Royal Magician – 117

Chapter 117 – Can’t Stand Around

I don’t know how much time passed after that.
For me, it was less than the blink of an eye, but for this person, it must have been a lot longer.

Before I knew it, I was standing in the garden of the lodging house.

“You should be safe here.”

President Cronos said with a smile.
However, my mind was filled with the scene I had witnessed a moment ago.

The beautiful magic that shone like a miracle.

“That was…magic to stop time…wasn’t it…?”

I asked hesitantly.

“What made you think that?”

President Cronos said with a slight look of surprise.

“I just felt it, after seeing the structure of the magic circle.”
“I see. You have a good eye.”

The president said as he stared at me.

“Its very existence is only known to a small few. A secret art. After all, it took two hundred years of research to reach this point, and it is my special attack.”
“Two-two hundred…”
“Of course, I made an environment where the passage of time is different, so in reality, it has not been as long.”

What he was doing was so advanced that I didn’t even know what to say.
Indeed, while he was supposed to be quite old, he looked the same age as Mr. Gawain. I knew that there was something abnormal about that.

“That being said, there are times when I cannot win even when using this. That queen is so troublesome and strong.”
“You can lose even when you stop time…?”
“The world is a big place.”

The world…

There was always something above even the limits of your vision. I was stunned.
However, what I felt a moment later, was a sense of respect towards these amazing magicians, and a hoped that I could become like them.

What kind of magic did they use?
I wanted to see.
I wanted to experience it.

“Yes, I’ll do my best. So I can get as close as I can to you two.”
“Good. I’ll expect that from you.”

He said with a nod.

“Ms. Noelle! Are you alright!?”

That’s when it happened.
The others from the Royal Magicians Order, who had accompanied us, came running.

“Vice captain Leticia realized there were invaders and…”

They talked frantically, and then they realized who was standing next to me.

“Mr-Mr. President!?”

They then fell to their knees and bowed their heads.

“It’s an honor to be in your presence. Please forgive the insolence of not recognizing you immediately.”
“It is fine. Raise your heads. You don’t need to be so formal.”

The president said with a gentle smile.

“I think of you all as an important family. We are comrades who pursue the truth of magic. So you can just call my brother Cronos if you want.”
“We could never! Mr. President!”
“I feel such distance…it is sad.”

He looked quite disappointed.
I was reminded again that we really were talking to an important person.
As I processed this, President Cronos opened his mouth again.

“I will deal with the Fairy Queen and the assassins. So you can focus on the tournament without worrying.”
“Are you sure? I can’t leave everything to…”
“It is my duty as your superior to support you youngsters. Even if I may ignore some other duties in the palace, this is one part of my job that I take seriously.”

What a wonderful person.
Even though he was the most important in the whole Royal Magicians Order, he treated a newcomer like me so kindly.

After that, the others could not stop talking about him.

“Noelle! You, you really spoke with him!”
“What was he like? Tell me!”

Everyone wanted to hear from me, which made me feel rather special.

However, what made me even more happy was that they were all very worried when they heard that I had been attacked.

Ms. Leticia even hugged me, much to my surprise.
She usually cared a lot about personal space, and didn’t like doing such things.

There were people who had high hopes for me.
People who supported me.
People who protected me.
And there was someone I didn’t want to lose to no matter what.

And so even if people tried to get in my way, I could not stand around.

For my own and for their sake, I had to give it everything that I had.

“The first battle of the World Trophy! The winner is Noelle Springfield! Sinclaire Randero, the Blue Star of Figaro has been defeated! A shocking outcome to start the tournament…”

As everyone was shocked, we of the Ardenfeld team continued our march to victory.

◆  ◆  ◆

“What is happening? I told you to ensure that we win and to crush her!”

The furious voice echoed.
In the dimly lit room, the two noblemen talked.

“We are doing our best. Bribing referees and opponents. We even brought in devices to interfere with the magic in order to create advantageous situations.”
“Then why can’t they win? What is happening?”
“Because if her magic is sealed, then she just uses her fists and head. Besides, there are some referees we could not bribe, and it is difficult to use magic tools without getting caught.”
“But she is just a small girl. Why can’t you deal with her!”
“She has more power than you would think… Even her opponents said they never met someone with such a hard head. It’s like stone…”

A magician who punches and head butts without hesitation.
Such a fighting style had stunned her cheating opponents.

Was this not a magic tournament?

Even if it did not go against the rules, it did not seem like the right way for a magician to fight.

“She is too free…”

While no one knew the clear answer, she continued to win and obstruct the plans of the elitist nobles.

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  1. Yeah, that sounds like her. I’ve been blinded, it’s eyes closed from now on; my magic feedback is gone, seems my opponent is somehow blocking my magic, so exciting! Time to start kicking shins, punching kidneys, and butting heads.

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