Royal Magician – 71

Chapter 71 – Abnormal Power

The elder was known as a heavyweight in underworld society.

He was the chief of the criminal organization, Twilight, and had used all manner of methods to expand. And yet even he was shocked by what was happening in front of him.

They were using special staves that were so powerful that most people would not be able to control them.
And yet she was facing the vicious attacks of all ten, and surpassing them.

This unusual scene resurrected a certain memory in his mind.
The Red Rose Ball that was held in the palace.
An assassin who everyone in the underworld knew of had failed there for the first time.

A certain Royal Magician had defeated him, in spite of his dungeon relic trump card.

(Noelle Springfield…)

And then there was the battle against the mutated goblin king.
She had also impressed during the dragon incident in the northern frontier. A rising star. All eyes were on her now.

And so the elder determined that she was a threat of the greatest order.
This was no time to hold back.

“Use it.”

The elder gave the order, then his attendant brought forth a goblet that emitted a purple light.

It was a special dungeon relic.
Something so expensive that you could buy a city with it.

The Mourning God Goblet.

This goblet had the ability to activate any magic stones within a certain vicinity, and increase the power of magic weapons.

It was a trump card he had been saving in the event that they would have to battle against a Royal Magician.
Many brilliant magicians had been defeated in front of this dungeon relic.

(She must have endured unthinkable training to reach this level. However, in this world, those who play unfairly are the ones to win.)

He said with a smile.

(Defeating the strong is easy. Just like how the dragon slaying hero, who was said to be immortal, died so quickly.)

The room was now bathed in the purple light of the goblet.

The small magician was going against ten who had modified magic staves.

And though she had been able to hold her ground up until now, the goblet’s power would mercilessly crush her.

The power of their staves increased.
As did the power of the magic winds.

The magician tried to resist.
However, she could not.

She was not able to keep up.
She was being pressed back.

What was being shown now was the merciless difference in power.

Like a giant stomping over a rat.
The magic weapons and dungeon relic was crushing human magic into dust.

This could barely even be called a fight now.
It was too one-sided.

A roar.

And then it was done.

“The transaction has been completed. Let’s go.”

The elder turned to leave.
He started walking towards the entrance.

But after a few steps, he stopped.

His attendant was not following him.

“Come with me. What are you doing?”
“I’m sorry. But this is…”

His attendant said with a quivering voice.
The elder turned to look and became speechless.

(It cannot be…)

What he saw was the small magician, barely holding back the attacks of the magic staves.

(It’s not possible. It shouldn’t be. The magic was enhanced.)

Indeed, the effects of the goblet had been activated.

And so he could not believe it.
Unable to accept it, he looked over and over.

But it did not change.

(What is…)

As he stood there in shock, he suddenly realized something.

A change had come over the small magician after he activated the goblet.
Each of her movements had changed as if optimized.

(She adapted to the situation…)

She had the ability to immediately understand her surroundings and take the necessary actions.
It should have been a hopeless situation for her, but she had changed in an instant.

(She becomes stronger as the situation grows more desperate…)

And she probably doesn’t even realize that she is doing it.
It’s an instinct. Subconsciously…

An ability to adapt to your environment that has reached the limit.

He did not understand how.
How had she been able to acquire such power?

But that was the only explanation for what was happening in front of him.

(What is she…)

Something unknowable was right in front of him.

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