Royal Magician – 18

Chapter 18 – Words That Give Power

The ball would be from evening to night.
And so I did not need to go to work today until the afternoon.

This allowed me to eat, get plenty of rest and recover my energy before heading to the palace.

There, I joined the other Royal Magicians who were attending the ball, so that we could make preparations.

“Please leave it to me. Sir Luke gave me the order to make you, ‘more beautiful than anyone.’”

The palace maid said with a serious expression as she began to apply the makeup.

“Wh-who is that…”

I was confused at the reflection in the mirror.
There was certainly someone beautiful standing there.

Is-is that really me…?

The makeup skills here were astonishing…

As I looked in the mirror with shock, the maid smiled and said,

“Now, let’s put you in that dress.”

I never thought much about makeup and clothes, as magic was about ninety percent of what was in my head. And so there was no way that I could argue with this veteran.

And so I was completely at her mercy as she got me into the dress.
However, as I was being fitted in, the maid’s eyes stopped at my chest with a suspicious expression.

“…What is that?”
“I thought they should be bigger if I’m going to wear this dress! And so I added some extra pads.”

After all, I am going to the greatest ball in the kingdom!
Why wouldn’t I want to look as glamorous and mature as possible!

However, the maid replied in a cold voice.

“Please remove them.”
“Uh, but I was thinking about a sensual and mature look…”
“Just take them out.”

She would not take no for an answer.
I feared that the dress would feel too loose, but she had chosen it with precision, and I felt more beautiful and complete than I had expected.

Amazing! It’s like I’m a different person!

I was so delighted to see this change, that I turned around in front of the mirror in order to take in every little detail.

That Luke. He will surely be surprised when he sees this.

Behold me now, my true self!

I later declared to Luke with a smug expression.

“You are pretty. Though, I do prefer the usual you.”

Oh, dear. This man has no taste at all.

You would think that the son of a duke would have more interest in beauty, I told him, but he replied with a serious expression, ‘You’re one to talk.’

Hmph! How rude!
Of course, I could not deny it, as I wasn’t actually interested in such things.
Yes, he was completely right.

“All of you will be positioned as is written on this board.”

We listened to Gawain speak during the meeting.
Unit 3 would be in charge of security during the ball.
Support would come from the other units, and aside from five Adamantite-rank magicians that included Luke and Ms. Leticia, the Magus-rank Gawain would attend as well.

“We do not know what will happen. And so we must be prepared at all times.”

Mr. Gawain explained with crossed arms.

“Listen. There can be no mistakes with this job. We will not only be there to protect those who attend the ball. Think also of the people who are waiting for their return. Do not forget. Act with pride and determination. Understand?”

To these emotional words, we all replied.

‘Yes, I will do it!’ I said excitedly, and then I felt Mr. Gawain pat me on the shoulder.

“Of course, that does not include you. This is your first big job, after all. And so you will be positioned in a place where errors will not matter as much. And if something does happen, it will be my responsibility. So you do not need to be afraid.”

He smiled and then patted me on the back.

“Still, I have high expectations for you, Noelle Springfield.”

How happy those words made me.

Warm and powerful words, that were so different from the cold insults of my previous job.

I was incredibly grateful.

And so I would have to do my best to meet his expectations.

With this determination in my heart, I headed towards the great hall.

Past the gardens, prided for their red roses, lay one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire world. The great Red Palace.

The Red Rose Ball was about to begin.

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