Seisan Mahoushi – 126

Chapter 126 – A Great Dungeon!?

“Damn it! Craft…gate!”

I swiftly crafted a purple iron door to cover the hole.

When I let out a sigh of relief, Ymir looked at me questioningly.

“Wh-what is it, Joshua?”
“That is a dungeon. A place where ancient monsters live. Iria and I entered such a place once.”

I explained, and Iria nodded. She had already unsheathed her sword.

“So this is where the sound was coming from. Perhaps it was those walking skeletons.”
“Then the bones from earlier…”

I shook my head at Ymir’s words.

“No, I think those bones were from Adventurers long ago. They must have entered this dungeon and were killed.”

If you defeat Undead in a dungeon, then they vanish.
Their bones do not remain.

“On the surface…Fendel village would be up ahead…”

I thought back to the quarry dungeon.
On foot, it was about an hour away, but could they be connected…

“In any case, you should be very careful when digging on this floor. I will add a lock to this door and make it even more durable.”
“Hmm? So we are not allowed to defeat them?”

Ymir asked me with a curious expression.

“Well, the skeletons should be easy enough to defeat, but…Golems can be quite powerful. Ymir, you’ve seen how Fendel’s Golems are. They will continue to regenerate forever, unless you destroy the stone inside of them.”
“I see. In that case, we’ll have to plan ahead. Still, it makes me uncomfortable, knowing that there are enemies below us.”
“Indeed. However, skeletons are also summoned continually unless you destroy the trap. And so you will have to destroy the dungeon itself.”
“Hmm. Hmm. Then I suppose it’s time to use those…”

Ymir was talking about the bombs.

With those, it indeed might be possible to destroy both Golem and Doll Stone at once.


“It could create cracks in the mines and affect the entire area where the dwarves live. You will have to decrease their force a little. However, since I’m here, I suppose I’ll do something about the dungeon. Besides, I can’t leave the quarry as it is forever either.”

Iria turned to me.

“In other words, you are going to take over the dungeon?”
“Aye. From the quarry and here, we’ll form multiple teams and enter. I want Mette and the others to help as well.”

With the enhanced power of the demihumans, these dungeons could not frighten us.

In order to make Ymir and the others feel safe, and to be able to use the quarry again, we would take on the dungeon.

But for now, we decided to stay the night in the dwarven living district of Ymirdia.

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