Strange Dragon – 45

Chapter 45 – Searching For An Antidote

“Phew. That should do it.”

After construction was finished, Victor returned to the base.

“Oh… What is this?”
“A toilet and infirmary. I thought it would be good to have an infirmary close to the toilet.”
“That will be a great help. Thank you.”

He was very happy, which was good to see.
I then told the other patients about the toilet and infirmary.
They were all overjoyed, and moved houses right away. The biggest appeal was that they would be close to the bathroom.

“Though, I wish that I could make some beds for them…”

However, we lacked materials. I needed to find something that could substitute cotton.

As I thought of such things, Fio started to tug at my sleeves from behind.
Fio must have been worried after seeing how Victor and the others were suffering.
Shiro and Hippolius looked worried as well.

“Victor okay?”
“He’s fine. But he will have to rest for some time.”

As for the treatment, the priest and healer was in charge, with Kelly as a helper.
While she was not a doctor, she knew a lot about living creatures.

I waited for her to finish her work, and then called out to her.

“Kelly. Have they drunk any antidotes?”
“Yes, but… I don’t think it will have much effect. Cure Poison didn’t work either.”

Apparently, the Healer had cast the healing magic Cure Poison on them first.
However, it was cast differently depending on what kind of poison it was. So this time, it was not likely to be effective.

The priest was both a healer and Adventurer.
And as an Adventurer, Cure Poison was one of the first things he learned, in order to deal with poisonous monsters.

“Theo. About the poison red berry…”

It was probably Kelly who decided to call it that.
As it described it perfectly, it was a fitting name.

“You appraised it, didn’t you? Was there anything that you learned?”
“The poison is rather close to that of demon poison mushrooms from our continent.”

Demon poison mushrooms looked similar to edible mushrooms, but they were poisonous.
But it was rare for anyone to die from them, as you would have to eat a lot of them.
The main symptoms were stomach aches, indigestion and a fever. Sometimes you would also vomit.

“In that case, there shouldn’t be a problem as long as they have their strength. So that’s why earlier, you said they wouldn’t die.”
“That’s right. That being said, I want to avoid having Victor being bed-ridden for too long.”

Aside from choosing the right farm lands, there were many other things that Victor needed to decide as the leader.
Besides, if we had to battle monsters, Victor was the main part of our fighting force.

“I want to make an antidote for the poison red berry. And so I’ll search the area for something that I can use.”
“You can make such an antidote, Theo?”
“If I have the ingredients, yes.”

Kelly looked at me with surprise.

I would search for materials with the appraisal skill and then use the crafting skill to make the medicine.
But it was very difficult to craft medicine with the crafting skill.
However, with my skill, which was considered to exceed the standard, it was possible.

“…I now understood why Victor wanted you as part of this expedition so much.”

Kelly said as she looked at the poison red berry.

“Still, it really does look the same. But it’s completely different inside.”
“It will be necessary to appraise every single seed and mountain vegetable that we gather. From now on, I will do it.”

I said, and Kelly nodded in agreement.

“Indeed, Theo. I will let the others know about it later. However, right now, I must ask you to find the medicine.”
“Yes, leave it to me.”

And then I turned to Hippolius.

“Hippolius, come with me.”
‘Of course!’
“Fio go too!”

Apparently, Fio and Shiro would accompany me as well.
I had actually been thinking about having them wait in the base.
However, Fio and Shiro might know where to find medical herbs.

“Fio, Shiro, and Hippolius. Have you eaten your breakfast?”

After some simple preparations, we left the base and headed to the forest.
Fio and Shiro would usually run around excitedly, but they looked very serious now.

“Fio, Shiro, and Hippolius.”
“Let me know if you’ve seen anything that looks like a medicinal herb. And then we will head over there.”

As Fio and Shiro lived in this area, they knew a lot more about it than me.
And since Hippolius walked around looking for snacks, they might also know the land quite well.

“Over there!”
“Ah, Fio. Take me to it.”

Fio rode on Shiro’s back and they started to run off.
I chased after them while using my appraisal skill on the surrounding plants.

Usually, the appraisal skill required you to touch the object directly, and you would have to wait for the analysis.
But since I had little time, I only checked to see if they were edible or had medicinal properties.
Through narrowing it down like this, I could continue to appraise them while running.

The fact that I was able to do this was another reason that people said this skill was overpowered.

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