Royal Magician – 31

Chapter 31 – Approached

“Ah, Leticia. Sorry, but could you lend me some money?”

Gawain’s office in the Royal Magician Headquarters.
Leticia looked at her superior coldly.

“And what did you spend your money on this time?”
“I took the newcomer out for a meal, and ended up paying a fortune. That’s when everything went wrong. Also, it didn’t help that some old friends visited the city shortly after, and I had to buy them dinner as well. Lastly, I gave out some personal bonuses as a reward, and so now I am broke.”
“Why were you paying bonuses when you have no money?”
“As their superior, it’s only natural that I should reward them for their efforts.”
“Yes, but surely it is meaningless if it empties your own pockets.”

Leticia let out a sigh.

“And you didn’t have any money saved up?”
“I spend by night what I earn during the day.”
“That doesn’t sound nearly as impressive as you may think. It just means you’re a hopeless case.”
“I can’t help it. The money just leaves on its own.”

Gawain said as he turned his neck.

“I haven’t used much on myself.”

Leticia knew that this was true.
It wasn’t that Gawain wasted his money on personal expenses.

He was not the kind of person to waste his money on drinking or gambling.

However, it was a different matter when it came to spending money for other people.

‘I’ll pay for both tables.’

If he saw one of his men there, he would always pay for them.

‘You did well today. You can order anything that you want here.’

And to those that brought great results, he would hand over a bonus.

‘Aye, you can drink as much as you like. I’ll allow it.’

No matter how many people were seated in the tavern, he would pay for everyone.

He had an old kind of chivalric attitude, at least to those who were close to him.
Gawain Stark was the kind of person who, if he thought it was necessary, would go into debt in order to use his money for someone else.

It was unbelievable to someone like Leticia, who was frugal and made records of every single copper coin in her possession.

He was paid rather well, and yet had no savings at all…

She thought of her own life savings, which would allow her to live comfortably after retirement, and sighed at the difference between them.

“There is still more than a month until payday.”
“That’s why I am asking you. I wish that I didn’t have to ask you like this, but you’d just get angry if I didn’t say anything and borrowed elsewhere…”
“Of course, I would. Last time, you didn’t even read the contract and ended up paying ridiculous amounts of interest, captain.”
“You need not worry. It’s my money, after all.”
“You talk as if it didn’t almost ruin you?”
“…I’m ashamed…”
“Hold yourself together. There are a lot of people who wouldn’t be here without you, captain.”

Gawain’s 3rd unit was more unified than the others.
If someone made a mistake after being challenged to something new, the captain would assure them that it was fine, and he would take responsibility. This resulted in a unit that was not afraid of failure, and they were able to reach their full potential.

Even Leticia approved of Gawain’s humanity.

While there were some grave problems, she could respect someone who was able to act for others and not just himself.

Otherwise, she would have just shouted at him to go borrow from someone else, and would not have been concerned with his debts.

“You better use it carefully.”
“Sorry. I am in your debt.”

Leticia handed him just enough for living expenses.

“Also, this is about work, but…”
“What is it?”
“About how we will raise this little newcomer. As this is an off season for our unit, it’s the best time to have her experience something new. Currently, I’m thinking about sending her to help the potion research team.”
“I think that is a good idea. It seems like she has some knowledge about magic medicine.”
“However, I was approached by someone quite surprising. Who do you think it was?”

Gawain said with a mystified expression.

“It was the Crown Prince Michael.”

Leticia was speechless when she heard that.

“You don’t mean…the King’s Guard?”
“That’s exactly what I mean.”

They were a special unit that were in charge of protecting the royal family.
Only the best of the Royal Knights Order and the Royal Magicians Order could enter it, and in general, they had to be above Mithril Rank.

And so it was unheard of for some who had just joined to be considered for a position there.

“However, she is still Emerald Rank.”
“But I was approached about it when she was Porcelain.”
“That early…”
“Apparently, they want her for the King’s Guard, regardless of her rank.”
“But there is no precedent for that. It will definitely cause problems.”
“I suppose they don’t mind if it does. That is how high they rate her.”

It took Leticia some time before she could accept that what she was hearing was reality.

The Crown Princes was one of the most powerful men in the kingdom, and he was trying to add this newcomer to the royal bodyguards.

It was unheard of.
Such a thing should not have been possible.
However, there was no one in the palace who would dare reject the prince.

In a way, you could say that it had already been decided.

“So, when will she be moving?”

The small magician who had worked so hard, and that she had grown attached to.
Leticia sounded a little sad as Gawain answered her.

“Actually, I objected to it.”

Leticia was stunned for a moment before replying.

“Uh, surely you’re joking/”
“Why would I joke about such a thing? I could have been accused of treason and thrown in prison.”
“And yet you refused him! It was the prince’s wish. They could have you dismissed from your position as captain.”
“I don’t mind. It would be worse to cower in fear and not do what I think is right. She does not have enough experience for the King’s Guard. For now, it would be much better to put her in a position where she has some freedom and is allowed to fail.”

Gawain said this as if it was the most obvious thing.
He then noticed Leticia’s glare and he smiled.

“Don’t worry. I explained it to His Highness, and he was understanding.”

This was someone who would stand up for the sake of others, without fear of being hurt.
Yes, he was someone to be respected, thought Leticia.

However, she knew that he would get carried away and repeat this to the others, so she would never say it out loud.

“You don’t have any money right now. What were you going to do if you were dismissed?”
“I hadn’t thought about that… Damn it, that was close…”

Gawain’s face became pale at the thought. Leticia sighed and muttered.

“Really, you are hopeless…”

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