his appearance, broad-minded and open hearted.
Sorcerer watched us with a serious expression.

“…But I feel quite anxious at the thought of Theo not being here.”

Sorcerer was a small quiet person who talked in a low murmur.

“I don’t see why you should be worried. The world is so peaceful.”
“…It might be peaceful now, but who knows about the future?”
“Even if something does happen, it will be fine since the rest of you are here. I just carry the baggage.”
“…That’s a good one, Theo. You’re awfully funny.”

Sorcerer said with a blank expression. There was not even a chuckle to accompany the words.
I had known them all for a long time, and not once had I seen Sorcerer laugh.

“Yes, yes. Who knows how many times we would have all been annihilated if Theo wasn’t there?”

Hero agreed seriously.

“That’s not true. You are all so much stronger than me.”
“Negotiating with other races, navigating through unknown routes, maintaining equipment. Your role was very important, Theo.”

Healer added. Even if they were just flattering me, I felt happy.

“Yes, yes. Besides, it’s mostly because of your negotiating skills that we were able to make peace with the Demon King.”
“…Not having to fight the dragon was also a big deal.”

Leaving the Demon King aside, it was my taming skill that had allowed us to avoid fighting the dragon.
Even if I wasn’t able to tame it completely, I was able to communicate with powerful monsters.
This skill allowed us to save our energy for the fight ahead.

When it came to that, even I knew that I had done very well.

“Maybe I will go with Theo to the new continent.”
“Don’t you have work to do as the Hero?”

It wasn’t just Hero. Warrior, Sorcerer, and Healer were also very busy.
They were so capable, and were therefore in great demand.

“I won’t say that I’m not busy, but almost all of the work could be accomplished by someone else.”
“Surely that is not true?”
“It is true.”

After that, Hero started complaining.
The gist of it was that people only cared about Hero’s reputation, and did not actually care about ability or skill.

“If there was someone who looked exactly like me, they could just make him do everything. That’s the kind of work it is!”

Being called to parties held by nobles and being sworn in as honorary presidents of this and that association.
It was all very glamorous work.

“I just want to swing my sword!”

Hero wanted to fight against powerful monsters that only he could defeat.
That was something that I could understand.

“…You need to be patient.”
“Just seeing you is enough to make the people feel safe.”

Sorcerer and Healer said consolingly.

“I get it! I get it!”
Warrior said as he slapped Hero on the shoulder.

“You do?”
“Yes. Of course, I get to help the Knights Order train and hunt down monsters, so it’s been ceaseless sword swinging for me!”
“What? Why? That’s not fair!”
“Probably because I’m not as famous as you, Hero?”
“It’s not fair!”

Apparently, Warrior was just mocking Hero.
As Hero fumed, I decided to cheer him up.

“Once you are really tired of a hero’s job, and you are at your limit, then you should come to the new continent.”
“Well, it can’t be too soon. But one day, when you’re tired and need it.”
“Very well!”

And like that, the party continued into the late night.

And then on the next day, I left the royal capital.

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    • Maybe the author is hiding that they’re actually MC’s harem. Again. Like with the Strongest Wizard who got an arrow to the knee.

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