Royal Magician – 118

Chapter 118 – A Personal Hobby

“Synthia, did you see that? A headbutt. A headbutt!”

In the special spectator booth in the center, which had been prepared for her.
Evangeline exclaimed with excitement.

“Even if she is doing it at such a speed that only first-rank magicians are able to see it, headbutting during a magic tournament is still questionable…”

Synthia replied with a bewildered expression.

“I think it is fine. A free mind that is not bound by convention. It’s an important part of becoming a good magician.”
“But that isn’t even magic…”
“If I say that it’s fine, then it is fine. When one is the queen of the world, and this powerful and beautiful, then one is always right.”
“You’re the only one who says that, Your Majesty.”
“I only care if it is entertaining! Ah, it was so funny!”

Evangeline said as she burst into laughter. Synthia let out a deep sigh.

“Um, I beg you to be more cautious. Even last night, you tried to sneak into the Ardenfeld lodging house, and the magician of time had to stop you.”
“But fighting against strong magicians is so fun. Besides, he just came to stop me when I wanted to play with her. It’s nice that he is so easy to summon.”
“You shouldn’t fight him so carelessly.”
“But that magic freak also said that he enjoyed fighting me.”
“…Why does it seem like all the top people in the magic world are so abnormal…”

Synthia had a faraway look in her eyes.
That was when a single man appeared in their booth.
He had a low voice and an ominous air about him.

“There is something I wish to discuss with you.”

“You want me to crush the three Ardenfeld representatives. That is what you are saying?”

The man nodded at Evangeline’s words.

“Adenfeld’s magic has the potential to threaten the rest of the countries on this continent. As patriots, we have been making maneuvers against them in order to protect our country. And this is part of it.”
“And what merit would there be for me, if I helped you?”
“You will be rewarded, if that is what you want. Besides, according to the rumors, you wish to fight against Noelle Springfield.”
“Huh, where did you hear that?”
“We have sharp eyes in every corner of this world.”

He said confidently.
And then he folded his hands together and continued.

“We could fix things so that you will be able to face her. You get your wish, and we accomplish our purpose. Surely that benefits us both.”
“I see. I understand perfectly now. It does sound like there is no reason to refuse.”

Evangeline smiled with satisfaction as she swirled the tea in her cup.
Ripples spread in the red sea.
And then she put the fragrant and sweet drink on the table.

“I refuse.”

There was suddenly a sense of tension in the room.
It was quiet.
And then the man finally opened his mouth.

“First. How dare you even try to make use of me, the queen of this whole world. Second. The very idea that you think you are worthy of negotiating with me on equal footing. Your arrogance is beyond reason. Third. I am very fond of turning people down, when they are so certain that I will agree. It’s like a hobby of mine.”

Evangeline said.

“Now, have a good day.”

Evangeline waved her hand and left the room.

The air seemed cold.
No one said anything.


Synthia thought. She was so surprised that she had forgotten to leave the room.

(Su-surely, this is not a good move… Even people from the Empire’s Foreign Affairs Bureau have said that they want the Ardenfeld team defeated. In order to avoid making enemies, we have to be careful when dealing with them…)

After being left there, Synthia whispered quietly into her ear.

“Can I ask you to handle it?”
“I suppose I have no choice.”

The cool voice echoed.

“The Ardenfield Kingdom’s team. Except for the small one that Queen Evangeline is interested in, I do not mind taking on the other two.”

The long blue hair and ears like leaves.

“An opponent would have to be very powerful, for me to not feel bored.”

The runner up during the last tournament.
The person who was seen as Evangeline’s successor.
Estelle Blueforest. Within the magic world of the western continent, she was a monster magician, who was seen as the second strongest after the fairy queen.

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