Seisan Mahoushi – 132

Chapter 132 – I Made! A School?

“Somehow, it became a lot bigger than I expected…”

I muttered as I looked at the plan that was on the table.

We had come to the plains that were on the other side of the river on the east side of Fendel, close to the quarry.

Before building the school, we had started to draw up a plan while confirming with everyone what they wanted, but…

The plan was now densely packed with facilities that everyone suggested. The scale of the project felt closer to a single town, instead of a school.

“Is this a store… And is this a picture of a bar? A feast hall? Who suggested these? Schools are a place for learning.”

I muttered, and then Ymir tilted her head with puzzlement.

“Don’t we need a place for everyone to eat?”
“Ah, I see… In that case, there should be a dining hall. Did you add this one, Mette?”
“Aye! I thought it would be interesting to be able to freely choose what you want to eat!”
“I see… And this pool of water, is it a storage reservoir? No, someone is swimming in it…”

There was something like a square lake drawn there, and people were swimming in it.

And then Melk muttered.

“A place for everyone to swim in.”
“But there is a river close by… Ah, of course. It is dangerous for small children to swim in the river.”
“Yes. So they can practice swimming over here.”
“I see, I see. That is a good idea.”

These had seemed like absurd suggestions at first, but everyone had actually put some thought into these drawings.

When it came to human schools, there was a main building where students could sit and study, and then just a training ground for magic and martial arts.

There were also places to sleep, and strange hills that looked like art installations, but… This is what everyone wanted. So I would make everything.

“Alright… In any case, I will build it based on these plans! We can always make additions and remove things later.”
“Yes! We will help you!”

Iria and the others said.

And like this, the beginning of the first Fendel school began.

First, Ecleshia and the Ents moved all of the plants and trees from the building area, and flattened the dirt.

I would then make the main building on top of it. This would be the face of the school.

It would be a two-story structure made of stone and wood materials. I added many glass windows, so that as much sunlight as possible could come in.

As for the outside walls, they were coated with a mixture of lime and sand.
Fletta and the children applied it with brushes.

However, they soon grew bored with this, and Fletta started drawing over the fresh coat with a tree branch.

“Look! It looks like Moo! How fun!”
“Fletta. Stop drawing on it. A school is a serious place for study.”

Melk admonished her, but Fletta and the other children did not stop.

Upon seeing this, Melk seemed to give up and start applying the mixture herself.
She also started to draw cute patterns on it.

A bright and cheerful white wall with cute drawings… It turned out rather nice.

On the other hand, I was checking the durability of the school building.
The Kijins tried jumping and pushing the pillars, but there was no problem with them.

Also, I crafted some desks and chairs.

I then left the painting of the walls and interior work to the demihumans, and got to work on the other facilities.

For the swimming lake and schoolyard, the Golems and Ents would soften the soil. The slimes would then clean up any of the rubble.

Also, I made a giant bronze statue that you could go inside of, as well as a slide.

“Good, good. It’s finished for now.”

There were other small details, like making signs for each facility, but I had finished making most of the things I had decided to make.

Just then, Iria muttered.

“It is so open and nice. And you can see the river from here.”
“But, Joshua. Should it really be this open?”

Mette sounded a little worried.

Indeed, there was no defensive wall around the school.

Boars would occasionally still come close to the nearby fields of grass.
And there was a river just to the west, so Hell Alligators might come up the bank as well.

While the Tengu and other demihumans kept watch over the area, it could not be said that it was completely safe.

“I do mean to post more Golems here. After all, Mette and Iria have acquired a lot of Doll Stones for us recently.”
“I see. It will be reassuring to have Golems here.”

As Mette said, I meant to have Golems protect the area around the school.

I had made Golems previously, but there was not enough to go around, but thanks to the last dungeon expedition, I would be able to make a lot of them.

With the Doll Stones I have now, I should be able to make fifty Golems.

Twenty could protect the area surrounding the school, and the other thirty could help protect the dwarf, elf and Kappa villages.

“Aye. I will make their bodies with purple iron, as well as their armor and weapons. No ordinary enemy will be able to defeat them. Also…”

From the traps that Ymir and the dwarves had gathered… I took out a black stone from Magic Workshop.

“I don’t know if I will use this yet.”

Iria peered at it curiously from the side.

“Is it that stone that was behind the dungeon wall?”
“Aye. It is called a summoning stone. With this, you can summon monsters from other worlds.”
“…But is that a good idea?”
“It is the same as the Doll Stones. As long as you erase the engraved name, it should be fine. Once a new name is carved in, the owner changes as well. However, they tend to be quite roguish characters…”

To test it, I used magic to carve my own name into the Summoning Stone.

“I will try and summon one guard…”

I willed it, and then a black mist appeared around the stone.

The mist…remained a mist.

This was a spirit-type monster that was called a Wisp. They often appeared on ancient battlefields, but most of them did not have any attack ability. All they could do was cover people’s heads, and cause them to become a little confused or mad.

“A Wisp. Alright… Ah, it’s gone already.”

The mist had disappeared, but this was normal.

“If anyone who is not a monster carves their name into it, the summoned monster will vanish shortly after. Also, depending on the monster and who carves their name into it, the summoned monster and the length of time they are summoned will vary. As it was a Lich, it was probably able to summon skeletons, as they are similar in type.”

I said, and then turned towards Wiz.

“And so if a name is to be carved in them, we should probably ask Wiz and the slimes.”

And then Wiz began to hop towards me, as if to say, ‘Leave it to us!’

Wiz was able to use simple water magic.
And so I handed the black stone to Wiz, who started to carve its name into it.

And then a black mist appeared.

“What is…!?”

What was before us, was a giant black slime that was larger than a human.

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    Also, depending on the monster who carves their name into it, the summoned monster and the length of time they are summoned will vary.
    ➡️ Also, depending on the monster *and* who carves their name into it….

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