Paintbrush Summoner – 2

Chapter 2 – What do you mean, drop?

“Well, farewell then. …You are quite certain?”

“Yeah. I don’t really care as long as I can draw.”

After the conversation had been concluded.

Kazuya had only one demand.

That he could draw without any disturbances. That was all.

He had no interests in cheats, skills or magic. He didn’t want to be more powerful than everyone. Even after death, he wanted to draw. It was all he could think about.

“A person without greed, or a person with too much greed…”

The god chuckled. But this was Kazuya’s second chance at life, and he was not going to hold back.

He had said his piece, and if that came true, then he didn’t care about the rest. He felt that from the heart.

Though, he did find it odd that while they were talking, the tea never cooled, and as soon as he ate any of the food, more would appear… How long had it been? Since he last chewed on something solid. That was solid food, wasn’t it? Or was it clouds?

If he was being honest, there was a part of him that still thought that this was a dream.

“This is not a dream.”


He didn’t know how many times it had happened now, but Kazuya was becoming careless with his replies.

The God smiled, then folded his arms as if thinking.

“…However, it does not feel right to me. And so I will add a bonus.”


He did not expect to get a reincarnation bonus for such a reason.

Well, as long as he was getting his wish to be able to draw, it didn’t matter what bonuses he got. At this point, he would leave everything to the god.

“Do you know what I am the god of?”

“No… But…well, why am I able to reincarnate anyway?”

It was an important question that he had forgotten to ask. Surely such a privilege should be bestowed on those who actually did something good in life.

“I suppose you don’t realize it yourself. It is because of you, that I was promoted to a level of deity that can reincarnate people. And so this is to show my gratitude.”

“I don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about…”

But the god seemed like he was not concerned with such details. There was likely no point in asking.

“If you ever wish to talk to me, say my name three times before you sleep… Seker. And we shall meet in your dream.”

“I will do that, if I’m ever in trouble. Thanks.”

Kazuya said, and then scratched his head.

“Thank you, uh, for everything.”

He did his best to bow politely, and the god laughed with satisfaction.

“Now, I will drop you to the location. Farewell then.”

When he raised his head, the god was smiling and waving.

Hmm? Drop? But by the time he thought that, it was too late.

“Huh? Ah, ahhhhhhh…!”

The floor under Kazuya’s feet opened up, and he plunged into the hole.

“…Please live a long life this time.”

The god, Seker, muttered in a voice too quiet for Kazuya to hear.

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Anything Could Be Manifested Efude no Shoukanjutsushi - Kamieshi ga egaitara nandemo gugenka dekimashita- Paintbrush Summoner: When the God Artist Painted

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