Royal Magician – 116

Chapter 116 – Beautiful

The President of the Royal Magicians Order had appeared right in front of me.
I was surprised that I didn’t even notice his presence until he was that close. But what was most surprising was the speed and precision that he activated the magic.

Even though it was an attack that I could not react to, he dealt with it with magic that would normally be impossible.

This person was amazing…

As I stood there, stunned, President Cronos peered into my face and said,

“You were cut a little. Don’t move.”

Magic with a yellow glow.
As he traced a finger across the cut, it disappeared like using an eraser.

“Impossible… This knife had healing obstruction magic on it…”

Said the assassin in a low voice.

“My healing magic is a little different. It cannot be stopped by your enchantments. Unfortunately for you.”

President Cronos said as if it was the most natural thing.

“There was basilisk poison on it. You do realize that you would be dead if I didn’t come? Damn it.”
“…Could it be that you turned back time over a specific area?”
“You’re perceptive, kid. I don’t hate it.”

The President smiled as if impressed.
Magic that reversed time on a specific spot…

Even the latest, most advanced books on modern magic research had nothing like that.
In order to effect time, you needed the secret arts from the elves, and the lost magic from ancient times. There was a lot of knowledge needed to even start researching it.

And yet he had used such a spell perfectly…

After being stunned for a moment…
I said in a small voice.

“Um, can you teach me that later? Without telling anyone.”
“I’m really curious. I want to know.”
“You do realize that you are currently surrounded by assassins?”
“I know, you are saying that I should read the room. But this is so exciting! Please say yes! Just a little! You don’t have to tell me the whole thing!”

The President chuckled.

“I see. You cannot stop yourself. Ah, very well then.”

After that, he smiled and continued.

“Well, I think that it’s a good thing. Being a strange person who can’t read the room is a good quality to have for a magician.”
“The President praised me…!”

I was praised by the greatest magician in the country.
This was something I could boast about to Luke.
Just the thought of Luke getting jealous was enough to make me smile. That was when one of the assassins interrupted me.

“Pride is a scary thing. The great magician does not understand the situation that he is in.”

He said in a chilling voice as he glared at the President.

“Even if you are the magician of time, it does not change the fact that you are flesh and blood. Any human can be killed. And that is our profession.”

The assassins held their knives as they moved in.

“No, it is you who does not understand.”

Immediately after, the bodies of the assassins crumbled to the floor.

They could not even stand.
The stunned expressions.
With their heads drooping.
Their hands were on the ground, and it was all they could do to support their bodies.

“What kind of magic…”
“I’m not using magic. I just unleashed some of the mana that I usually hold in. And it was more than enough to keep you from moving. Unfortunately, you are no match for me.”

It was not even an attack. Merely the act of unleashing mana.
He had defeated so many enemies without even activating a spell…

As I stood there in shock, I suddenly felt a different, powerful presence of mana.


I could not breath.
I was about to lose consciousness, but managed to stay present.

My body swayed, and I fell to my knees.

“Are you alright?”

I heard the President’s voice, and nodded back.

It was completely different from Cronos. The presence of mana so powerful that it could burn everything around it.

The assassins all fell down.
There were over thirty of them, and they were foaming at the mouth. They trembled with fear over something they could not express, but they felt instinctively.

“Good evening, everyone. How pleasant this is.”

What appeared first, was a butterfly that shone with a yellow-green light.
And then it kept increasing in number as they danced in the sky like fireflies.

“I didn’t expect to see some of you here, but I’ll take it as a positive thing. After all, if I can fight both of them at the same time, the event will seem so much more fun.”

Even I knew the name of the person who appeared amidst the cloud of butterflies.
Evangeline Runeforest.
The elf queen who ruled the great forest that was in the eastern territories of the empire.
She had won the tournament three times, and was the strongest magician of the empire.

“I must thank God for bringing us together. There is no reason to wait for my turn. Both of you. Come and entertain me.”

The fairy queen said with a confident smile.

The empire’s greatest magician had suddenly appeared before me.
As for President Cronos, he just shrugged his shoulders.

“No, if we fought here, we might destroy some of the surrounding buildings. At worst, we will alter the landscape and become wanted criminals within the empire.”
“I don’t mind. That seems like a fun outcome as well.”
“You really don’t care about what happens to those around you, huh?”
“Life has its limits. I don’t want mine to end in a boring way, just because I cared about other people. That would be such a waste.”

Said Ms. Evangeline.

“Besides, I am the queen of this world. I choose, and I judge. That is all.”
“No, you are not the queen of this world. Even though you constantly say that you are.”
“If I say that I am the queen, then I am the queen. This world is mine. I have decided it.”
“Well, I’m glad to see that you are well.”

The President chuckled and took my hand.

“As for me, I am kind and thoughtful. Everyone in the Royal Magicians Order loves me. And since I do not like to cause trouble for others, we will have to retreat.”

The magic glowed yellow at his fingertips.

Spell Boost.

It was the magic that I was the best at.
However, he was the one who had invented it. And so it was completely different.
Everything was calculated and beautiful, just like art.
Miraculously efficient, resulting in unbelievable speed.

“Did you really think you would be fast enough to escape me?”

However, the greatest magician of the empire was even faster.

The secret art of the elves… Teleportation magic.

She moved in an instant, and was now standing right in front of us.

I was going to die…

The presence of mana that sent a chill down my spine.

“And you think that teleportation magic is going to be enough to catch me?”

Just then, the magic spell that was cast right next to me. I will never forget it.


Magic that stopped the time of everyone except the caster.

It was more beautiful than any magic that I had ever seen…

And so I kept telling myself, remember this, don’t ever forget…
Burn it into your memory.
Record as much information as you can.

So that one day, you can do the same thing.
So you can improve your magic.

However, such thoughts were soon swept aside.
Because the magic was so different from anything I knew. It was so brilliant and beautiful that I lost track of time.

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