Seisan Mahoushi – 156

Chapter 156 – A Demihuman!?

“Now, you’ve been a snob to cover your face. But let’s see who you really are!”

Mette then tried to take off Yomotsu’s mask.

However, Yomotsu quickly shrunk his body and escaped from the ropes.

“Ah! Don’t run!”

With a speed that my eyes could barely follow, Yomotsu tried to run from the scene.

However, Melk quickly held him down in her wolf form.

“Melk won’t lose against another four-legged creature…but this is a surprise.”

It was the same with everyone else. We were all astonished by how Yomotsu looked right now.

Underneath Melk was a skinny dog…or something close to a mountain fox.

Mette opened her mouth.

“It-it’s a monster…?”
“I am Yomotsu who serves the Demon King… That is all I am.”

Yomotsu said with an annoyed expression.

However, Melk seemed to remember something as she opened her mouth.

“The elders talked about it before…about there being a similar tribe to Melk and the others that live in the north.”
“They speak the same words as us, and take both human and beast forms… So it is a demihuman.”

Mette said, and then Yomotsu raised his voice.

“I am no demihuman!! I am… I am…”

Yomotsu stumbled over his words.

A demihuman who worked for the Demon King. And he was easily able to make tools out of human corpses… I detected that there was something very deep here.

Still, what should we do with him now?
Kill him… Or keep him alive.

If we killed him, he would not be able to do something like this again.

On the other hand, there were advantages to keeping him alive as well.
I had asked Olto the Lizardman at the White Sand Island, to try and arrange for us to be able to negotiate with the Demon King. We knew that Yomotsu was the Demon King’s subordinate, so perhaps we could use him during negotiations.

Of course, he had killed many people in this country, so Ylis might not allow it.
After all, for human society, this Yomotsu was incredibly dangerous.

I turned to Ylis, who seemed to understand what I was going to ask.

“This one is your prisoner, Joshua. It is enough for us that this incident has come to a close. You did a lot to help us, so you can do as you please now.”
“Thank you, Ylis. In any case, we cannot let him roam free.”

I said, and then Iria asked me,

“What do you mean to do?”
“Bind him. I have a potion that will seal his magic after drinking it. And I’ll also give him a sleeping potion.”

And so I used the herbs I had gathered in Fendel to create two potions.

These two potions were sometimes used in strategies, and we would make monster captives drink them at the Knights Order.

The sleeping one was effective for a whole day after drinking it.

As for the magic sealing one, it seemed a little cruel, but once they drank it, they would not be able to gather magic energy again. However, Yomotsu was incredibly dangerous. Even when he was a prisoner, and we had to make him drink it.

And so I approached Yomotsu with the potions.

However, Yomotsu kept his mouth tightly shut.

“You used the bodies of others as tools, but then cling to your miserable life.”
“Ms. Melk, you make it sound like we’re going to kill him… Here, allow me.”

Iria said as she stood in front of Yomotsu.

“Ah, Sir Joshua. The temple over there.”

I turned in the direction of the temple.

“What did you see, Iria?”
“No, it was probably nothing.”

She said, and then I noticed that Yomotsu was shuddering uncontrollably with his mouth open wide.

“Mr. Yomotsu. Please don’t think about rebelling against Sir Joshua.”

Iria said with a smile.

“Very impressive, Iria. Joshua, give Melk the potion.”
“Uh, yes.”

Melk took the potions and poured them into Yomotsu’s mouth.

“Damn it… Why don’t you just kill me? …What do you mean to do?”

Yomotsu croaked while his body shook.

“Because I mean to give you back to the Demon King.”
“The Demon King…? N-no! Not that! It would be better for me to die right now!!”

Was he embarrassed to have been captured? Or was there some other reason?

However, we had no reason to be sympathetic towards his wishes.

As a hostage, the Fendel Alliance would use him to our benefit.

Eventually, Yomotsu could not keep his eyelids open.
The sleeping potion was taking effect.

“Kyuby… I’m sorry.”

So saying, Yomotsu closed his eyes.

“Now, we have finally dealt with the leader. I will carry him.”

Mette said as she picked up the bound and gagged Yomotsu.

Amidst all of that, Ylis stood there as if stunned.

“Hmm, what is it, Ylis?”
“Huh? Ah… I don’t know. I feel like I have seen something frightening. Something from legend…”

Ylis started to say, but then Melk interrupted her.

“You’re just imagining it. Yes, let’s just say that.”
“Huh? Oh, yes.”

Even though she was confused, Ylis nodded.

…What had she seen?

Just then, I picked up Yomotsu’s mask, which had fallen to the ground.
Kyuby had worn something similar. Was it just that they were from the same tribe?

“I can feel magic from it… Is there magic carved into it?”

As it was imbued with great amounts of magic energy, perhaps the Demon King had made it.

And so I put the mask into magic workshop and decided to inspect it.

“What is…this magic… No, is it the magic stone?”

There was a precious stone in the forehead of the mask, that seemed to be like a magic stone.

However, what effect did this magic have? If it was black then it could be shadow magic, but I didn’t recognize this color.

I could ask Ronea about it later… But for now…

“Very well. In any case, things have gone back to normal! Now we just need to return to the royal palace, we will surround the remaining skeletons with the diversionary unit!”

After that, we headed to the palace and crushed the remaining skeletons.

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