Seisan Mahoushi – 143

Chapter 143 – Already Scouted!?

“What a great city..”

Iria exclaimed as she gazed at the north from the watchtower.

Indeed, an enormously grand city could be seen far to the north.
As if to bisect your vision, massive towers extended from the walls on both the east and west sides. And within the walls were tens of thousands of buildings. The palaces and temples were awe-inspiring. It was just what one would expect for a royal capital.

Mette nodded, but her expression was grim.

“However, that place is no exception…”
“There are pillars of smoke. And I can hear screaming.”

It was rare for Melk to speak with such a feeling of dread.

As a werewolf, Melk was apparently capable of hearing the echoing voices from the royal capital.

Monica held her bow as she said,

“I wish that we could go and help them at once, but…”
“If we charge in without thinking, then we will be defeated easily. Besides, we Ents will not be much help within a city that is made entirely of stone.”

As Ecleshia said, it would be dangerous to charge in without a plan. The Ents and kappa would not be able to play to their strengths there.

It was best to assume that there were already tens of thousands of Undead in the streets.
And the urban district was complex, filled with narrow passages. I could easily imagine how we would be surrounded, and fall to the unending waves of enemies.

“…First, we should build a base. And then we will attack the temple from the shortest route. But for now… Asuha. Could you scout out that island in the middle of the river?”

In the center of the royal capital, there was a great river that split the city into north and south.

If you followed this river south, there was a small island that was a short distance from the city.

It was big enough for the one hundred of the Fendel Knights Order to camp.

However, Asuha said something most surprising.

“I have already done so. That island is uninhabited. There is only a small place with an altar, a shack, and few boats.”
“I-I see.”

‘That was very quick.’ Melk praised Asuha.

Asuha had been constantly scouting ahead and around us with a few other Tengus.
I suppose she already had a grasp on the royal capital and surrounding areas.

Asuha looked a little embarrassed as she handed me a sheet of paper.

“If-if it pleases you… Here is a simple map of the royal capital.”
“Asuha… Thank you.”

The map depicted all the roads of the city, as well as the significant buildings. There were even details about which areas had the most Undead, or which areas the humans appeared to be hiding in. Even the great temple, which was our goal, was easily found on it.

“This is amazing… I have been to the royal capital before, but know nothing outside of the main streets. This will be very helpful.”

In war, there was nothing more important than information. And Asuha had given us knowledge of the current map and situation.

“I-I am glad to have been of service.”

Asuha replied happily.

And then Mette said,

“Well, it is clear that Asuha and the Tengus are the first to distinguish themselves in this battle! We cannot fall behind them!”

The others agreed enthusiastically.

After that, we headed to the river, where I built a boat, and we sailed to the island that was south of the royal capital.

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