Royal Magician – 121

Chapter 121 – White Thunder

“Why won’t you withdraw?”

In the center of the field, while spectators watched.
Estelle questioned Luke right before the battle.

“What do you mean?”

Luke asked in a low voice.

“It is purely my curiosity. I completely overwhelmed your captain. Yes, it is true that you are stronger than him. However, I am also stronger than you. I’ve lived for over a thousand years, and so the difference between us is clear. Besides, you are not even in your best condition.”

Estelle said slowly.

“You are wounded. If you are unlucky, you could suffer a blow that would end your career as a magician.”

Luke’s eyes widened a little.
Estelle continued.

“You cannot win in this state. The results have been decided already. For your own future, you should take the option of withdrawing.”

Luke did not answer.
And then finally…

“I would regret giving up without trying. And I’m no stranger to regret. But I have learned. There is something very important to me, and I will do what I must. The fact is, I must try. That is the way I can be myself, in a world that is so unfair. I can live.”
“I do not understand you. It is not very logical.”
“Besides, you have made one mistake.”
“I have?”
“I am stronger than you think.”

Luke said.

“Be careful. I might not hold back. A wounded beast is the most dangerous.”
“I would have avoided an unnecessary battle, but it cannot be helped.”

Estelle said.

“In the name of the spirits that rules everything in the universe, I will make you pay for your arrogance.”

And then the bell was struck, signaling the beginning of the battle.
Luke Waldstein activated the yellow magic.
In an instant, the field was filled with light.

‘Thunderstorm Purgatory.’

Thunder exploded.
The ground shook.

Multi-cast without chanting.
An ultra high level skill. If an ordinary magician tried, they would not even be able to make a breeze.
However, the layers of magic that were activated completely exceeded what was normal.

The light burned the eyes of those who watched.
It was as if the sun was right in front of them.

You could not stand.
It was hard to know which way was up or down.

(No… This was too different…)

The spectators were stunned.

(So this is Luke Waldstein…!)

They would never forget those few seconds.
When they witnessed the astonishing thunder magic of a rare genius.

The smell of something burning was in the air.

“Do you know what despair is?”

However, amidst the dust, the elf magician appeared without a scratch.

“You may have dedicated all of your life to magic. But that is nothing to me. I did not even need to cast a barrier. Your magic did nothing.”

Came the merciless words.

“That is the difference between us. Do you feel despair now?”

Luke and Estelle stared at each other.
It was quiet.

“No. If one uses their full power, and finds someone they still cannot beat. Then that is happiness. It is because you exist that I can become stronger. That I can become someone who can beat you.”
“What are you going on about now…”
“Please do not feel despair.”

Said Luke Waldstein.

“From here on, I will be a little too strong.”
“So you wish to continue. How unfortunate. You are so young to be snuffed out.”

Estelle activated her magic without emotion.
Her mana increased explosively.
It was so dense that the air around her warped.

Blue magic.
However, the water cannon that should have erased everything was not unleashed.

(Magic noise…)

It had been activated while incomplete.
It was out of control.
Estelle’s immense amount of mana burned the circuits as it bolted.

The spell exploded.
The water that was unleashed tore through Estelle’s body like a bullet.

(Could it be, that my magic was affected by…!?”)

She was shocked when she realized it.
Theoretically, it was possible.
However, it would not be an easy thing to control the structure of such an advanced spell, when the details of the structure varied between people.

On top of that, Estelle used spirit magic, which was different from modern magic.
It would take most researchers weeks to analyze it.
And it would take much more time to create a spell that could affect it.

It was not the kind of thing you could suddenly do in the middle of a fight.
However, it seemed like Luke Waldstein had done just that.

(He must have been preparing before the tournament, as if he knew that he would be facing me…)

The fact that he was able to use such a spell, suggested that he had other information that could change the tide of the battle.

(He accurately knows my position. And was able to break through the illusion barrier.)

Estelle Blueforest had a secret.
A hidden trap that dealt with Ryan’s fire and Luke’s lightning without the use of a magic barrier.

Carefully hidden spirit magic.
Numerous thin walls of water that were like wings.

Refraction of light…

The Estelle that people saw was not the real Estelle.
Her advantage was that she tricked people in regards to her position.
A secret art that would get her closer to the fairy queen.

(It’s fine. I can still win with pure strength. While I commend the effort he put into studying me, it won’t help him against magic I haven’t shown before.)

‘Water Spirit Ring Song.’

Spirit magic that made the target fall asleep.
However, Estelle’s magic went wild, burned and exploded.

(He can deal with magic I haven’t shown as well…!?)

What shocked Estelle even more was that the anti-magic was activated at the same time as hers.

(Was he reading my movements…!? Impossible. There is no way that he can do such a thing.)

Though confused, she activated the magic.

“I know.”

Echoed the cold voice.

“I know that as well.”

Water tore through her.
She could deny it no longer.

(How much did this human prepare…)

An abnormal amount of research and preparation.
He would have to be half mad.
A desperate attempt to win against someone he couldn’t beat with pure power.

“In this world, it’s not the strong who win. Whoever wins is the strongest.”

Came the chilling voice.

“And I will do anything in order to win.”

Thunder shook the ground.
The audience was shocked as they watched.

Estelle Blueforest had advanced through the tournament as one of the strongest competitors.

But the young Ardenfeld genius…
The monster destroyed her in just sixty-two seconds.

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