10th Year – 25

Part 2 – Chapter 7 – Advertising

As soon as the gasogene they had ordered at the glass workshop was finished, the twins went to the taverns next to the wine storage house, and the one next to the Adventurers Guild.

“This is sparkling wine. Carbonated potions will soon become popular here, so why not serve this, in order to get people used to carbonated drinks?”

The twins were rather good when it came to marketing.
In the first place, all Adventurers knew about how immediately effective and useful carbonated potions were. And since they were close to Flaretelia, where there were carbonated hot springs, it would receive a lot of attention.
If sparkling wine was introduced as a way of getting people used to the sensation, then there was no way that it wouldn’t sell.

As many Adventurers used taverns to gather information and strengthen party bonds before dungeon crawling, the tavern master agreed in an instant.
The twins were so thorough, that they even held a demonstration on the first day that the sparkling wine was added to the menu.

To put it simply, the sparkling wine did sell.
While some Adventurers scowled at the unfamiliar taste, they could not refuse it when other party members insisted that it was training for when they had to drink carbonated potions during an emergency.
They also offered cheap carbonated water without alcohol, which allowed those who didn’t drink to get used to it as well.

Next, the twins approached the alchemist workshop, which would produce the potions, and the Adventurers Guild, and then started to produce carbonated potions and sell effervescent powder.
As Adventurers had to enter dungeons, which were monster nests, they welcomed this with open arms. And so they made a few gold coins in the process.
The twins took these coins to make a contract with the alchemist workshop, sent the gasogene from the glass workshop to the alchemist workshop, and set up an environment to mass produce the carbonated potions, ensuring a stable supply.

The twins had a stable business in just ten days. Their skill reminded Tor of what Wenz had said.

‘…With the knowledge the sisters possess, we can always start again with the funds we have saved’

And after seeing them work, he could only agree.
He watched them as they calculated the taxes they would pay to Flaretelia.
Tor was relieved to know that they would be just fine, even if he suddenly disappeared. It was then that Euphie turned to him.

“We’ll have to hire Mr. Tor again as an escort.”
“An escort? Are you going into the dungeon again?”
“No. This carbonated potion business has become this stable because of your presence, Mr. Tor. It’s because of you that no one has tried to take the carbonated potion rights from us.”
“No, no. As long as you are in Flaretelia, you are in no real danger.”

Flaretelia was a town with many working Adventurers, and so there were many soldiers and guards who kept the peace.
Tor found it hard to imagine that anyone would try and harm the twins.

“Besides, the two of you can use Enchant now. While you have not hunted any magitec beasts, and will have to stay D-Rank, you have the ability of B-Rank. And so you will be able to defend yourselves against any attackers.”
“Perhaps you don’t understand, Mr. Tor, because you are not sensitive to matters of money. But the money that is being moved through this business is enough to attract malice.”
“It is? In any case, I will not accept your request. I have no intention of taking money from friends.”

Euphie and Mailey stared at Tor.
Tor was measuring the weight of some kelp ash on a scale as he answered.

“Or not?”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“I’m just surprised that you used that word, Mr. Tor.”
“Ah, I suppose it’s not like me.”

Tor was a solo B-Rank Adventurer.
He had no friends, and had only experienced being in a party a few times.
Euphie and Mailey smiled gently at him.

“Yes, friends. That’s how it should be.”
“Should you really be so pleased?”
“Of course. If we are all friends, then we need not be so distant.”
“I didn’t think that I was being so distant.”

If anything, Tor thought he interacted with them rather closely, and so this was a surprise.
Mailey chuckled.

“So you weren’t aware of your motives for the combat training.”
“…Ah. I suppose it was a kind of self preservation. I might have had such motives.”

Tor realized this for the first time after it was pointed out. But just as he was thinking about apologizing, Euphie and Mailey bowed their heads.

“Regardless of your motives, thank you for teaching us Enchant.”
“You’re thankful, now? No, I should be apologizing to you. While I wasn’t aware, I was keeping a distance from you.”
“No, we understood that you were anxious. And part of the reason we wanted to make money through carbonated potions was to rid you of that anxiety. And so we are glad that our goal has been reached.”
“Besides, regardless of what your motive was, we have to be thankful for what you did, and what you taught us. And we really are thankful.”

Tor chuckled at this.

“You got me. And thank you for being so considerate. I guess it would look even worse if I tried to hide my anxiety now. Very well, I will continue to rely on you two as friends.”

There was no winning against these two.
Tor coughed once and then changed the subject.

“Well, you have enough funds for a while. What will you do now? Is there a place outside of Flaretelia that you want to see?”
“No. we are thinking of expanding the carbonated potion business a little, and then we will prepare the groundwork to sell them outside of Flaretelia as well.”
“As it will be impossible for us two to manage it alone, as soon as the foundation is set, we will find people through the Adventurers and Alchemists guild who can manage it for us.”
“That is probably a good idea. If the carbonated potions become popular, the death rate for Adventurers will likely drop, and exploration of the dungeons will accelerate.”

The other day, he had heard a rumor that an Adventurer clan that was equipped with carbonated potions and effervescent powders had broken the ten year record, and reached the ninth level.
There were also other parties who were known to get injured often, but were now more stable. Overall, Adventurers were able to travel deeper than before.

“The guild manager was very grateful towards you two. Apparently, other guilds were getting annoyed that so many people are going to Flaretelia. After all, dungeons have been appearing all over the place recently, and there aren’t enough Adventurers to deal with them. It’s a serious problem.”

Adventurers were a valuable fighting force that helped secure the safety of an area and its roads.
If they all concentrate in a single area, the others would become unstable. And so it was best for them to move around.

But if the dungeon is penetrated, then many of the Adventurers will start to spread out to other lands. And so the manager would be glad that the development of the carbonated potions and effervescent powder were helping to speed up the process.

“While money can invite malice, as long as you don’t misuse it, it can’t save people. You two should be proud. And if anyone gives you trouble, I will silence them.”

Tor encouraged the two, who were more cautious about money, ever since the smuggling incident. After that, they continued their work of separating the effervescent powder.

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