Strange Dragon – 71

Chapter 71 – Fio’s Tamer Training

I couldn’t help but mutter.

“…That is amazing.”
“Fio, strong?”
“Aye, strong. You will become a great tamer, Fio.”

Fio was wagging her tail happily.
If she also had other skills like me, then she would be able to work in those fields as well.

“Perhaps you should learn some magic.”
“Whether or not you can use magic depends on your constitution.”

Fio must not know much about magic.
While I could teach her, I was not a sorcerer.
Perhaps I should talk to one of the Adventurers who could use magic.

Even as we talked like this, the demon wolf cubs continued to play with me.
Currently, I was sitting on top of the blanket that Fio and the others slept on.
The wolf cubs would bark and tried their best to climb up my legs.
It was very cute.

“Alright, alright. I’ll give you some magic energy.”
“Yes, Kuro, Ruru, Roro. Here it is.”

The wolf cubs were happy.

“I’ll give some to Hippolius and Pii as well.”

As I gave magic energy to my familiars like this,
“What is it? Fio?”
“Magic energy! How do it?”
“Do you want to know how to give it to Shiro?”

If it was related to the taming skill, then I would be able to teach her.
That being said, a lot of it was about feeling, and it was difficult to explain it in words.

“It will be hard until you get used to it.”
“First, you have to feel the connection with Shiro.”
“Hmm? Hmm.”
“And then let the magic energy flow through that connection.”
“Magic energy…”
“I see. Perhaps you should start with training to move the magic energy.”

After that, I did my best to teach Fio on how to control her magic energy.
I was just someone with the taming, appraisal and crafting skills, not a sorcerer.
And so I could not teach her in the way that a real sorcerer would.
However, the methods a tamer used should be fine for now.

And so I taught her step by step.
Fio was a fast learner. Perhaps she was a genius.

“…Yes, that is magic energy. You just need to be able to focus on and move that.”
“Wuff? Wuff-wuff!”

Fio was doing her best with a serious expression.
Shiro was gently watching over her.

“It’s something that you have to get used to. So take your time and train.”
“Wuff! I did it!”
“Magic energy! Gave it!”

Fio said as she panted with a smug expression.
But surely it was much too early. It had not even been half an hour since I first started teaching her.
And so I asked Shiro.

“How do you feel, Shiro?”

Shiro wagged her tail energetically.
According to Shiro, she indeed had received magic energy from Fio.

“I see. So you did get it. That’s amazing, Fio.”
“Aye, amazing.”

Very amazing. She was a mass of talent. A true genius.
I praised Fio and patted her on the head.

Fio wagged her tail happily.
It wasn’t just Fio, but Shiro and the cubs were also wagging their tails excitedly.

After that, I decided to put the children to bed.
Not just the wolf cubs, but Fio, Shiro, and Hippolius were children as well.
And so sleep was important for them.

“It’s time to go to sleep!”

And then I lay down on my own blanket.
Then just like always, Hippolius and Pii lay down next to me.
Kuro and others also rushed towards me and tried to climb up my body.

“What is it, Kuro, Ruru, Roro?”

They wagged their tails energetically.
I suppose they wanted to sleep with me now, since they were my familiars.

“Kuro, Ruru, Roro. It’s time to go to sleep.”

In order to make them sleep, I started to pet them gently.


And then Shiro picked up their blanket, which was a short distance away, and brought it towards us.
Fio also helped.

“Do you two want to sleep with the wolf cubs?”

So saying, they laid out the blanket next to mine, and lay down.
Fio petted the wolf cubs, while Shiro licked them.

After a short while, the wolf cubs fell asleep.
And then some time after that, Fio, Shiro, and Pii also fell asleep.

As for Hippolius…
With its chin on the floor, Hippolius moved closer to me.

“Do you want to be petted too, Hippolius?”

Hippolius was a little more blunt than I expected.

“I see. That is fine…”
‘Kyuo. Hippolius wants to sleep like this tomorrow as well.’
“Hmm. You are very big, Hippolius.”

Hippolius was visibly disappointed, and I felt bad.
And so I petted Hippolius as much as possible.

“I’ll give you some magic energy too.”

I had just given Hippolius magic energy a moment ago.
However, since Hippolius was always working so hard, this was a reward.

After I gave some magic energy, Hippolius fell into a peaceful sleep.

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