Royal Magician – 4

Chapter 4 – A Good Drink(Magic Artificer Guild 1)

“That lying woman. Is it true that she is going to be a royal magician?”

At the Magic Artificer Guild in a town that is west of the kingdom.
The chief had just finished his work for the day, and was drinking at his house along with the vice chief of the guild.

They had ended their work early, and used the earnings to buy expensive wine. This was something they did nearly every day.

They made the other magic artificers work until midnight, so they could go home early and relax.
It was the chief’s belief that this was the most efficient way, and it was his right as someone who stood at the top.

“Surely it is not true. She worked here for three years but was never able to do anything but odd jobs and make simple crystal balls. In the first place, the fact that she was trying to work with magic as a woman shows she knows nothing about the world.”
“It’s as you say, chief. She knows nothing at all.”

The vice chief said with a nod.

“However, how do you explain that carriage then?”
“Even a poor person can hire a good carriage. Perhaps she was just desperate to put on airs and change her reputation.”
“I see. That is very perceptive of you. It makes perfect sense.”
“After all, she was completely without talent and worth. And since there was no place for her to work, she had no choice but to leave.”
“I still remember hearing her whining about how the workers were ‘at their limit.’ And she would tell these lies about how they were only able to manage because she would cast Heal and Spell Boost.”
“Yes, people like to lie about how something is impossible. Magic Artificers always make excuses as soon as you loosen your grip on them. It is important to act with severity. Make them work until they cannot speak, and educate them so they understand that it is normal for things to be that way.”
“A wonderful philosophy, chief. Thanks to your wisdom, this month’s sales have hit a new record. We are now the most profitable in the western territory. And next month, we will start selling to the marquis, who took a liking to our crystal balls. Things will only become more busy from now on. Will you be hiring more workers?”
“That won’t be a problem. After all, we are now rid of one useless woman. If anything, things will go more smoothly now. And if they don’t, we merely have to make them do it. Keep costs down and maximize profits. That is the basics of running a business.”
“Indeed, you are very right.”

They smiled at each other as they sipped their expensive wine that a commoner would never be able to afford.

They truly believed and did not doubt that they had won at life. However, there was something that they did not realize.

The words of the lowly Magic Artificer that was fired… It was all true.

While she had been cut off as a useless person, she had been doing an immense amount of work while supporting her co-workers with magic. It was her presence that barely kept the place running.

Compared to other guilds, the operating profit ratio was incredibly high. And it was all because of her power.

And so step by step, they were approaching complete ruin.

But not knowing this, the two continued to drink until morning.

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