Paintbrush Summoner – 1

Chapter 1 – So There Is A God?
Efude no Shoukanjutsushi – Kamieshi ga egaitara nandemo gugenka dekimashita-
Paintbrush Summoner: When the God Artist Painted, Anything Could Be Manifested
Author: 真波潜(Manami Mogura)

“Where…am I…?”

When he came to, it was in a world where everything was white.

Not a snowy landscape, or a place above the clouds. Just plain whiteness that continued forever.

Kazuya Yamamoto scratched his head and sat down. Sitting. Even in this strange world of whiteness, was there still such a thing as gravity? An up and down?

“No, there is no such thing.”

Suddenly, an English gentleman with a monocle appeared in front of Kazuya. He appeared to be in his thirties. He carried himself with a graceful elegance, which, though a little exaggerated, was real.

“Nice to meet you. I am God.”


“Do you have any idea why you are here?”

“Well, I suppose exhaustion has caused me to pass out and experience a strange hallucination.”

That was the only explanation.

He had worked as an animator for 3 years now. And after staying up for five nights in a row in order to finish some key animation, he had fallen to the floor and lost consciousness. For nutrition, he usually took glucose tablets. Or white sugar when he was out. Also water.

Before he knew it, Kazuya had turned into a creature whose bones protruded from under his soft skin. But as he rarely went outside, his troubling appearance was not a problem.

After all, as long as he could draw, Kazuya was content.

Surely this must have been yet another fainting episode. His mind was starting to trip now. That is what Kazuya thought.

“Part of that is correct. However, you did not merely collapse from exhaustion. You died from it.”


“It should be expected, given how you were living.”

“Well, now that you mention it… I guess?”

Back when he was a student, he always enjoyed reproducing the work of other artists, rather than creating something of his own.

Being good at what he liked. Kazuya had a talent for giving life to the characters that he animated, even if they were made by someone else.

Thanks to this, he was not unemployed for long after graduating. And he was able to work as an animator.

“No, but I am still only 23? It can’t end so soon.”

“You really should reflect on your actions a little more.”

“But my job is so enjoyable. …No, it was enjoyable.”

With some reflection, he did realize that his lifestyle could have led to death.

So when told now that he had died of exhaustion, it did seem reasonable enough.

“And so I have a suggestion. If it is your wish, why not live a second life?”

“What!? Like in those otherworld reincarnation stories that are so popular now?”

“Popular, are they…? And yet I have never made this offer before…”

God chuckled.

“Oh, uh…in my world. Anyway, so I can continue to draw then…”

“There are two conditions. You cannot tell anyone that you were reincarnated. And you must live a minimally civilized life.”

It was like having the constitution read to you…

“Otherwise, you would surely ignore the need to eat and sleep.”


His mind was being read. While he just realized this, it made sense, given the man was a god.

Besides, Kazuya had little interest in anything outside of drawing.

“For now, we shall talk about where you will go, and what you will do there.”

God snapped his fingers. A table and chairs, as well as an afternoon tea set appeared.

How fancy. Kazuya mused as he sat down.

“So, an explanation on your location then.”

It seemed like this would be a lengthy conversation. However, his future life was on the line.

And so with a teacup in hand, Kazuya listened attentively.

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Anything Could Be Manifested Efude no Shoukanjutsushi - Kamieshi ga egaitara nandemo gugenka dekimashita- Paintbrush Summoner: When the God Artist Painted

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