Strange Dragon – 26

Chapter 26 – The Well and Gathering Materials for the Bath

After seeing the investigation team off, I immediately decided to work on a water supply facility.

“Now, will you help me, Hippolius?”
“What about me?”
“Fio and Shiro. You two can watch.”

For some reason, the two looked disappointed.
Perhaps they had wanted to help.

“You two can relax and play if you want?”

They had survived in a very harsh environment. Not only that, but Fio and Shiro were still children.
While Shiro may act like a big brother, he would have been playing with the other pups if the wolf pack was still alive.

“I see… If you really want to. Then can you keep watch?”
“Keep watch?”
“Me and Hippolius have a lot of work to do. In the meantime, can you watch to make sure that no enemies come?”

Fio and Shiro wagged their tails happily.
And then Hippolius licked them.
Perhaps Hippolius was like a big brother to Fio and Shiro.

“Alright. Hippolius. Can you gather trees like you did yesterday?”

And then Hippolius ran off cheerfully.
And so I went around and picked up rocks in the area.
Rocks were heavy. It was hard work gathering them, but it was also efficient, because I could use my magic bag.

And since Fio and Shiro were watching the area around me, I could concentrate on gathering.
However, most of the good rocks in the area had already been gathered.

“Perhaps it will be quicker if I went to the river.”

And so I took Fio and Shiro with me and we moved closer to the river.
The river was about seven meters wide. It wasn’t very deep, and the current was also gentle.
And there were also rocks of various sizes inside.

“Now, I’ll pick up the larger rocks. The smooth ones will be good as well.”

I was going to make a well and a bathing area. And so we would need all of the rocks we could get.
And so I continued to throw rocks into the magic bag.
And then Fio and Shiro stared at me with shining eyes.

“What is it?”
“So much inside.”
“Ah, this bag? It’s called a magic bag.”
“Magic bag.”
“Yes, a magic bag. A special bag that has a spell cast on it.”
“Yes, yes. So it can carry more than it looks like it could. And it doesn’t get any heavier. Also…”

I took out a slab of freshly roasted meat.

Fio and Shiro looked shocked when they saw the meat.

“It also has a quality maintenance feature, so food won’t go cold or rot.”
“Since you did so well watching for me, you can eat this.”

I gave Fio and Shiro the meat, and they ate it hungrily.
As always, Fio accepted the meat with her mouth.
And like Shiro, she put it on the ground and ate it without using her hands.

“Fio. It’s much easier to eat if you use your hands.”
“Yes, hands. Like this. It’s very useful.”

I took out some more meat from the magic bag and then showed her how I ate with my hands.


Fio then copied me and started to eat it with her hands.

“See? It’s quite easy, isn’t it? And it will be less crunchy, as no dirt will get on it.”

And so Fio learned how to eat with her hands.
Next time I would have to teach her how to use forks and spoons.

After gathering a lot of rocks, we returned to the base.
I then saw that Hippolius had already piled up five large trees.
Hippolius sat next to the trees with a smug expression and a wagging tail.
I suppose he wanted to be petted. And so I petted Hippolius repeatedly.

“Wonderful, Hippolius! That was so fast!”
“And the trees are all so big! Thank you.”
“You chose a good spot to get the trees! While I don’t know about the quality of the soil, it is a good location to make a field.”

The soil was being investigated now
However, the place that Hippolius got the trees was the perfect distance away from the base.
And so it would be nice if we could make the field there.

“Good Hippolius!”

As I patted Hippolius, he said,

‘How much more should I bring?’
“Indeed. I guess we should have three more?”
‘What about rocks?’
“We could use more rocks as well. Come back and see me once you have gathered three more trees.”
“Thank you.”

Hippolius wagged his tail cheerfully as he went to go and search for more trees.
I took out the rocks and placed them next to the stack of trees that Hippolius made, and then I headed to the river once again.
Fio and Shiro were also with me.

As I picked up rocks and put them into the magic bag, Fio started to put rocks in as well.

“Oh, thank you, Fio.”

And then Shiro started to pick up rocks with his mouth and bring them to me.
I accepted them and put them in the bag before petting him.

“Shiro. Thank you. But you don’t have to do this.”
“You should watch the area in case anyone dangerous comes.”
“Yes. That’s a good boy, Shiro.”

Shiro wagged his tail happily.
After that, while Fio and I gathered rocks, Shiro’s tail stood up straight as he kept watch.

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