Royal Magician – 128

Chapter 128 – Spirit Queen

(Amazing. That she can react to this)

The magic that intersected in a flash.

In the midst of the vicious battle, Evangeline’s mind was clear.
She was able to stay calm due to her experience.

(Then what about this?)

She activated eleven spells.
Compound magic that no one else would be able to deal with.

However, Noelle Springfield’s reaction was precise.

She stepped back, creating time, recognized her opponent’s magic, and cast a simplified magic barrier while also using acceleration magic to dodge the attack.

(Amazing, amazing. She is still keeping up.)

With a straight gaze, the small magician followed her.

Her heart beat faster.

Evangeline was recollecting.
The days of her youth.

The fate that she had to bear…

If talent was a gift from the heavens, then God did not distribute it fairly.

From the moment that she was born, Evangeline was raised as a special being.

A rare talent that was born once every five thousand years.
Her mana levels were completely abnormal.

Everyone who saw the baby as she cried could understand it.

This was someone who was different from everyone else.

And so the elves of the great forest raised her as if she was a blessing from God.

She was given the highest education.
Expectation and respect.

‘Everyone is counting me! I have to do my best!’

At a young age, Evangeline was serious and a hard worker.

When she did well, everyone would be very happy.
And they would praise her.

Studying magic was fun, and she didn’t feel bad even when studying for fifteen hours a day.

However, there was one thing that bothered her.

In books, she would read about playing with friends.
But she had never done that.

She had no friends, and did not understand playing.
She thought that no one would have time for such a thing.

‘You wish to play with friends?’

Said her instructor, when Evangeline finally had the courage to ask.

‘Indeed. It is a very good thing. However, you are special, and different from other children. As you can use spirit magic, training while young is incredibly important. So you must study a lot. And once you become a full fledged spirit magician, then you can start playing with friends.’

(So I can play when I’m a full fledged magician!)

Evangeline devoted even more energy to her studies.

And then ten years passed.

‘Can I play with friends now?’
‘Not yet. You are not full-fledged.’

And so Evangeline continued to devote more energy into her studies.

Until a hundred years passed.

‘Can I play with my friends now?’
‘No. You cannot use spirit magic as well as the spirit king.’

Evangeline devoted more and more energy into her studies.

Until a thousand years passed.

‘Congratulations. You are now the queen of the great forest.’
‘Can I play with friends now?’
‘No. You have your duties as queen.

And so Evangeline focused on her work as the queen.

Three thousand years passed.

‘I would like to play with friends.’
‘No. You have your duties as queen.’
‘But I’ve been doing…’
‘You are special, Queen Evangeline. It is because you drove back the empire’s army that the great forest has peace. Isn’t fulfilling your responsibilities as a person with power the way you should behave as a queen?’

It was then that she realized it.

They were not looking at her.
She was just a queen that was convenient to them.

It was always like that.
She was expected to behave in the way that they wanted.

No one cared about the part of her that was not queen.
They did not care about her happiness.

And so she thought…
That she alone would have to act for her happiness.

She did not care what anyone else said.

(I will live as I please)

After that Evangeline prioritized her own will over acting like the ideal queen that others wanted.

It was like a very late rebellious period.

Everything that she had held back for three thousand years.
Surely a little indulgence could be allowed.

But as she used and troubled those around her, she found joy and a sense of release by doing bad things.

Recently, she had started saying things about how the world was hers. And she truly believed it.
Perhaps she was overdoing it a little, but as it was fun, she did not care about the little details.

(Now, if I could just make one friend, I could say that I was truly happy.)

She wanted to play with friends.
This small hope continued to exist as an impossible problem.

The queen of the great forest.
The title was so grand that it got in the way of building equal relationships.

Besides, she had been thinking about it for so long.
And the ideal friend that she wanted was also not very realistic.

(A girl who is just as strong as me, but also stupider. She should be funny, and not normal. Well, there are not many who are like that.)

She did not even know of any potential candidates.
That was why she was strongly drawn to this girl, when she suddenly started hearing rumors about her.

The short magician from Ardenfeld.
After entering the Royal Magicians Order, she was promoted at record speed. Not only that, but it was possible that she had a secret power within.

Perhaps this girl would be as strong as her.
And so she wanted to meet her.

When she saw the names of candidates for the World Trophy, she could not help but feel excited.

(She is so amusing. The secret potential and the free way that she conducted herself. I also like that she’s a little dumb. And that she becomes so absorbed with magic that she cannot see anything else.)

She fit her image of an ideal friend in many ways.
And so Evangeline was disappointed.

She had good senses and instincts.

Considering how brilliant she was at her age, she must have dedicated a lot of time to magic. That was commendable.

However, Evangeline’s three thousand years exceeded it greatly.

No miracle or chance could make up for it.
She was not able to reach Evangeline’s level.

That is what she thought. However…

The reflex speed and ability to read her movements.
She had been looking down from her lofty position at first, but now the girl was getting close.

(How far will she…)

A smile slowly appeared on her face.

There was no need to hold back now.
And so she just focused on doing her best.

‘Air Fluegel.’

A large forest that embodied an imaginary landscape.
And over a thousand high-ranking spirits stood to protect her

Her greatest magic that had smashed Luke Waldstein.

(Let’s end this. Noelle Springfield)

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