Strange Dragon – 74

Chapter 74 – Eating Mountain Vegetables

As the most complicated part, the weir, was now finished, the rest was easy.

“Now I just need to open a hole in the bottom of the sewage tank.”

If the hole was too big, then the slimes would flow out.
And so I made a laticed hole that was about 0.03 meters in width.
With the crafting skill, making such things was quite simple.

Now that it was all finished, the only thing to do was to see if it all worked properly.
And so I moved the handle, opening the weir so that the water flowed out.

“Mmm. Yes, it all worked well.”

As I looked with satisfaction,
The slimes started to squeak inside of the tank.

They must have awakened after the water started to flow out.

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

I frantically closed it again.
And then looked into the tank.


The slimes were squeaking cheerfully.

“I woke you all up. Are you alright?”
‘Pii! They’re all fine!’

Pii informed me while riding on my shoulder.

“I see. That’s good to know… So you’re fine?”

I had designed it while keeping their safety in mind.
However, it was possible that I had missed something. Thinking this, I questioned Pii.

‘All fine! They say that it was fun!’

In that case, there should be no problem. And so I had finished creating the drain part of the sewage tank.

I looked into the tank once again.
The water level had gone down. But the slimes were still splashing around happily.

“Piii. Should I take out all of the water? Or should I leave some inside?”
‘There should be a little inside! Piii!’

If there was a lot of water left in, then it would dilute the sewage water that flowed in later.
Which I suppose, would not taste as good for the slimes.

That being said, it would be troublesome if there was no water at all. It wasn’t that slimes were weak to being dried.
If anything, you could put them on fire, and they would not take that much damage.
However, when it came to preference, they did like places that were damp.

“Pii. I’m going to start draining out the water now, so can you check the water level?”
‘Pii! Okay.’
“Tell me when it’s just right.”

Pii then hopped up onto the top of the sewage tank.

“Alright, I’m going to open it now.”

And so I turned the wheel and opened the weir.
And then the slimes in the tank began to chirp happily, ‘Pii! Pii!’
After leaving it like that for some time, Pii raised its voice.

‘That’s just right!’

And so I obeyed Pii and closed the weir.
Then I looked into the tank to check the water level. It was about 0.05 meters deep.

“So they’re fine with it being that shallow.”

Apparently, as far as the slimes were concerned, it could be more shallow or more deep.
Anywhere between 0.02 and 0.1 meters was perfect for them.

Now that I was finished with the sewage tank, I moved on to the toilets.
Thanks to the slimes, the tanks over there were also very clean.
I was very thankful to the slimes.

Once that was all finished, I started petting the magic beasts, when,
‘I’m hungry.’ ‘Food! Food!’ ‘Food!’
Kuro, Ruru, and Roro started to bark.

They were running around my legs now.
Kuro, in particular, was very active. He was biting and tugging on my clothes.

“Kuro. Don’t bite people’s clothes.”

As he stopped, I petted and praised him.

“Now, let’s go and eat some breakfast then.”

And so we headed toward the cooking area.

“I suppose I should build a dining hall and kitchen as well.”
“That’s fine. Thank you, Hippolius. But we still have enough materials.”
“I suppose I will start building in the afternoon then.”

As we talked about such things, we arrived at the cooking area.
There, aside from the usual meat dishes, there were lots of dishes made from the mountain vegetables as well.

“Ohh, you were able to make so much with the vegetables?”
“Well, it is a test, Mr. Theo. Now, please try them.”
“Aye. But first, I must feed Kuro and the others.”

After making sure that the children had their food, I tasted the closest mountain vegetable dish.

“…Hmm. This is…”
“It is bad, isn’t it, Mr. Theo?”
“It’s terrible. Very bitter. Well, at least it is not bad for you.”

If anything, it should be quite nutritious.
However, it was not at all pleasant to eat.

“And yet, it used to be much worse. People were spitting it out.”
“Indeed, it is not so bad that you would spit it out now. I would rather eat it than starve.”
“I agree with you, Mr. Theo. Just having something that is edible is enough to make one happy.”

Said the veteran Adventurer, with some emotion.
He must have experienced being on the brink of death due to starvation in the past.
If you have been an Adventurer for a long time, such things are not rare.
It has happened to me about five times.

“Well, there are also other mountain vegetables.”

So saying, I tasted the other dishes as well.
But all of them tasted horrible.

“Mr. Theo. It was the first one that was the least bad, yes?”
“…Indeed. Perhaps with some adjustments, it could be improved?”
“I don’t know.”

Just then, I noticed that Fio was looking at me with expectant eyes.

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