Strange Dragon – 63

Chapter 63 – Maintaining the Sewage System

After that, Hippolius, Kelly, Pii and I returned to the base.
In the base, they had already finished preparing breakfast.

Fio carried two of the demon wolf cubs, and Shiro held the other in her mouth as they moved towards the ovens.

“I’ll prepare food for the cubs now.”

And so I started to make the food for the cubs. I had to chop the meat into fine pieces and then crush it.
Once that was finished, I put the meat into a plate and placed it in front of the cubs.

After that, I served breakfast to Fio and the others, and I started to eat as well.
This was because due to some habit of theirs, Fio and Shiro would not eat until I started eating first.

When I saw that they were eating, I got to my feet and started to talk.

First, I introduced Pii, who everyone was interested in.
After that, I explained to them how Pii had come to join us.
Everything from Shiro waking me up, to taming Pii and going back to sleep in the house.
And then I told them about the ability of Pii and the slimes.

“That is amazing. With Pii here, we won’t have to worry about what to do with food waste.”
“Still, I didn’t realize that such slimes existed. The slimes I knew about are…”
“Aye. I only knew about slimes that are wild and dumb.”
“So even a scholar like Kelly does not know them. They might be a new type.”

The Adventurers talked about how unusual Pii was.

“Also, as you probably all know, I rescued these demon wolf cubs yesterday.”
“…They’re so cute.”
“How adorable.”

The Adventurers were completely taken in by how cute the demon wolf cubs were.
The cubs were yipping and yapping as they ate their food.

And so I explained about how I had defeated the false demon bear, and what kind of monster he was.
The Adventurers listened with a serious expression.

Once I had finished with the explanation, the nearby Adventurers came over and petted Shiro on the head.

“Shiro. That was very good of you. You worked hard to protect your siblings.”
“You did well too, Fio.”

Fio and Shiro wagged their tails proudly as the Adventurers praised them.

“Still, that was very impressive, Shiro. I didn’t even notice that Pii was here.”
“The sewage tank is quite far from the base. So it would be very difficult to notice.”

I said, and the Adventurers nodded in agreement.

“That’s why you’re amazing, Shiro.”
After being petted and praised, Shiro wagged her tail happily.

Once the peaceful breakfast was finished, everyone then headed off to do their assigned work.

I took Pii, the wolf cubs, Fio and Shiro, and headed to the sick house.
This was so I could talk to Victor.

Victor had recovered considerably.
While he still had loose bowels, the vomiting had subsided.

“You’ve recovered very quickly.”
“It’s because of your medicine, Mr. Theo.”

Victor said with a smile.
The other Adventurers and scholars were also making a speedy recovery, even if it wasn’t as fast as Victor.
At this rate, they would be completely healed in two or three days.

And so I made the same report about yesterday and this morning to the people who had not been with us at breakfast.
About the battle against the false demon bear, and the rescuing of the demon wolf cubs.
And how Pii had joined us, and the ability of the slimes.

Victor listened to all of this thoughtfully.
And when I was finished, he said,

“Perhaps we should also put slimes near the laundry area as well?”
“You want the slimes to do the laundry too? What do you think, Pii?”
‘Leave it to us!’

And the Pii let out a long squeak.

‘I sent one to the laundry area.’
“That’s amazing. You can send orders from far away?”
‘I can. Pii!’

I guess Pii really was the slime king then.

After that, Victor asked me,

“Mr. Theo. What are you going to do today?”
“Well, the slimes cleaned the sewage tank. So perhaps I will build a system to release the water.”
“Indeed. Otherwise, it might overflow in a few days.”
“I was actually going to build a purifying system, but it will be easier now thanks to the slimes.”

They purified the water so that it was clean enough to drink.
And so there would be no problem with releasing it back into the river.

And so I petted Pii, who was jiggling right next to me.

“However, we are out of metal. So today’s work will start with gathering more.”

Upon hearing this, one of the geologists sat up.
The geologists had been the most exhausted, but they were a lot better compared to yesterday.

“If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.”
“Aye, I will.”

And then I left the sickhouse behind me.

“Fio and Shiro. You stay with the wolf cubs.”

Fio and Shiro understood and nodded obediently.
I could not take the cubs with me as I left the base.
And they understood that.

And then I turned to Kelly.

“Kelly. Please take care of the cubs, Fio and Shiro.”
“Aye. Leave them to me.”

And then I took Hippolius and Pii, and headed out to gather some metal.

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