Strange Dragon – 60

Chapter 60 – Slime Taming

I had not expected to be turned down.
I thought that the slime would surely want to join us.

“Won’t you reconsider it?”

The slime squeaked and jiggled.
It had a very friendly personality. And we had been able to build a trusting relationship.

On top of that, it had come all of the way here to eat from our sewage water, so it clearly tasted good for the slime.
And so joining us should be an advantageous offer for the slime.
There should be no reason for it to refuse.

“Is there something that worries you?”
“Hmm. You want to be a familiar?”

Apparently, just like Hippolius, it wanted to become my familiar.

“I don’t mind that but…are you sure?”

The slime had said ‘Yes!’ quite eagerly.
However, I could not think of a good reason for it to want to become a familiar so badly.
Perhaps like Hippolius, it also wanted to feed on my magic energy.
For some reason, it was popular with certain monsters.

“Pii! Pii!”
“Oh? Hmm.”

Apparently, the slime liked my smell.
And it had come to eat from the sewage tank because my smell had been in the water.

“I see…”

At first I thought it was drinking my bath water.
But it was probably the water I used to wash the blanket I had used for many years.
It had been a little dirty, after all.

“Even I do not know why monsters seem to like me…”
“Pii! Pii!”
“I see. You don’t understand either.”

The slime was saying smooth things like, ‘One does not need a reason to like someone.’
Well, even if it didn’t know why, if it liked me and wanted to become a familiar, then there was no reason to refuse.

“Alright, I will tame you. In other words, make you a familiar. But what name do you want?”
“Alright, Pii.”

I’m glad that you like it.
Of course, the name came from the sounds that it made.

“Alright, I’ll do it then.”

I gathered magic energy into my right hand and created a magic circle. Then I put my hand over the slime.
And I started to chant.

“I, Theodore Dulcame, bestow upon you my power and the name ‘Pii.’ Now, become my familiar.”
‘Pii. I will be Theodore Dulcame’s familiar!’

As Pii answered, the magic circle began to shine brightly.
For just an instant, a large magic circle flashed on Pii’s body like a seal, and then disappeared.

It was practically the same as it had been with Hippolius.
As our magic energy was now connected, I could now understand Pii’s will in relatively fluent human speech.

“The taming was a success. Welcome aboard, Pii.”
‘Theodore’s magic energy is delicious!’
“Pii. This platinum demon wolf cub is Shiro. Be nice to each other.”

Pii replied by shaking, and Shiro started to smell it.

As I watched Pii and Shiro greet each other, Victor approached us from behind.
“Are you finished then?”
“So you noticed?”
“It entered our base, so of course, I would notice.”
“…And how is your condition?”

Victor was still recovering from food poisoning.

“Thanks to you, I no longer have a fever.”
“I see. But the other symptoms are continuing? You should take it easy.”
“Well, I mainly noticed because I had to get up in the middle of the night to use the outhouse.”

Victor was still suffering from vomiting and loose bowels.

But he now looked at Pii with a smile.
Unlike Fio and Shiro the day before yesterday, Pii showed no surprise when looking at Victor.
It went hopping towards Victor in order to greet him.

“I’m Victor. Nice to meet you.”

Victor petted Pii and then looked at me.

“I have never seen a slime like this before.”
“Indeed. Neither have I. In fact, I have never even seen a slime that can be tamed.”
“So they really are rare then.”
“Yes. But it is very late now, so I will talk to Kelly about it tomorrow.”
“Aye, we can talk about the details over breakfast.”

I made sure that Victor got back to the sick house safely, and then returned to Hippolius’s house.

When I entered the house, I saw that Fio and the wolf cubs were still wrapped up in the blanket and sleeping.
Though, they seemed a little lonely without Shiro.

(Shiro. Thank you. You can go back to Fio and the wolf cubs now.)

I used the taming skill to talk, so as not to wake up Fio and the others.

Shiro silently wagged her tail and returned to Fio.
And then Shiro lay down as if to envelope Fio, who was enveloping the demon wolf cubs.
While Fio was still sleeping, her hand stretched out to grab Shiro’s fur.
Shiro then sniffed at Fio’s hair.
It looked like she wanted to lick her face, but was holding back because she did not want to wake up Fio.

After seeing them like this, I returned to my own blanket.

“Kyuoo… Kyuooo.”

Just as before, Hippolius showed no signs of waking up.
Hippolius’s body was on the edge of my blanket as it lay on its back.

And so I lay down next to Hippolius
Pii rested on my stomach as I gently patted Hippolius’s body.

(Thank you as well, Pii. I will introduce you to Fio, Hippolius and the wolf cubs tomorrow.)
‘Pii. Okay!’
(Good night, then.)

Pii was already starting to fall asleep. A moment later, it had dozed off.
I was surprised by how fast it was.

After seeing that everyone was asleep, I decided to sleep as well.
Pii and Hippolius were very warm.

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