Seisan Mahoushi – 157

Chapter 157 – Released!


Mete took the lead as we crossed the bridge to reach the other side, where the palace was located.
But the onrush of skeletons could do nothing, as Mette swung her heavy club and crushed them.

And with Iria’s sword, Asuha’s wind magic, the following skeletons fell soon after.

Furthermore, on the other side, Ymir, Monica, and the other demihumans on the boat, cooperated with the Toria army and attacked.

And so the skeletons were trapped in a pincer attack on the bridge, and their numbers were rapidly diminished.

I could no longer see skeletons on the walls or anywhere else. It seemed that the ones here were the last of them.

Eventually, Ylis took down the last skeleton with her sword.

“Yes… We did it! We are victorious!!”

Ylis said as she raised her sword high into the sky.
The Toria soldiers also raised their weapons and cheered.

Eventually, the sounds echoed from the palace as well, and reverberated through the capital city.

As the crowds cheered, Ylis turned to us and said,

“Thank you. All of you… Toria will never forget this debt. You must allow us to repay you one day.”
“I am glad to hear you say that. However, there is still so much to do.”

There were some skeletons who had gone outside of the city. We had to deal with them.

After that, I wanted to help the people regain their lives after such devastation. But it would surely take several years for things to truly return to normal.

While Ylis and the people of this kingdom had much work to do, I wanted to do what I could as well. It might help to erase all of the prejudice people held against demihumans.

“However, we should return these bones to where they came…”
“Yes… But why would he do such a thing…”

Ylis looked at Yomotsu, who was being carried by Mette.

Was it a deep-rooted hatred towards humans, or strong loyalty towards the Demon King… In any case, we would never have been able to do something like that.

Just then, Mette had a conflicted expression.

“That’s right… Since they were enemies, I…”

She had used her club to crush many of the bones.

“Don’t worry about it, Mette. If you did not go all out, then we would not have been able to win.”

Said Ylis.

Indeed, we were not in such a position where we could afford to hold back. With a sword, Mette could not match Iria. But she was on a similar level when using a club. If anything, when comparing who had defeated more enemies, Mette had probably won.

“…I know that. But at least allow me to pray over them.”

As the others celebrated their victory, Mette put her hands together over the bones that covered the capital. And then Iria and the demihumans did the same.

I understood why Mette could not feel very happy about it.
She was a Kijin, and had reasons to dislike humans, but still felt this way towards the bones of the dead. She had even buried the bones of dead slave hunters.

However, Yomotsu had no such feelings.

I knew that there were some gulfs between humans and monsters that could not be bridged, but perhaps there was some reason for it when it came to Yomotsu.

It wasn’t that I wanted to know more about him. It was just that it could help us during negotiations.

However, this Yomotsu had comrades. At least, there was someone like Kyuby.

…Did Kyuby hate humans as well?

As I wondered about such things, we returned to the palace, where the Toria people were celebrating their victory.

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