Strange Dragon – 55

Chapter 55 – The Demon Wolf Cubs Took A Nap

As the cubs had fallen asleep so quickly, I checked just to make sure that nothing was wrong.
However, they really were just sleeping.

“…They just fell right asleep.”

Like a golem that had run out of magic energy.
And so I placed the cubs down on the blanket that I had given to Fio and Shiro.
Fio and Shiro then lay next to them as if to keep them warm.

It would probably be fine to leave the cubs to the care of their siblings most of the time.

And so I lay down on my own blanket, which was next to Hippolius’s.
Usually, we would lay down the blankets a short distance away from Fio and Shiro.
But since I was worried about the cubs, I put the blanket right next to theirs.

“…That was a tiring day.”

I had built the toilets and sick house in the morning, then gone out to gather herbs, and then we had fought the false demon bear.
So it was no wonder that I was tired.


Even Hippolius sounded tired.
Perhaps it was because Hippolius had used so much magic energy during the fight.

“That’s right. Hippolius, I will give you some magic energy.”
‘Are you sure?’
“Aye. While I am physically tired, I still have plenty of magic energy.”

And so I shared some of my magic energy with Hippolius.
Hippolius seemed very happy and relaxed.

“What is it?”
‘Aren’t you going to name them?’
“You mean the demon wolf cubs?”
“Well, maybe when things settle down a little more. Besides, I’ll have to consult Fio and Shiro about it.”
‘I see!’

I understood why Hippolius was talking about naming them now.
For a tamer, giving a magic beast a name was the same as making them a familiar.
And so what Hippolius was actually asking was, ‘Why don’t you share some magic energy with the demon wolf cubs?’

“Besides, perhaps it would be better for Fio to tame them.”

We talked about such things as I petted Hippolius.
And then Hippolius started to make those squeaking sounds that signaled that they were asleep.
It was time for the children to take a nap. Everyone should get some more rest and sleep.

As for me, lying down for a while had rid me of a lot of the tiredness.

“…And now…”

Since I was an adult, I had to get back to work.
And so I quietly left Hippolius’s house and went to help the Adventurers with their work.

As Victor was bed-ridden due to food poisoning, most of the work was inside of the base.

There were preparations for dinner, maintenance and repair of equipment. That was all important.
And I could not forget to process the logs that were gathered and turn them into firewood.

Of course, such work was simple with the use of my crafting and appraisal skills.
As I helped the others with their work, the climatologist approached me.

“Mr. Theo. If you are not busy, I was wondering if you could help with the setting up of the observation equipment.”
“Of course, I will help. Do you need me to make something?”
“Yes, this…”

The climatologist already had the design prepared.

“This is called an instrument shelter…”
“I see.”
“And the observation equipment will go inside of this box.”

It was a small wooden box.
There was a proper roof on top, and the walls would block the sun, rain and wind from entering.

“The color should be white, and I want to install it around here, at about this height.”
“I see, I see.”

Since there was a detailed plan, it would be easy to visualize and make it.

“It is a little complicated. Is that alright?”
“Of course. Even if it is complicated, it only uses one material. So I can make it very quickly.”
“Truly? That will be a great help!”

And so I selected the best wood.
Once I had the right material, I created a visual in my mind and crafted it all at once.
And then I used the shells of some clams to create a white paint for it.

“How about this?”
“It is wonderful! Thank you!”

And then the climatologist placed the observation equipment inside of the box.

“I want to install these all over the lands of the new continent, but… Well, we have to establish ourselves here first.”
“Indeed. Besides, Victor is still sick.”
“Yes. However, now I should be able to gather all kinds of data.”

This climatologist was clearly very serious and forward thinking.
And so I took the opportunity to ask about the climate in these lands.
The climatologist admitted that there was still much that was unclear, but answered anyway.

“Indeed. It should be very comfortable here during the summer time… But winters will be harsh.”
“And why do you think that?”
“Because how summer is in the present, as well as the altitude of the distant mountains, and the position of the snow on their peaks.”
“I see.”

If they are tall mountains, then the snow will not melt, even in warmer territories.
And if the territories are cold, then the snow would remain closer to the base of the mountain.
That was how you could judge it.

“Still, the mountains are so far away. How did you measure the altitude?”
“With a technique called triangulation. Though, it is still an estimation.”

Apparently, they had made the calculations with help from the geologists.
They had measured the angle of the mountain peak and their current location, and then moved in a straight line towards the mountain and measured again.

So, the scholars had also been working quite busily while I was building the houses.

“Also, because Shiro’s fur is quite thick, it would suggest that winter will be very cold.”
“Ah. That’s true. Even though it is summer, Shiro is very fluffy.”

But even if we knew that winter would be harsh, just how cold would it be?
It was important to know.

“By the way, do you think that it will be much colder than it was, compared to the royal capital that we came from?”

In general, Victor, the scholars and I, had all lived in the royal capital.
As for the Adventurers, they tended to travel all over the place as they worked. But even still, many of them were based in the royal capital as well.

“It will surely be colder. It will likely snow for many days in a row.”
“That will make things very difficult.”

Winters might be more severe than I thought then.
We would have to make preparations for it in advance.

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