Royal Magician – 63

Chapter 63 – Professor

While Professor Frederick’s lesson was incredibly difficult, it just so happened to be about the magic formula structure that I used in one of my favorites, Spell Boost. So you could say that I was lucky.

Even though I nearly stumbled a few times, I felt as if I was able to understand at least half of it.

However, the last part was too difficult, and it took some brute force with my own method to get through it.

“Good work, Noelle! That’s our ace!”
“Did you see that, you horrid professor! Behold the power of the Royal Magician!”
“Get him! Knock him down!”

As it was enough to fulfill the brief, my answer was accepted as correct, which caused my coworkers to start cheering. However, I knew that some of the details in the structure were wrong…

I did not have a university level education when it came to magic, so my answer probably looked like a mess to him.

No, no. I can’t let myself be afraid.
In any case, I have to calm down and do my best.

As I had gotten about eighty percent of the answers correct, I had the highest correct answer rate among the participants.
And while I was feeling quite good after being praised so much by the others, the situation changed at once, after I heard the words of one of the assistants after the test.

“The professor would like to speak with you.”

Damn it. I was in trouble, wasn’t I?
“You may have fulfilled the brief of drawing a magic circle. However, the structure could not be more terrible.” He was going to say something like that to me.

And so like a frightened calf that was about to be sold, I headed to the professor.

“I hate you Royal Magicians.”

Said Professor Frederick Ross as he looked at me with emotionless eyes.

“Just breathing the same air as you magician dogs who bow to authority fills me with disgust. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you were all gone. I hate every single magician who attended my lesson today, and you are no exception.”

Um, he really seemed to hate me…
But professor! That is quite prejudiced!
In fact, the Royal Magicians are such nice people, and the palace is a great place to work in.

And so for the honor of my fellow workers, I must protest.
But as I prepared my words, Professor Frederick continued.

“It was the same with your magic circle. It was not at all in line with modern magic research, and no one would consider it proper. In fact, many researchers will probably say that it is outright wrong. And that would be a natural reaction. Your magic circle strays too far away from sensible rules.”

Uh… Well, I could not deny it.
It was completely my own method.
I suppose university professors would scold me for it.

As I let out a deep sigh, Professor Frederick continued.

“However, it was also without a doubt something that only you could draw. You do not need to change anything. I hope that you continue to draw the kinds of magic circles that I and other researchers will loathe.”


Was he actually…

As I looked at him with a stunned expression, he said,

“You should continue to be true to yourself.”

I could not believe the words that I was hearing, and so I just stood there.

I think he was praising me.

I don’t have to change anything.
I could continue in my own way.

As someone who had taught myself and continued to study magic alone after leaving school, those were incredibly encouraging words.

There would still be times where I would be rejected.
That was probably why he had gone through the trouble of calling me.

So even if I was in a situation where everyone was saying that I was wrong, I would not back down, and continue on my own path.

In my heart, I repeated the words he had offered to me.

And so the first training lesson I received ended up being a wonderful time where I gained much more than I expected to.

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