Strange Dragon – 59

Chapter 59 – A Pretty Slime

The slime was a little less than 0.5 meters in diameter, so that it could be carried with both hands.
And so it hopped towards me and then jumped into my arms.

When I held the slime, I noticed that it was still a little wet.
Now that I thought about it, it had been in sewer water. That was very filthy.
However, I did not want to be rude to the slime. Besides, I could wash my hands later.
And so I gently petted the damp slime.

“Thank you for trusting me.”

This slime seemed to be very comfortable around people. I had never heard of such a thing before.
It was so fundamentally different from the slimes that I knew.
Surely Kelly would be overjoyed when she saw it.

“Still, you don’t really stink, considering where you were.”

And so I tried using the appraisal skill on the surface of the slime’s body.
As slimes were living creatures, you could not cast the appraisal skill on them.
But I could do it on the liquid that enveloped them.

“Hmm? What is…”

According to the appraisal skill, it was just water.
Well, very clean water.

But the water in the sewage tank had been wastewater.
It wasn’t water from the outhouses, but it was still dirty.

The water from the bath houses went into it. And some of them were bathing for the first time in weeks.
Fio and Shiro had been covered in fleas.
That had all gone through the tank.

“What…does this mean?”

‘What is it?’ The slime asked.

“Uh, I’m just surprised that the water around your body is very clean.”

But according to the slime, this water was its own waste material.
And yet it was clean enough to drink.

“Could it be that you have the ability to purify water?”

The slime said, ‘I don’t know. I’m just eating my food.’

The slimes I knew, back in the lands of humans and demons, they were carnivores.
It didn’t matter if something was living or dead. They would jump on it, and dissolve it before eating.

They had low intelligence but an incredible appetite. Also, most weapons were not effective on them.
You had to find their core and destroy it with precision, or burn them with magic.

They were dangerous monsters that even veteran Adventurers did not like to take on.

I had never heard of a slime that purifies water.
In the first place, I had never heard of a slime with intelligence high enough to talk with others.
All of this was completely new to me. It must be an undiscovered type.

“I’m going to take a look inside the tank, if you don’t mind.”

While carrying the slime, I peered into the tank.
As it was dark, I could not see clearly. Still, I activated the appraisal skill towards the water.

“…It is water. Very clean water.”

As for how pure it was, you could definitely use it to wash your wounds when injured.
Of course, that meant it could also be drunk as well.

“Slime. Did you eat all of the filth inside of the water?”
“I see. You ate all of it. That is amazing.”

It was a rather large tank, so that was impressive.

“And are you full now?”
“I see. There’s still room for more. In that case, would you allow me to watch as you eat?”

The slime replied, ‘I don’t mind, but do you have anything to eat?’

“I do. Let’s go together then.”

And so I closed the lid of the sewage tank and then walked back to the base with Shiro while carrying the slime.
And then I headed to the bathing area. There was still hot water in the bathtub.

A lot of hot water, in fact.
But system-wise, it would be difficult to change it every day.
The most we could do was once every three days.
And so the water had not been changed yet.

“This would be a lot cleaner than the sewage tank, so you can eat it.”

The slime squeaked happily and then jumped into the bathtub.
And then a whirlpool appeared around the slime.
It was drinking in the hot water at a rapid speed and then unleashing it again.

Water splashed loudly around the slime as it moved around like this.

Just in case, I activated my appraisal skill.
And according to the skill, the water inside of the bathtub was rapidly becoming cleaner.

“That’s amazing.”

I was surprised, and Shiro was surprised.
After some time, the hot water was completely cleaned, and the slime emerged from the tub.

It shook itself and then jumped back into my arms.

“Slime, that was amazing.”

I definitely wanted this slime to join us now.

I had been thinking about making a water purification device soon.
However, constructing such a complicated device would not be easy.
And gathering the right materials would also be difficult.

I would also have to make charcoal out of wood.
Not only that, but it would also have to be quite large in order to process all of that water.
But we had already used up all of our metal. So we would have to start by finding a new mining location.

Besides, it was a lot of work to use the crafting skill to make large and complex things.
It would be a lot harder than building houses.
And so it would be a great help if the slime were to join us.

“Slime. What do you think about joining us?”

The slime looked towards me with a puzzled expression.
‘Join?’ It asked.
And so I explained in detail what that would mean.

“In exchange for you purifying our water, we will offer you something in return.”

The slime shuddered and thought about it.
‘I won’t do that.’ It said, declining my offer.

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