Royal Magician – 114

Chapter 114 – The Royal Magicians Order President and the Fairy Queen

The representatives of the Ardenfeld Kingdom.
On that day, the porcelain-rank magician who was their assistant, received a single envelope.

Accepting these messages from the palace was one of his duties.
But when he checked the contents, his mind went blank for a moment.

And he dropped the letter on the floor.

“What are you doing?”

A fellow assistant chuckled and picked it up. But he too froze when he saw the name that was written there.

“He-hey. This…”
“We must tell Ms. Leticia at once.”

He ran down the hallway of the lodging house.
To Ms. Leticia’s room. She was the one who was responsible for the representative team.
The presence of trained, powerful mana.
A superior officer that you had to prepare every time you knocked on their door.

However, this time, he was in too much of a rush to even feel nervous.

“Come in.”

Came the cool voice from behind the door.

“Excuse me! I have an emergency report!”

He opened the door and then told her what he had come to say.

“The president! The president of the Royal Magicians Order is visiting for an inspection…”

◇  ◇  ◇

After leaving the country of magic by carriage, we traveled to the northeast for several days.
And then arrived in the territory of the empire…the sealed city of Grambern was a beautiful city that faced a great lake.

It was circular and separated into districts. And deep underground, there was a giant magic circle that was created by the legendary magician, Graham Rysvania, in order to seal away an ancient dragon.

The mana that was released from the thousand year old magic circle and ancient dragon had begun to change the geology of the surrounding area a few hundred years ago.

Ever since then, Grambern had developed into a source for high-quality magic ore.
These days, it was the most profitable city in the western continent, and contributed greatly to the glory of the empire.

The colosseum built in the center of such a city was so large it covered one’s entire field of vision, and had a grand, majestic atmosphere.

It was circular and made of stone and four-stories high. Each floor had a different kind of arch. The structure had been designed so that the spectators would not be under direct sunlight for more than twenty minutes a day, and it could accommodate up to eighty-thousand people.

The sense of scale started to make me feel dizzy, and was affecting my sense of reality.

Ah, but this ancient dragon cracker was nice.

I stared dumbly at the huge venue while nibbling on the famous snack.

On the other hand, the rest of the team was also here in this exciting, abnormal moment.
Though, what had really shaken these veterans of a hundred battles, was a certain, major event that was going to happen soon.

An inspection by the president of the Royal Magicians Order.

For those who know little of the world of magic, you might wonder, ‘Is it such a big deal?’ But it was indeed most significant.

This was someone who was called the Magician of Time, an unrivaled sage, and the first human to ever succeed in time travel magic. A magician like no other in the whole kingdom.

My speciality, Spell Boost, had also been invented by him.

This greatest of great magicians of the kingdom was especially fond of magic research.
And since he left all of his work to his subordinates, and became absorbed in his own research, there were only a few Royal Magicians who had even met him.

In fact, no one had seen him for the last twelve years. He was like a rare animal at this point.

This was someone extraordinary in every way, and he might appear before us. And so the others looked terribly anxious.

“Ah, I wonder if I will be able to shake his hand?”
“Don’t try that. Just being able to see him is already a great honor.”
“Damn it. I’m so nervous that my stomach hurts.”

It was like when I tried to get Mr. Gawain’s autograph on my first day at the order.

Yes, I would have to prepare for an autograph as well!

But while some of us were terribly excited, there was someone who was not at all.
My friend… Luke Waldstein, was acting as if nothing was happening. He just continued his training as always.

“You really aren’t interested in these things, huh?”

I asked while we were resting.

“What does it matter? It’s not like meeting him will increase my skill.”

He said this as if it was the most obvious thing.

“But maybe he will teach me some tricks that will help to improve my magic.”
“As if such tricks exist. There are no shortcuts to magic. The only way to get better is to train more than others, and train right.”
“Well, you’re not wrong.”

The way that he thought was very stoic and proper.
As for me, I was just pleased and excited and wondering if there were ways that I could improve.

“You will be a great magician one day. Just keep training as you are now.”
“Don’t act like you’re my master.”
“I’m just a proud mother with a serious son.”
“And don’t act like my mother either.”

Luke sighed with exasperation.

“I have to win no matter what.”

He said, as if talking to himself.
There was something about his profile as he said it that lingered in my mind.

◇  ◇  ◇

In the guest house owned by the Holy Fermar Imperial Foreign Office.
The glasshouse to the east of the mansion had been prepared especially for the Fairy Queen Evangeline Runeforest.

There were no trees around. And so plenty of sunlight shone through the glass.
What was trapped within was like a perfect Spring.

Flowers of every color bloomed.
And beautiful, blue butterflies rested on them and drank their nectar.

“Welcome back. I was waiting for you, Synthia.”

A tea set was spread out on the white table.
The Elf Queen took a sip of the red tea.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I had originally planned to return earlier, but…”

Synthia bowed calmly.

“It’s fine. I suppose it means that she was that interesting.”

Evangeline smiled as she held her cup.

“What did you think after seeing her in person?”
“It was beyond what I had imagined. Her speed and ability to grasp her surroundings were inhuman. That being said, it is hardly enough to match us, as we have studied magic for over a thousand years.”

Synthia said.

“Still, what is most interesting, is that she seemed to grow stronger with every fight.”
“They say that it is her first tournament. But when one lacks experience, one grows swiftly. More importantly, she has a special power, and the limit is not yet known.”
“How did you know…”

Synthia gasped.

“I can tell. I am the queen of this world, after all.”

Evangeline smiled and took another sip.

“I cannot wait to fight her. If only she was my first opponent.”
“Well, it seems like she has enemies who are working behind the scenes. These humans see things differently.”
“That is all so pointless. That is what I think, as the queen of this world.”
“You are the only one who thinks you are the queen of the world, Your Majesty.”
“It really is so troublesome. And it seems that the chief of the Royal Magicians of Ardenfeld is headed to this land.”

Upon hearing this, Synthia gasped.

“The Magician of Time?”

Evangeline scowled as she answered.

“Indeed. The annoying idiot who is obsessed with magic.”
“But he hasn’t been seen for twelve years. There are some who think he is dead.”
“As if he would die. In fact, I would wager that he failed in one of his experiments again, and merely traveled twelve years into the future.”
“I see. That is possible.”
“But why this timing? With him around, I will not be able to comfortably go and fight her.”
“But you cannot go. A participant cannot fight outside of…”
“Your Majesty?”
“Telling me that I cannot do something just makes me want to do it even more.”

Synthia was quick to react.

Without even chanting, magic was activated at a great speed.

In an instant, Evangeline’s body was bound by numerous chains of thorns.

“I will not allow you to go. I’ve known you for a long time. And so I was able to predict your movements.”
“Impressive magic. Wonderful. I am so proud of you.”

Evangeline laughed mischievously.

“Unfortunately, that is hardly enough to stop me.”

Immediately after, a flock of butterflies filled her vision.
The thorns that had been binding Evangeline turned into glowing butterflies and began to fly all around them.

A current of glowing color.
And when they finally vanished, Evangeline was nowhere to be seen.

“She really did…”

She muttered bitterly. And then she rushed outside.

(This is a disaster. I have to stop her somehow.)

However, she realized it as well.
She was not capable of stopping her master. Someone who was so free and called herself the queen of the world.

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  1. Noelle is the daughter of the Magician of Time. We’ve never heard anything about her father and so this is my prediction. He got lost in time and is only now figuring out when and where she is!

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