Royal Magician – 70

Chapter 70 – Surprise

I was surrounded by the scoundrels of the criminal organization.
Just by the way that they stood, I could tell that they were highly skilled in combat.

They were probably specially trained within the organization.

I had only been a Royal Magician for one year, and had no skills with combat. It was a completely different world.

On top of that, they were wielding illegal magic weapons that had spread in the underworld… ‘Wind God Staff.’

I had once read that these staves enhanced your magic by several levels.

I was outnumbered, and lacked experience and equipment.

“Hey, she looks like a child.”

One of them said in a mocking voice.

I suppose it was a natural enough reaction.

However, I then felt something grow hot within me.

I loved magic more than anything.
And so I knew.
The passion that went into it. The blood, sweat and tears.

That’s why I didn’t like it…

…Easily being able to use superior magic.

And so I activated the spell.

Layers of magic circles rapidly appeared.
They unleashed my strongest wind magic.

‘Wind Blast.’

The deafening sounds shook the underground facility.

◆  ◆  ◆

Twilight. The criminal organization that operated in the shadows of the kingdom.

The leader of the organization’s combat department, Ten Arms, had acquired inhuman strength and skills with the help of training and forbidden potions.

He had been through hundreds of battles, and had never been defeated.
And he could count the number of wounds he had on one hand.

“Kill her.”

He ordered, and one of his men raised his magic weapon.

The Wind God Staff was one of the strongest out of the illegal weapons that they sold.

Not only that, but the members of Ten Arms had special versions that had been modified for even stronger firepower.
This overwhelming power far exceeded that of magicians.

The staff unleashed a light.
A flash that burned your cheeks.
Immense wind magic was activated.

But even with their superhuman strength, they could not wield the staves with one hand.
The power was so strong that if they weren’t careful, it would blow them away.

The wind that was unleashed was like a cannon that would erase the intruder without even leaving a trace.

However, at that very moment…
The man sensed the presence of magic energy that he had never felt before.


A chill.
His instincts had been honed through the most extreme battles, and they were speaking to him now.

Telling him that something is here…

And so when he swung the staff he was holding, it was mostly due to reflexes.
It was likely the same with the others as well.

In order to avoid the approaching danger, he instinctively unleashed the most powerful attack that he was capable of.

The magic staves with abnormal power.
The violent winds that erupted had a destructive power that humans could not control.

However, what they saw ahead of them was something that surpassed their understanding.

(It’s so fast…!?)

Magic circles were being activated at an incredible speed.
The wind cannons fired as if accelerated.

The small magician was canceling out the attacks of ten by herself.

They could not believe their eyes.

However, this was only the beginning.

(The output is still rising…!?)

The speed of the rapidfire of magic was increasing.
And she began to push back against the vicious attacks of the magic staves.

(It’s impossible. This cannot be happening…)

He could not keep up.
Even with this staff, the best he could do was use all of its attack to try and hold his ground.

(What…is this…)

It was something that exceeded his imagination.
He could feel a cold sweat run down his spine.

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  1. Okay I’m only gonna say this but unless the staff is made with methods that are inhumane original has tremendous side effects that could kill you it shouldn’t be made illegal but regulated just because it tarnished the effort doesn’t mean it should be illegal its like saying police/soldiers should use bows because guns tarnish the effort of marksman

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