Strange Dragon – 62

Chapter 62 – Slime Characteristic

Thirty slimes were hopping as they followed us from behind.
They came in various colors. However, there were no blue slimes like Pii.
These slimes were red, orange and yellow.

“Theo, these slimes really are pretty, aren’t they?”
“Aren’t the colors mostly the same as they were on the old continent?”
“While they are, I never had the opportunity to inspect them slowly.”
“Ah, I see.”

They had low intelligence, and were too wild to tame.
In order to stop them, you had to kill them.
That’s what slimes were like on the old continent. And so research on them had halted.

“There was someone who studied them, because he was both Adventurer and a monsterologist… But such people are rare.”
“I’m sure it is.”

Being a scholar meant you were very busy. Besides, there was a very lengthy training period as well.
So it would be difficult to be an Adventurer at the same time.

“But more importantly, Theo. What do you mean by ‘old continent’?”
“Hmm? It’s what I call the continents of humans and monsters when combined. It’s easier that way, isn’t it?”
“Did you come up with that?”

The human continent and the demon continent. I wanted a way of referring to both at the same time.

“Yes. Old continent. That does have a nice ring to it.”
“You should use it too, Kelly.”
“Could I tell people that I coined the term?”
“I don’t mind…”
“I am joking. I have some pride as well.”

I suppose it was a scholar’s honor.
As an Adventurer, I never cared about the ‘honor’ of naming something.
The only thing most Adventurers cared about was whether or not they were the ‘first’ to defeat a monster.
But since I was a non-combatant, I didn’t care about that either.

As we talked about such things, we arrived at the sewage tank.
And then I opened the lip.

“The water inside is quite clean, but… More filth should flow in during the night. Is that fine?”

They squeaked, and the slimes started jumping into the water.

“Ah, tell one of them to wait before jumping in.”
“Pii, could you keep one of them out here?”

And so one of the slimes stayed.
Pii could translate my words and mobilize the slimes.

“Do you want this one for research purposes?”
“Mmm. But don’t worry, I shall not treat it roughly.”
“I trust you, but why not just Pii?”
“Because Pii is clearly a special slime.”

But unless she studied the common slimes of the new continent, then she would not be able to understand how Pii is different.
Explained Kelly.

After that, Kelly looked inside the tank.

“Oh. The water really is clean.”
“Pii’s ability is quite incredible.”

I told her what I saw last night.

“That’s amazing. But if they are so good, why don’t you place slimes in the toilets as well?”
“Toilets… But shouldn’t we use that for fertilizer?”
“While it can be made into fertilizer, it is quite difficult to process.”
“I see…”

In order to turn human waste into fertilizer, it has to be fermented. And the smell was quite bad.
The fermentation creates heat, and you have to use the heat to process the toxins.

“It is difficult and unsanitary. So why don’t you let the slimes deal with it?”

Said Kelly.
It was like her, as she just thought of waste as research material.

However, I was an ordinary adventurer, and so I felt a little resistance when it came to that idea.
The slimes were not my familiars, but they were Pii’s subordinates.
In other words, they were our friends.

“I don’t know about making them eat that…”
‘It’s fine!’

However, Pii replied firmly.

According to Pii, slimes could eat pretty much anything.
And their tastes were similar to that of flies.
So they ate rotting corpses and waste as well.

“You want to eat it too, Pii?”
‘I don’t mind! But I am with Theodore!’
“…What do you mean?”
‘The bathwater tastes like Theodore and is delicious!’

Slimes liked eating corpses and waste material, so I did not see this as a compliment.

In any case, I had a good idea of what Pii likes now.
However, Pii apparently thought my bathwater tasted even better than corpses.
And so as long as we were together, Pii did not need to eat any dead bodies.

Apparently, the other slimes saw being able to drink my bathwater as a ‘royal right’ of Pii.
And while I wasn’t particularly happy about this, Pii told me it with a smug expression, so I pretended to be pleased.

“…I see. It is an honor.”

Well, I wasn’t actually sure if Pii was smug, because slimes were hard to read.

“Pii. Should we leave the lid of the sewage tank open?”
“I see. I will do that then.”

Later, I would attach a contraption that would allow us to remove the cleaned water.
As the slimes made the water clean enough to drink it again, we could just release it back into the river.

“Alright. Then we’ll have half of the slimes deal with the toilets.”
‘Leave it to us!’
“Are you sure?”

And then Pii squeaked, ‘PIIIIIII!’
And about fifteen slimes hopped out from the sewage tank.
I suppose they were going to be put in charge of the lavatories.

“Pii. That will be a great help. Thank you.”

And so I picked up Pii and headed to the outhouse.
The fifteen slimes followed after us while hopping.

Kelly also picked up one of the red slimes.
The one that she was holding was around 0.2 meters.

“It must be nice to have the taming skill. I want to talk to monsters as well.”
“Indeed. It really is useful.”

I then opened the lid to the toilet and put the slimes inside.
And then after a brief moment, the stench disappeared completely.

“Wow, that is amazing.”

And when I used the appraisal skill over the toilet, I saw that the contents had already transformed into clean water.

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