Seisan Mahoushi – 150

Chapter 150 – Ambitious!?

“I built some houses in the outer and inner gardens. I have also prepared some blankets, so things should calm down a little.”

I said to Ylis after returning to the palace.

The throne room looked quite somber now, and Ylis was currently using it as a meeting room.

“Thank you, Joshua. And I heard that you had the others catch some fish from the river.”

Iria and the others had gone fishing, and then distributed the fish to the people in the palace.
It seemed that everyone had not eaten fish in some time, and so they were quite happy about it. For a short while, it would take their minds off the anxiety they felt about losing their king.

“That being said, we cannot take too long with the attack. You must allow me to go with you tomorrow.”

This request troubled Joshua.

Ylis was just as skilled as Royg when it came to swordsmanship. There was no doubt that she would be a great addition to their fighting force.

However, Ylis was the princess. If something happened to her, it would affect the future of this country.

“No, Ylia… You are the princess. And so you should…”
“It’s because I am the princess.”

There wasn’t just a sense of duty in her words, but a strong will.

“…If you lead the charge in the attack and take back the temple… The people will think that you are their rightful ruler…”

Ylis nodded.

“Now that my brother has fled, no one will listen to him even if he returns. There will be chaos in the land… In that case, I want to rule as queen.”
“I didn’t know you were so ambitious. I thought you would quietly see us off.”
“I was not satisfied with the way my brother governed. He only thought of stuffing his own pockets and ignored the plight of our people as they starved… He had even less interest in the Demon King Army’s actions in the south. And so I had to join the knights order… Well, the results were still the same.”

Yes, Royg had also stopped caring about fighting against the Demon King.
And in the end, he fell so low that he got involved in the hunting of demihumans.

“Ylis… As for me, if you were to be the ruler of this country, then there would be a lot that we can talk about.”
“Currently… You are the leader of the demihumans, aren’t you, Joshua?”
“More of a representative. I would say that my role is to give advice. I wouldn’t call myself the leader… I am just doing my best so that we can all live together comfortably.”
“If you asked any ordinary human, they would feel threatened by the idea that monsters and demihumans were helping each other and growing stronger. But with you at the top, I know we have nothing to fear.”

Ylis said with a laugh.
It wasn’t that she was mocking me, but commending my personality.

“But if I were to rule, then I would have to start with rebuilding this country.”
“When the time comes, you should trade with the Fendel alliance. We can travel quickly back and forth if we use the river. Fendel also has tribes that live by the sea.”
“In that case, the people will not only have to see me tomorrow, but the rest of you as well.”
“Aye. And so we cannot fail.”

Ylis nodded in agreement.

“We will also send out soldiers if needed.”
“In that case, can I ask you to create a diversion? It can be from on top of the walls, but I want you to attack the skeletons.”
“Lure them away?”
“Yes. As much as possible, I want to decrease the number of skeletons that are surrounding the temple. If necessary, I can make some weapons. It would be best if you could fein as big of an assault as possible.”
“Very well. We would run out of food soon enough. I will tell the people that this will be our last stand.”
“Thank you… You’ve always been very good with speeches, Ylis. I’m sure you will have no trouble with getting the people to listen to you.”

Ylis looked a little embarrassed by my words.

“The-there is no point in flattering me like that… More importantly, you seem to be surrounded by such beauties! Who are these girls!”
“My name is Iria.”

When Ylis turned around, Iria was standing there with a smile on her face.

Aside from Ylis, the surrounding soldiers and knights were also surprised by her sudden appearance.

And then hesitantly, Ylis opened her mouth.

“Ah, uh, indeed. We had not introduced ourselves. I am Ylis.”
“It is an honor to meet you. By the way, is it true that you are an old comrade of Sir Joshua?”
“Th-that is correct.”
“I am relieved to hear it. There were those who did not think fondly of him…”
“You mean Royg and his men. I have heard about that. But since I always liked Joshua… Aah? Ah, uh… Huh?”

For a second, both Ylis and I felt something terribly frightful coming from Iria.
Even though she was still just standing there with a smile.

“I also like Sir Joshua very much.”

Ylis sighed with relief, and then looked at Joshua with a grin.

“So that’s how it is…Joshua. You have such a pretty girl saying that she likes you. How enviable. But dear Iria, don’t you think he is a little too serious?”
“Being very serious is what makes Sir Joshua appealing. If you do not mind, I would love to hear some old stories about him. In fact, a bath has just been prepared.”
“Really? Well, considering what must be done tomorrow, I think I should wash up.”

Apparently, Iria had talked with Solm about my past as well.
I felt a little embarrassed at the idea that Iria was learning so much about me.

I then gave Iria a knowing look.
As if to say that she should not speak of anything important.

Iria nodded with a laugh and then she and Ylis left the palace together.

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