Strange Dragon – 58

Chapter 58 – Another Midnight Visitor

In the middle of the night.

I wake up to see that Shiro is licking my face.
Hippolius was sleeping soundly, just as usual.
And Fio was sleeping while embracing the demon wolf cubs.

“What’s the matter, Shiro?”

Shiro kept her voice down so as to not wake up Fio, the cubs, and Hippolius.
However, when I used the taming skill to read her will, I heard ‘there is someone here.’


I had not noticed anything. Even now, I did not sense the presence of anyone here.
Apparently, this visitor was very good at concealing their presence.

(Still… This base does seem to get a lot of visitors.)

While no one had come last night, Fio and Shiro had come the night before that.
So, who would it be this time?

For a moment, I wondered if the false demon bear’s friends might have come for revenge.
However, if that was the case, then Shiro would have told me.
And so surely the visitor was not a false demon bear.

(Shiro. Take me to this visitor.)

Shiro started to walk silently.
We left Hippolius’s house together, and then Shiro began to quietly run.

(…I still can’t sense anything. It’s very impressive that you can, Shiro.)

Shiro looked a little bashful, but continued to run to the outside of the base.

(Hmm? Over there…)

Shiro was going in the direction of the sewage tank.
Had something come to search inside the sewage?

(What kind of animal would be lured towards it?)

Even Shiro did not know.
I tried to think of what kind of animal or monster would be attracted by it.

And as we got closer…
Splash. Splash.
I could hear sounds coming from inside of the tank.

The day before yesterday, when I had gone to see the sewage tank, Hippolius’s tail had knocked Fio into the air.
But thanks to her surprising physical ability, Fio was unharmed.
And due to that, I had forgotten to close the lid of the tank.


Shiro comforted me by saying ‘It happens sometimes.’
What a kind-hearted demon wolf cub.
She was an older sister to the other demon wolf cubs, but still a cub as well.

And so I petted Shiro on the head and slowly approached the tank.

…Splish. Splash.

Something was moving inside of the tank rather wildly.
It must be some kind of aquatic creature.
And I felt strong magic energy as well. So it was a monster.

(Shiro. I will talk to it. But we don’t want to scare it, so let’s stay quiet.)

Shiro agreed with this. In spite of being a cub, Shiro was very intelligent.
And so I petted Shiro on the head while activating the taming skill on the mysterious creature.

“I am not an enemy.”

Upon hearing my voice, the mysterious creature finally noticed my presence.
And it stopped its splashing around and became very still.

“I have no intention of attacking you.”

As always, I repeated to it that I would not attack.
I wanted to set the table so that we could talk.

There was no answer. However, the monster must have had relatively high intelligence.
I could tell that it understood my words.

And so I patiently talked to it again and again. I must not rush things.
It would be harder to communicate if I scared it.

“I just want to talk, that’s all. Don’t worry, I will not attack you.”

Finally, there was a reply.
The monster was saying, ‘Who are you?’

This showed that it was willing to talk to me.
You could say that the first step in taming had been a success.

“I am called Theodore. I am the one who made this sewage tank. What is your name?”
“I see. You do not have one.”

That meant it had not been made into a familiar yet.
Depending on the circumstances, I might be able to make it my familiar.

“And what are you doing in a place like this?”
“…You were eating. Is it good?”
“I see. So it is.”

Well, there was no accounting for bad taste.
I suppose there were monsters like that.

“Will you show yourself to me?”
“Piggeee? Pii.”
“I promise, I will not attack you. And neither will this wolf cub. I promise. Don’t worry.”

Apparently, it trusted my word.
And so the monster showed part of its body from the lid of the tank.

“…That is a pretty color.”

It was a translucent blue. No, a bluish green.
And it was sparkling under the faint moonlight.
It looked like a gemstone.


It seemed bashful when I complimented it. And then the monster shuddered.

“…So you are a slime. That is a surprise.”

The slimes that I knew of, that is to say, the slimes on the continent of men and monsters, were all lacking in intelligence.
And they tended to be wild and vicious.
It was said that speaking with a slime was impossible.

I had even tried communicating with them through the taming skill.
However, no matter what I said to them, the only thing I could sense was their will, which was, ‘I’m going to eat you!’
They did not have enough intelligence to understand our words or intent.

“I have never met a slime that was smart enough to talk to before.”

The slime answered happily, and then it emerged fully from the tank, and hopped towards me.

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