Seisan Mahoushi – 159

Chapter 159 – We Went to the Commercial District

“There are so many people.”

Melk said as she saw the crowds that had gathered in the commercial district of the royal capital.

The reason for all of this liveliness was probably the abundance of items on sale.

People had gathered from all over the kingdom. And they were all trying to sell things that they didn’t need, in order to support themselves.

On the other hand, I didn’t see any food for sale at all. There was so little that it would be sold out immediately. There were even some stores that had sold food at ten times the usual price.

Mette seemed to notice this as well.

“The food sells out so quickly…”
“I’m sure that part of it is hunger, but I think people are also anxious about the future.”

What if there was no food to buy tomorrow? And so they would want to stock up if possible.

Well, we would not be able to eat here today. However, perhaps we could drink some tea.

On the other hand, there were luxurious items being sold at incredibly low prices. And no one was buying them.

“Buying things might become difficult for us as well.”

We would not be able to expect good prices for items made of precious metals. And the worth of gold and silver would be lowered when trading.

Then Iria muttered.

“Perhaps there is no need to buy anything?”
“Melk wants Joshua to make them. Looking at them is enough for now.”

Said Melk.

“All of you…”

It made me quite happy to hear such things.

“Leave it to me. I will craft anything you want!”

I said, now in a very good mood.

That being said, there was no replacing livestock like horses and donkeys. And we wanted to raise more livestock in the village.

Some time after that, Iria stopped in front of a store and looked at the show window with glittering eyes.

“This…it is rather nice.”
“Have Joshua make it.”

Said Melk, and so I turned to peer into the window.

What I saw there…was some extremely lewd under garments.

Celes looked at them and tilted her head.

“Baah? Why would you wear something like that?”
“Y-yes! It is such a small strip of cloth! Might as well wear nothing!”

Mette agreed with flushed cheeks. And then Monica nodded.

“Yes, this would be quite embarrassing… Unless, of course, Sir Joshua would enjoy it…”
“I-if you want to go, then go! Ymir, Enna and I will go to a different store.”

Ecleshia also felt that it was poison to the eyes, and she pulled Ymir and Enna away so they would not see.

Even Asuha was covering her eyes.

I had to say something.

“We-well…if you want it, then just buy it.”
“A moment ago, Joshua promised to make anything.”

Melk pointed out as I became frantic.

“Bu-but with such things… Someone worked very hard with the design…so one should not copy it. If you want it, then you should buy it from them.”

It was an excuse I thought of in the spur of the moment, but the others seemed satisfied by it.

Well, with such things, it was best to buy them instead of copying them…

In that case… Iria and the others seemed to say, as they entered the tailor. It was fine, because each of them carried their own money.

While Ecleshia looked a little interested, she decided to continue to look at the other stores with me, Ymir and Enna.

However, just then, I heard a commotion coming from the plaza in the commercial district.

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