Royal Magician – 64

Chapter 64 – Spy

This country, which revolved around a Saintess who served the Goddess, was known to be very powerful when it came to wars of information.

Faster than any other country, they would acquire obscure information from remote places, and choose the best course of action.

And what made such a thing possible were the spies that were sent out all over the western side of the continent.

Rylie Graham was one such spy.
He was said to have seventeen faces and names, and now that he had finished his last mission, which involved the infiltration of a smuggling ring, he now entered the Ardenfeld Kingdom.

His purpose was to investigate the dragon incident that had occurred in the kingdom’s western frontier.
And he was to return only after acquiring detailed information.

To this purpose, he visited the frontier town and quickly went to work.

First, he gathered information on the Adventurers who had participated in the battle against the dragon.
Once the list was in his possession, he went through the names of these first rank Adventurers with great interest.

(It’s impressive that they could gather such people in a short amount of time…)

There must be some very capable people at the guild.
And there were three who had the S-Rank license.
Among them, there was also Raven Alban, said to be the strongest Adventurer of the west side of the kingdom.

This was the greatest precaution that the guild was capable of against the monster.
However, the problem was that the enemy was a dragon.

The most powerful living creature on the continent.
A being who could destroy mountain ranges and turn cities to rubble. Something almost beyond human comprehension.
At the very least, it had a threat level over 10.
Not only that, but this dragon was supposed to have been in a state of madness.

No matter how brilliant these Adventurers were, surely there were not enough of them to fight against such a foe.

His feeling about this grew even stronger as he started to investigate the forest, where the battle took place.

(What is this…)

Rylie had experienced a lot in his life, but he had never seen scars of battle like this before.
The great holes in the ground. The fallen trees that had been torn from the earth.

Indeed, the Adventurers should not have been able to defeat such a thing.

(Traces of magic cannons… The Royal Magicians Order.)

He inspected the battlefield and put the pieces together.

So it was true after all, that the Magicians Order had been here, and helped to bring this incident to a close.

Considering the scale of it, this magic cannon was something you would usually use against armies.
So it had to be the kingdom’s famed Royal Magicians.
If a hundred of their very best had participated in the battle, then it made more sense that they were able to defeat the dragon.

(So they must have known that the dragon would attack…)

Rylie was impressed by this ability to predict the future. And so he began to question the Adventurers who had fought in the battle.

He had a license and identification for this country.
And so he was currently pretending to be an A-Rank Adventurer who had been working abroad for the past few years, which made it easy to approach those who had participated.

“The dragon incident, eh? That was really something. Once Mr. Raven went down, there was nothing that we could do. I thought, ‘ah, so this is what it’s like to face something on a different level.’”

He said with a chuckle.

“Raven Alban was defeated…”

Rylie gasped.

“Then who dealt with the dragon?”
“A girl from the Royal Magicians Order. Noelle Springfield. There had been rumors about her ability for a while now.”
“Ah, her…”

Even Rylie had heard of this magician during his investigations in the country.
She had contributed greatly during an assassination attempt at the last Red Rose Ball, in spite of just having entered the order.
There were similar stories about her work in the potion research team as well. She was a brilliant magician who seemed to be rising through the ranks at a record speed.

“And so she, along with the other Royal Magicians, defeated the dragon?”

Rylie asked as he organized the information in his mind. But the Adventurer shook his head.

“While everyone makes that assumption, the truth is quite different.”
“How different?”
“Because by the time that the other Royal Magicians arrived at the scene, the battle was already over. And so she drove the dragon back on her own.”
“All by herself?”

Rylie wasn’t sure if he had heard that correctly.

“You don’t mean to say that she unleashed all of that magic on her own, and stopped the dragon?”
“Not only that. She lured the dragon away so that the town would not be damaged. And then she drove the dragon back into the mountains.”
“You must be joking. This is a dragon in a state of madness.”
“Believe that if you wish to. But it’s the truth.”

The Adventurer said.

“She was on a different level from any magician I know of. There is no doubt in my mind that she will become a great magician that history will remember. And so we haven’t heard the last of her, I think.”

Rylie had nothing to say about that.
Taking on a dragon by yourself…
Was such a thing even possible for a human?

The anti-military grade magic fire.
The countless number of magic circles.
All of this was done by one person.

He could not be blamed for saying that it was impossible.
But the man in front of him did not seem to be lying either.

Rylie began to imagine the existence of someone so powerful, and he gulped.

(Chancellor Mercurius was right. Something astonishing was starting to happen in this country.)

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