Court Magician – 2

Chapter 2 – The day I chose the path of a Court Magician

…It happened four years before Alec Ugritte became a court magician.

“I’m going to become a court magician.”

At the academy I had attended for six years.
I muttered this in front of my especially close friends, just after the graduation ceremony.

“My father is against it. But still…”

I raised the corner of my lips and forced a smile. As these were my closest friends, I had told them previously about how much my father opposed me on this.

I suppose that was why…
They all chuckled with exasperation and shrugged their shoulders.

They all knew that nothing they could say would change anything at this point. And so none tried to stop me with words like, ‘You better not.’

“I want my father to have an easier life.”

My mother passed away a few years ago due to the plague. And so my father had to raise me on his own, even going as far as to pay so that I could attend the magic academy, which was not cheap.

…A child should not have to worry about money. Just think about what you want and what you want to be. It’s natural for children to be a little selfish. Please, just don’t be reserved with me.

Even though I knew that I had talent when it came to magic, I had no intention of attending the magic academy, due to our finances.
However, my father put a lot of weight into this passion that I tried to hide. That was why I was able to study there for six years.
And now, I was even blessed with friends like these.

“…Well, court magicians do get paid well.”

Honor? Rank?
I did not want such lofty things as that. The reason that I wanted to become a court magician was because of the high salary… My friend, Clashia, knew this, and she was now looking at me with deep dark eyes that made me think of obsidian.

I looked away when I heard her words.

“I had hoped that we could all be Adventurers together. But that is not a stable profession.”

“If we were a party made up of S-Rank Adventurers, then we could invite Alec without worry. But I guess that isn’t possible now.”

Yorha, the girl with the short bob, muttered sadly.
Up until the very end, she had encouraged me to become an Adventurer as well. And while there was a childish stubbornness in her expression, a coaxing look, there were also hints of resignation as well.

“We would be the strongest party if Alec joined us. The strongest party made up of the four greatest ‘geniuses’ since the founding of the academy!”
“…I’m not sure you should be calling yourself a genius.”
“Shut up! Even the teachers said that if it was any other year, I would have been at the top! What do you have to say to that!!”
“…I have a lot to say, fourth.”
“I’m going to beat you into the ground one day…!”

The eccentric boy who called himself a genius… Ornest, was also upset about it.
He did not get along with Clashia very well, and they were constantly fighting. However, I felt quite sad, knowing that this was the last day that I would see them like this.

And so as I smiled, amused by their antics, another voice sounded.

“But, Alec… Remember this, if nothing else…”

It was Yorha.

“Even though we go down separate paths, this doesn’t mean we break all ties. After all, once we become great successes as Adventurers, perhaps we’ll drag you away from the palace.”
“…Hey, hey…”

…Indeed, it wasn’t that I longed to be a court magician from the bottom of my heart. And yet, I couldn’t help but be surprised by Yorha’s words.

“And so…”

Yorha took in a deep breath and turned to face me.

“…If you are ever in need of help, you must rely on us. And one day, we will form a party together. Will you promise me that?”

Among the combat exercises that we underwent at the magic academy, there was one that involved entering a dungeon.
Such things were usually done by people who made a living being an Adventurer. However, in order to boost the abilities of the students, fighting in the shallow levels of dungeons became part of our lessons.

Yorha, Clashia, Ornest, and I had formed a party together for six years.

Six years ago, the students that shone more brilliantly than any other in the academy’s history, had broken the record in the dungeon that was in the center of the royal capital, and reached…the 37th floor.

Six years ago, people believed that the record would not be broken again for at least another decade. And yet we kept breaking through until, to the astonishment of everyone…we reached the 68th floor.

Even a veteran party would not have been able to accomplish such a feat, unless they were made up of S-Rankers.
As for students, unless they could gather such exceptional students of ‘genius’ once again, it would be impossible for this record to be broken. That was what people believed.

The party members graduated at the top of the list.

Alec Ugritte.

Next was Yorha Aizentz.

3rd was Clashia Annerose.
4th was Ornest Reyne.

The party name was… ‘Lasting Period.’

“…You’re right. Yes, one day, we should form a party together again. I don’t know when that will be, but still… Yes… I’ll promise.”

So that the four of us could always be together.
That’s what we had hoped for when naming our party. And it became legendary within the academy.

…For some reason, these nostalgic memories suddenly flashed through my mind.

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