Seisan Mahoushi – 158

The Aftermath was hard as well!?

Even though the royal capital was free once again, we did not hold a celebratory feast like we usually did.

The lands had been ravaged. Not only that, but perhaps the skeletons in lands surrounding the capital were being called by Yomotsu, who sat in his prison cell, as they started to return in order to invade it.

And so we defeated such skeletons while starting the work of repairing the castle walls and gate.

A few days later, the attacks from skeletons outside of the city became very small in scale.

“Many people are returning.”

Said Melk, as she watched from the walls. A long, winding line of people were heading towards the city.

Mette muttered.

“And there are probably many people who aren’t from this city originally. It will be difficult to feed so many people.”
“It seems that Ms. Ecleshia and the Ents are working day and night in order to increase the growing speed of crops, both within and outside of the city, but…”

As Iria said, food production was still not meeting demand. Even after the people returned, the farmlands were either still filled with enemies, or had been destroyed.

Thankfully, there was a river nearby, and we used magic and tools to catch a lot of fish. Enna and the Kappas also focused on fishing. Currently, the small island on the south side of the river, where we had built a fortress, was being used as a fishing base.

Thanks to these efforts, there had yet to be any reports of starvation. And yet people were still hungry, and there were incidents of theft.

Asuha muttered as well.

“Ymir and the dwarves are also quite busy. Apparently, they do not have enough bedding.”

While I built and repaired buildings and large objects, Ymir and the dwarves focused on tools.

“Ymir said that it is enjoyable work, but it is still hard… Celes and the Mopes have also been sharing their milk with babies.”

As for Monica and the elves, they were helping with shooting down skeletons from the walls.

In some ways, we were struggling more now than we did while fighting against Yomotsu.

It would take some time for everything to return to normal, like it was before the chaos. It was a reminder of how it was so much easier to destroy than to create.

Still, Iria continued.

“On the other hand, everyone is so grateful towards us. I am sure that they will continue to have a friendly view of the Fendel Alliance.”
“I would like to believe that…”

Mette said with an uncertain expression.

I suppose she felt that they only welcomed us, because they were desperate. But things would change.
Indeed, that did make sense. It would be for the best if we did not stay for too long.

In the first place, we too wanted to return to Fendel Village soon. And so once things had settled to a certain degree, I would leave the rest to Ylis and the people of this country. Of course, after we had negotiated some trade deals.

“Well, in any case… I made it so that you can all rest tomorrow.”
“Rest? Are you sure?”

Asked Iria, and so I nodded my head.

“It’s fine. Besides, Ylis is the one who suggested it. If this continues, everyone will collapse.”
“Rest is important. Melk agrees.”

Replied Melk.

I turned my face to the inner part of the city and said,

“Since we are here… And since the merchant district has regained some life, why don’t we go and take a look?”
“Ohh! That does sound fun!”

Iria replied, and the others nodded in agreement.

When we had passed the stores in the royal capital, Iria and the others had looked with great interest.

There were probably a lot of clothes and things they had never seen before. There should also be a lot of magic books.

Now that I thought of it, I also wanted to get gifts for Berdos, Moo, and the other demihumans who had stayed behind.

“As for me, I would like to visit the street stalls and tea houses. Because it would be nice to make some in Fendel Village… In any case, we will sightsee in the capital tomorrow.”

I said, and the others all nodded happily.

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