Royal Magician – 96

Chapter 96 – Epilogue 1


The doctor said in a voice that would allow no argument from me.

I did understand that his words were quite logical.
I understood that he had pride in his work and was doing everything he could, and taking on full responsibility.

However, I had a reason for why I could not back down.
No matter what… I had a dream that I wanted to make true, no matter what it would take.

I felt that if I let it go now, I would then lose something even more important to me. And so I stretched out my hand.

And focused my senses.
My eyes fixed on the doctor and I said,

“You have to help me! I must have seconds! Please!”

Life could be so cruel to me sometimes.
After the vicious battle against the dungeon boss, I was hospitalized in the dungeon city clinic.

But the food there filled me with despair, due to the small portions.

This death of hope made me sink into the depths of despair. And though I was at the brink of giving up, I just barely managed to rouse myself again.

If I became broken now, then nothing would change.
What one really needed to change the world around them, was the resolution and will to never give up.

Challenge every obstacle, again and again.
Until the day when change finally comes.

“In that case, may I please have some sweets or dessert!”

Tsk. What a formidable enemy…
I had one of the finest minds in the world, and yet my ‘If I can’t have seconds, then I’ll ask for dessert’ strategy, which I had high hopes for, ended in complete failure.

“Very well. I shall retreat this time. But I will not give up. When it is time for dinner, know that I will have devised plans to insure that you offer me both seconds and dessert, doctor. I will not be underestimated.”
“Rest well.”

The doctor said flatly, as he left the room.
Damn it. There really wasn’t even a hint of sympathy in that cold face. Still, I appreciated a good challenge.

The higher the wall, the more exciting the climb.

I will not lose, doctor!

But while I was musing on this newly found rival…

“Hello. How are you finding your stay here?”

It was some of the Adventurers from the Conquest Team. They had entered right after the doctor left.

“It is very nice. Everyone is so kind to me. And I am so grateful.”

It was the best clinic in the city, as it was used by the Conquest Team.
Apparently, they had been especially concerned about me, and so life here was quite comfortable.
They treated me like I was some kind of important noble.

If only they would allow me to eat more, I would have nothing to complain about.
And for that purpose, that doctor had to be defeated as soon as possible.

“That is good to hear. You two have saved our lives. And so the captain ordered that you receive the best treatment that is possible.”

The Adventurer said with a nod.

“Besides, the World Trophy is approaching. So this cannot be allowed to affect you.”
“World Trophy? Ah, that’s right. It is this year.”

I had completely forgotten.
The great magic tournament where the countries of the western continent competed every four years.
Last time, I had been excitedly cheering them on with my friends and teachers at the academy.

“You are a candidate to represent your country, are you not, Ms. Noelle? I suppose coming to Viceroza was part of your strategy for being chosen.”

I was shocked by those unexpected words.

A candidate…
Did I look that much more impressive to them than I really was?

“No, no. Not at all. You flatter me.”

I couldn’t help but smile.
If I was a dog, I would have probably been wagging my tail happily.

“I’m still Silver-Rank. I am quite sure that only Mithril-Rank and above are chosen.”
“Someone at your level is not Mithril-Rank?”

The Adventurer asked with surprise.

“Well, I do hear about certain countries using their resources to research magic and raise monstrous, genius magicians…”
“It is much harder than it sounds. Even I started at a Magic Artificer Guild, where I did not even meet the standard.”

And so I talked about my first year as a working adult, when I had been in such a bad state.

“Why did you endure such hell…”

The Adventurer said in astonishment.

“So you really struggled as well, Ms. Noelle…”
“Huh? Oh, but I think it was quite common. At least, for people in the countryside.”
“It is not common at all!”

The Adventurer said firmly.

“Still, if it helped you become the person you are today, then at least there is something you can be thankful about.”

And then he turned to me with a serious expression.

“If you ever need anything, Ms. Noelle, do not hesitate to tell us. We Adventurers of the Conquest Team will not forget what you two have done for us.”
“Thank you.”

The warm words filled me with happiness.
And then I suddenly remembered something.

“Ah, now that I think about it… There is something I have great need of.”
“What is it?”
“The right to have a second serving of these hospital meals, as well as sweets and desserts.”

At these words, the Adventurer smiled apologetically and said.


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