Strange Dragon – 67

Chapter 67 – We gathered wild vegetables on the way

Hippolius ate the meat slowly, as if to savor it.
There was not a lot of meat, compared to Hippolius’s size.

Pii was also eating, or melting, it slowly.
With Pii’s ability, it should be able to dissolve all of it at once.
So it must be enjoying the taste.

“Pii, you prefer rotten meat, don’t you?”
“I suppose I will prepare some rotten meat for you next time then.”
‘It’s okay! Theodore tastes better!’

Pii said something that sounded scary if you took it literally.
However, Pii was just talking about my bathwater.

“Alright, then you can eat to your heart’s desire when I take a bath today.”
“Pii! Pii!”

As we talked about such things, everyone finished eating their meal.
Well, it was a meal for me, but more of a snack for Hippolius.

“Hippolius. I want to gather some edible plants on the way, so please walk slowly.”

With Pii riding on my shoulder, I climbed up onto Hippolius’s back.

“Kyuo! Kyuo!”

Hippolius cried happily, and then began to walk slowly.

As we made our way back, I used the appraisal skill to check the plants.

“Hippolius, turn to the right.”
“Thank you. This grass should be edible.”

By edible, I meant that it was not poisonous or harmful to the body.
It did not mean that it would taste good.
Sometimes, plants could be edible, but tasted so bad that you would spit them out.

“Though, we won’t try them until we return to the base first.”

As I was gathering, Hippolius started to chew on the grass.
Even Pii was bringing the grass into its body and dissolving it.

“You can eat it, but there’s no guarantee that it will taste good.”
‘Piii! It’s good!’
“I see. Well, I’ll gather more of it then.”

Hippolius and Pii cried happily.
Of course, the taste buds of a sea hippo and slime were not like those of a human.
The grass that cows and goats ate usually did not taste good when humans ate it.
Besides, Pii and the slimes thought sewage water tasted good.

“Well, we’ll have to check the taste again later.”

Like this, I continued to gather plants near the road.
Every time we stopped, Hippolius would chomp on the grass.
Pii would taste them as well.

And every time, they would both say, ‘Good, good.’
I understood Pii. Slimes could eat and enjoy any organic matter.

Still, Hippolius liked grass more than I expected.

“Hippolius. Could it be that you are more on the vegetarian end of being an omnivore?”
‘Kyu! I prefer meat.’
“I see. Well, just to confirm. You can also eat plants that humans cannot?”
‘I can!’
“Ah, I thought so.”

Humans and sea hippos were different species. So it was no surprise.
We talked about such things while gathering, and then returned to the base.

It was already dinner time when we arrived.
I made a report of the day to Victor, and then I helped with preparing dinner.
And then I ate with Fio, Shiro and the wolf cubs.

After that, I went to the bathing house with Pii and the male Adventurers.
As we undressed, one of the Adventurers said,

“By the way, Mr. Theo. You know how the slimes are going to help with the laundry?”

This morning, King Pii had made a royal decree, that one slime should be in charge of washing the clothes.

“Indeed. Is that going well?”
“Aye. About that… It was beyond my imagination… You should watch.”

He said, and then the Adventurer put his clothes in the washing drum that was next to the bathing area.
It was filled with water, and a single slime was floating inside.


Once the clothes went in, the slime started to squeak and shake.
And then clothes were absorbed into its body.

“I hope…it’s not eating the clothes?”
“Aye. This is where it gets amazing.”

After about ten seconds, the slime let out a buzzing sound, and then spit out the clothes.

“Thank you. It really helps.”

The Adventurer thanked the slime and picked up the clothes.

“Theo. Touch it and see.”
“Hmm… What? It’s already dried?”
“That’s right. It seems like it absorbs all of the water when the clothes are inside of it.”
“…That is amazing. And there isn’t a single stain left.”

Aside from sweat and oil stains, the dirt had also been cleanly removed.

“I should have mine washed too.”
“Aye, you should.”

But when I was about to put my clothes in the drum…
‘Pii! Pii will do that!’
“Hmm? Oh, very well then.”

Apparently, Pii wanted to do my clothes.

And so I took out a large basin from my magic bag, and filled it with water.
And then I put all of my clothes inside. Pii then jumped in.


In no time at all, Pii washed and dried all of the clothes that I had been wearing.

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