Royal Magician – 45

Chapter 45 – Behind the Genius

Months passed after that, and Leticia slowly started to understand Luke Waldstein.

Ultimately, what she discovered was a person that was completely different from the one she had been imagining.

But who could have ever thought of it?

That this genius, who was in a privileged position of being able to acquire anything he wanted…Luke Waldstein, was sacrificing his own health for continued results, all for the chance to be next to someone he had unrequited feelings towards?

After all, there were probably as many people interested in him as there were stars in the sky.
With his looks and position, and the power of his house, he could surely make the most excellent match.

Considering the difference in station, surely that would be the road of less opposition and more happiness.
And yet he had rejected it, and pursued this one person.

This seemed like the height of stupidity.

It was not what she expected from a person with such calm and cool eyes.

While he looked clever and skillful, behind the scenes, it was clear that this was the result of immense preparation, training, and effort.

This man was actually foolishly honest.

Once he was promoted to Mithril rank, he started to become more friendly to others, and there were improvements towards his reputation.

“People do grow.” Said his co-workers, who did not know anything. But as someone who knew the reason, Leticia could only sigh.

‘I think she would be quite worried, if she knew that her friend was not doing well at work.’

His principles of conduct were ridiculously consistent.

But now that she had unwittingly become the person who fed him, she now felt a degree of attachment, and therefore, worry.

(Really, how very dangerous this is. This is someone who would make an enemy of the world for one person and think nothing of it.)

It was only a few days ago, when it became clear that this fear could very well become a reality.

“That girl, she is being considered for the Kingsguard.”

He nodded at Leticia’s words.

“I know.”
“And you are fine with it? You will no longer be buddies if that happens.”
“As long as it is what Noelle wants. It would be wrong for me to stifle her potential, due to my own desires.”
“And what if she does not want to go?”
“Then I will stop it, anyway that I can.”
“But we are talking about the crown prince. If things go bad, then you might not come out of this…”
“That doesn’t matter. Noelle is much more important to me.”

He was completely decided on this, which made it even worse.
He would not hesitate to stand by her, even if the country or the whole world was against them.

And nothing Leticia could say would change that.
There was probably only one person who could change his mind.

And yet this important person seemed completely oblivious of it.

(I better make some moves behind the scenes, so that things do not get out of hand.)

Leticia sighed at these two subordinates, who were the cause of many headaches.

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