Ossan Boukensha – 79

Weapon Store Tour

So many swords lined up in a row in front of me. That in itself made me feel satisfied.

After all, the weapon stores in Rokuidol all sold the same kind of weapons. Ones to bash, crush and crack.
Dwarves in Gasebabar were generally not swordsmen either, due to their size. But there was something reassuring about knowing that swords really were supposed to be the most common weapon.

All of the swords laid out on the shelves were of great quality. But there was one mithril greatsword in the center that caught my eye in particular.

Mithril was also called magic silver, but it was usually not as durable as steel. However, it had great magic endurance, and it was possible to add powerful magic effects to it. As for the greatsword on display, the enchantments were, ‘Great Boost in Durability,’ and ‘Weight Reduction,’ and also ‘Great Boost in Sharpness,’ and ‘Small Water Attribute Effect.’
The price was one platinum and fifty gold. That was definitely not something I could afford.

That was the flaw with mithril. The material itself was light and softer than steel.
You could not get the most out of the materials without magic enchantments, and the price of the enchantments made them more expensive.
While there was no point in looking at things that I could not buy, I could not help but stare.

“What is your budget, mister?”

Asked the owner of the weapon store. It was a question that I did not like to be asked, and he asked it so directly.

“I don’t even know. Ah, that’s right. How much would I get for letting go of this sword?”

So saying, I unstrapped my sword and handed it to him. The owner took the sword out of its sheath and placed it on the table for inspection.

“It is a good blade. The enchantments are decent, and the steel material is good. I cannot say for sure until it is properly appraised, but I think that I’d pay around twenty-five gold for it.”

Gah! I bought it for thirty-five gold. Well, I suppose since it was second-hand…
But! I did not come here to buy a sword in the first place! I must calm down! Seeing the rows of swords have made me lose sight of my initial direction.

“I see. Well, I really don’t have enough after all. I’m sorry.”

The owner looked a little disappointed when I strapped the sword back to my belt.

After that, I continued to go around the city, mainly stopping at weapon stores. And since I kept my purse strings tight, I did not buy much.

However, I didn’t end up empty-handed either. After all, I had been able to see a lot of swords. I have never seen so many swords in one day before. It was quite the feast for my eyes.
I felt that I was now a pretty good judge…maybe.

And so my second day in Gasebabar ended just like that. After all, there were too many stores, so I could not go to all of them.

“Welcome back. Dinner is ready to eat.”

When I returned to the inn, the young innkeeper greeted me.

“Ah, thank you.”

I took a seat and rested my face on the table.
Walking all day with a prosthetic leg was tiring. As it hurt, the skin had probably peeled so that it was bleeding. I’ll have to cast Heal on it in my room later.
I could just cast it here, but I would look strange if I suddenly started chanting.

“Ah, you seem tired.”

“I went around visiting weapon stores all day. I’m exhausted.”

As the food had been brought, I sat up so that there would be space on the table.

“That does sound tiring. And did you find anything good?”

“No, I don’t really have much money to begin with. I was mostly just looking. Though, there were so many things of great quality.”

The innkeeper placed the food on the table. But instead of leaving, she stood there, thinking for a moment before opening her mouth.

“If you were looking around, did you happen to see the Nalori Magic Tool Shop on the main street?”

“Ah, that luxurious-looking place… No, it did not seem like the kind of place that would suit me.”

“Well, it won’t suit anyone searching for weapons seriously. But it should be quite interesting if you just want to take a look.”

“Huh, what is so interesting about it?”

“You will have to go and find out for yourself.”

What was this? She really wanted it to be a surprise.

“If you insist that much, I might go tomorrow.”

“But don’t come complaining to me if it’s not what you expect.”

She said as she returned to the kitchen. While I was curious, for now, I better eat my food before it gets cold.

After enjoying a dwarven dinner, I returned to my room and removed the prosthetic leg. Then I cast Heal on the stump, did some maintenance on my sword and armor, finished my daily training, and went to sleep.

The next morning, after some light sword exercises, I wiped my body, ate breakfast, and went out into the city.

I was headed to this Nalori Magic Tool Shop that I had heard about. It was an impressive building on the main street, and everything about it seemed expensive.
And so I stepped in with some hesitation.


A clerk greeted me with an impeccable bow.

“Are you looking for something?”

“No. But an innkeeper told me that I would see something interesting if I came here.”

That seemed to be enough, as the clerk immediately had an expression of understanding

“I will call the manager. Please wait one moment.”

And then the clerk went to the back of the store.

Uh, I didn’t want to see the manager. As I waited with confusion, an impressively broad dwarf appeared from the back.

“Are you the one who wants to see me?”

“Huh? No, I was just told that I could see something interesting if I came here.”

“I see. So that’s what it is. In any case, you will want to speak with me once you see it. Now, follow me.”

I wasn’t quite sure, but this manager seemed to be enjoying himself.

I was then led to the second floor, where there was an area with especially expensive magic tools. And the thing was placed in the center.

Magic Staff ‘Mine Breaker.’

Read the sign. But what was there, was a brilliant two-handed sword that let off a pale blue light. You could tell at a glance that it was made of mithril.

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