Royal Magician – 32

Chapter 32 – Potion Research Team

“So I am to help the Potion Research Team…!”

Ms. Leticia nodded at my words.

“Yes. Due to the effects of a spreading plague up north, they are understaffed compared to last year. And considering your future, I think it will be a good experience for you. Of course, if you don’t want to, I could ask someone else.”
“I do want to! Please let me do it!”

The Potion Research Team of the Royal Magicians Order was the most highly advanced in the kingdom when it came to the study of potions.
There, renowned magic physicians would use rare tools and materials in their daily research.

The very idea of working at such an amazing place…!
As someone who had studied potions as a student, it made my heart soar.

What would it be like?
If I was going to help, that meant I would be able to talk to the people there.

With their advanced techniques and facilities, I might be able to make a transformation potion to make myself look more mature and impressive!

But as such hopes swelled in my chest, I realized that there was one possibility I should be wary of, and I froze.

“A-are you sure? I might not be able to keep up with everyone, and will only get in their way.”

While the people here were all kind enough to tell me that I ‘worked quickly,’ I was well aware that they were just trying to be polite.

After all, I had never been seen as quick at the countryside guild.

And here, I was surrounded by Royal Magicians. It was not possible that I was genuinely seen as competent.

But as I worried over this, Ms. Leticia replied with a smile.

“Don’t worry. You won’t have any trouble. I guarantee it.”

Those words gave me a lot of courage.

She was able to go to that extent for someone like me.

Ms. Leticia really was a nice person.
I could not help but wish that I could be like that one day.

In any case, even if I couldn’t work as well as others, I just had to do my best, and I would be fine. That’s what she meant.

Alright, I will do it…!

And so came the first day of my work there.

“I’m Noelle Springfield! I look forward to working with all of you!”

With excitement, I introduced myself to the magic pharmacists of the Potion Research Team.
While I was nervous that they would be at such a high level that I would be no help at all, thankfully, they had plenty of simple and odd jobs for me that were not very difficult.

And such simple chores were something that I did very well.
While working at the magic artificer guild, I had gained the skill of being able to look around and predict what jobs would need to be done.

Back then, I had only thought of helping others in order to meet deadlines. But it turned out to be useful later. You never knew what would happen in life.

“We’re running low on magic crystals. Go and fetch some from the storage room.”
“I brought some already! I will change them right away.”

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you. But if you could quickly process the witch grass that arrived this morning, it’s an emergency…”
“I thought that might be the case, and so I did it! Here, you can use these.”

“When will the extra astral leaf I ordered yesterday arrive? Someone contact the merchant.”
“I just checked earlier and was told that it would arrive at four o’clock. I’ll have it brought in as soon as it arrives.”

While this was a busy time for everyone, as someone who had already experienced a harsh environment, it was nothing. And I was able to deal with all of the work with time to spare.

Now, the next step requires processed full moon grass and black slime fluid, so I better prepare them…

And so I excitedly went about my work.

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