Royal Magician – 30

Chapter 30 – In Your Eyes

“Bonus♪ Bonus♪ Bo-bonus♪”

I hummed the tune to myself while clutching the white envelope preciously as I made my way to Luke’s office.
When I boasted about it to him, Luke just chuckled and produced a similar envelope from his pocket.

“I know. I got one too.”

I thought it was just me.

Still, it was rather natural, now that I thought about it.
After all, we had won because it was both of us.

However, these things really brought out the old me.

“By the way, how much was inside?”
“Four large silvers.”
“Yes! I got five! I win!”

I made a fist in the air and Luke smiled.

“And you were promoted by two ranks. That’s amazing.”
“Hehe. It is, isn’t it? It seems you are finally starting to understand my greatness, Luke.”

Of course, I was fully aware that it was practically a miracle and some coincidences in my favor that got me here.
Still, that was why I could not pass up the opportunity to be smug about it!

“It’s rare for someone to be promoted to Emerald Rank this quickly. Practically unheard of. I think there was just one other person…”

I smiled at Luke’s approval.
Still, getting carried away by it only made his following words more shocking.

“Ah, that’s right. That person was me.”

The bastard…
He was hiding this card that could beat me…!

Between the amount of Mr. Gawain’s bonus and the record for fastest promotion, his record was clearly worth more.

That’s why he was so confident.

In spite of his calm demeanor, he is still just as competitive as ever…!

“Ah, you really are a wonder, Noelle. You’re number two, right after me…”

My fist shook.

Damn it. Now he was provoking me…!

“I’ll win next time! Perhaps I can’t beat you in terms of promotion speed, but I’ll beat you at something else! Just wait and see!”

I declared while thrusting my finger at him.

Yes, next time, it would be Luke who would become speechless.

And so I opened the magic books that I had borrowed from the palace’s great library, and began to study intensively.

◇  ◇  ◇

Luke Waldstein smiled as he saw her facing the book.

She had clearly just chosen it because the title seemed smart and would make her look impressive. He doubted she realized just how difficult to understand it actually was.

In fact, only a small handful of Royal Magicians could make sense of its contents.

However, she was not very sharp when it came to the perceptions of those around her.
The only thing she really thought about was her love of magic.

Most people were very sensitive to what others thought. And while she was lacking in that area, it did mean that she was capable of using all of her resources into working out the problem right in front of her, which was also a talent.

(Really, you’re much more of a genius than me.)

Luke Waldstein rated Noelle Springfield higher than anyone.

And so he had single-mindedly worked hard in order to continue to compete against her.

(It is only when I can beat you in something related to magic, that I truly appear in your eyes.)

Magic was the most important thing in the world to her.
And it was only during times when he won, that her competitive nature meant a piece of her heart could belong to him.

‘I won’t lose the next time!’
‘Damn you, Luke…!’
‘Hehe! I win!’

If you only knew how happy it makes me when I see you approach me like that.

I receive enough joy, that I feel willing to pay just about any price for it.

The amount you eat, your short stature.
Your tone deaf, unfortunate singing voice and your deplorable fashion sense. I love all of it.

Just being with you.

It saves me more than I can express.

Right now, I am visible in your world.

And nothing could make me happier.

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