The Strange Dragon and the Former Choreman of the Heroes Party, Relaxing Slow Life on the New Continent – 1


Author: えぞぎんぎつね

Chapter 01 – ‘Do anything’ Theo wants an early retirement

20 years ago. The ‘God Barrier’ that divided the old human continent and the continent of monsters vanished.
There were many theories as to why the barrier disappeared, but the truth was still unknown.

After the barrier disappeared, wars erupted between the humans and monsters.
These wars continued for 10 years. But in the end, a Hero defeated the Demon King in a duel, and brought an end to the fighting.

Once the war was over, the humans and monsters settled their differences, and the Hero’s party disbanded in a peaceful world.
…The end.


10 Years later.
As Theodore, the former choreman of the Hero’s party, I continued to be an Adventurer.
However, I was not sure anything I did could be considered an adventure.

Indeed, the world was very peaceful now.
Fewer requests were being brought to the guild.

And even if I didn’t work, I received a pension for my contribution in defeating the Demon King.
In that case, I could not compete for these jobs that poorer youths needed.
It was my duty as an adult to allow these youngsters to take them.

This meant that my days were just spent watching my money grow in my account at the guild.
That’s how much I received for helping to defeat the Demon King.

Yes, I had no trouble supporting myself, but this was not a productive way to live.

And so, during one summer day in the afternoon…
“I’m thinking about retiring soon.”
I said while talking to the master of the Adventurer’s Guild in the royal capital, who I had worked with for many years.

“Eh? You must be joking? You’re ‘do anything’ Theo. And you’re going to retire?”

The guild master leaned forward in shock.

“I’m not joking. Haven’t you noticed that there are fewer jobs for Adventurers now?”
“I won’t deny it, but…”

The lands were so peaceful now that roads were being built to connect all the towns.
People were richer and the town’s security was tight.
Thanks to this, there were fewer instances of magic beasts attacking.

There were fewer attacks from bandits as well.
With less work now, Adventurers spent most of their effort in exploring the labyrinth.

The result of this was the rapid decline of unexplored territory in our world.

“Thanks to you, I don’t have to worry about money. And I don’t want to compete with the youngsters for work.”
“Hmm. Still, you’re young too, Theo.”
“But I’ve been fighting ever since I was 10 years old. And now I’m just tired.”
“Well, I can’t stop you after hearing something like that…”

The guild master had a troubled expression.

I became an Adventurer at the age of ten, after both of my parents died from a plague.
Of course, even if you were called an Adventurer, there was only so much a child could do. And in my case, that was carrying the baggage.

However, I learned the Appraisal, Crafting, and Taming skills, and was eventually valued by the others.
And then ten years ago, when I turned 25, I joined the Hero’s party.

My days in that party were cruel indeed.
Day after day, we were on the brink of death as we fought.
It would not have been strange for any of us to fall. In fact, it was a miracle that we all survived that. I really believed it.

Well, it was all over now. We had peace.
And my contribution had earned me a pension.

As I reminisced about those times, the guild master asked me,

“So, Theodore. What will you do after you’ve retired?”
“Buy some random plot of land in the countryside and live quietly.”

I had enough money saved to buy a farm.

“Don’t you know that farming is a lot of work? I would reconsider…”
“I do know that. After all, I was raised in a farming village.”
“…Ah, that is right. In that case…”

The guild master pondered on this for a moment and then smiled.

“I know! Theodore. Why don’t you join the research project in the new continent?”
“…New continent, eh?”

It was on the other side of the country of monsters. There was a great continent that could be reached by sea after traveling for nearly a month.
We just called it the new continent.

However, it wasn’t really recently discovered. After all, the monsters had known about it.
It was just that humans had learned of its existence recently.

I too had heard rumors that there were plans to go and create settlements on the new continent.
And so they were searching for personnel to go as an advance party and investigate the land.

According to the guild master, if the investigation proved that it was possible, they wanted to cultivate it.

“Of course, any fields you cultivate will be yours.”
“Hmm? Now that is appealing…”
“We don’t know what will await us on the new continent. So we need someone who is skilled.”

The demand for Adventurers was decreasing here, but would increase on the new continent.
And it felt rather good to be needed.

I was still only 35. It was true that it was early for retirement.

“I see. Maybe I will work on the new continent a little before I retire.”
“If you do, it will be a great help to us of the Adventurer’s Guild.”

After this conversation, I made the decision to go to the new continent.

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Relaxing Slow Life on the New Continent Shintairiku de Nonbiri Slow Life

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  1. ~Things akin to shower thoughts~

    ‘Hero’, huh… I mean I guess that’s how it’s viewed from the human side but what about the monster side?

    Is the New Settlement/New World something like a slow invasion of ‘monster’ territory? …Did they not claim enough land from winning the war?

    I wonder how this war was started? Who made the first move? With what intent?

    Is there going to be some standard (some might say) cliché scenarios you can find in almost every fantasy novel from the Oriental nations? For example the *omitted* MC?

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