Royal Magician – 143

Chapter 143 – Full-belly Dining Hall Cream Croquette Set Meal

“While my mother is an ignorant person, there will likely be many people in the city who recognize you, Ms. Evangeline. And so it will be important for you to wear a disguise.”

I said as I inspected her appearance.

“You must wear a hat to cover that hair, and we can use concealment magic on the ears. Also, some glasses to alter the overall feel.”

They had false lenses, as I had purchased them thinking they would make me look smarter, but I was then too embarrassed to wear them. However, when Ms. Evangeline put them on, she looked like a mature and cool person, and different from how she usually looked.

“That looks good. Now, if you wear my clothes…”

However, there was a problem now.

“This might be a little too small for me.”

The clothes did not fit her in various places.
I had been pretending that I didn’t notice, but the brutal truth was thrust in front of me, and the sadness showed on my face.

“Mother, we need to borrow some of your clothes.”

And so I borrowed clothes from my slightly larger mother.

“Oh, what are you doing? Even a fool could tell at a glance that a stubby girl like yourself would not have clothes that fit Ms. Eva. Yes, Ms. Eva, you must wear some of my clothes…”
“This is too small as well…”

My mother became quite sad.

As parent and child stood there in stunned shock, it was time to think of the next plan.

“I know. I will borrow from one of the other Royal Magicians who lives nearby. There is one person who is especially kind to me, who is also within walking distance.”

And so I visited Misha’s house. She had once lectured me about how cats were better than men.

“Hmm? What is it, Noelle? Did something happen?”

She rubbed her eyes.
Behind her, there was a fence to keep the cats from escaping. And I could see them looking at me with puzzled expressions.

“I was wondering if I could borrow some clothes.”
“Who is going to wear them?”
“This person.”

Misha looked at Ms. Evangeline for some time.

“I suppose I still haven’t fully woken up yet. Because she kind of looks like Evangeline Runeforest in disguise.”
“Yes, you certainly are still groggy. As if the real Ms. Evangeline would be here!”
“That is true. It is quite impossible.”

And so she lended me some outdoor clothes and shoes.

“Please give them back before next week.”
“Is something happening next week?”
“I recently reunited with an old classmate, and was asked on a date.”
“Oh, wow.”
“Right? Apparently, he works as an art merchant. And they have these pots that raise your luck. Isn’t that wonderful? And he said that he can give me a discount.”

(She really did have the worst luck with men…)

I would have to warn her so that she isn’t tricked.

After Ms. Evangeline changed into Misha’s clothes, I cast the concealment magic spell, ‘Cognitive Impairment.’
It would erase her presence and aura, and prevent her from sticking out.

“Alright, it’s finished. Now, let us go.”

11 a.m. in the royal capital, with the sun shining brilliantly.
I took the queen out into the city.

◇  ◇  ◇

“Are you sure about this? It is unheard of. An elf queen pretending to be human and going out into the city.”

Two shadows tailed Noelle and Evangeline as they walked down the streets.
It was Estelle and Synthia, who had also used concealment magic to hide themselves.

“Do you think that you can stop it? If she felt like it, Queen Evangeline could crush us into the dust if she wanted. On top of that, she will complain to us day and night without end afterwards.”
“…That is true. I would not like that.”
“To ensure a healthy and cultured daily life, it would be best to silently observe them while pretending not to notice.”

They nodded at each other.

“However, why did Queen Evangeline start complaining so much? She was not like that before.”
“It is likely that she does not know what to do, since she has made a friend for the first time. After all, it is a wish she has had for over a thousand years.”
“That is a lot of weight.”
“Yes, it is. And so she does not know how to act now that her dream has come true. Up until now, she was able to live without thinking about the emotions of others. And so she will have trouble when it comes to interacting with others.”
“I suppose.”

Estelle seemed satisfied by that explanation.

“In any case, we should just keep an eye on them so they don’t get into any trouble. Also, since this is a rare opportunity, we might as well use it to learn about some human culture.”
“Is there value in learning about a chaotic, noisy, and vulgar culture?”
“Well, no one from the great forest would think so. And so we will keep it to ourselves.”

And then Synthia whispered.

“However, the human food is quite delicious.”

◇  ◇  ◇

“Is there anywhere you would like to visit, Ms. Evangeline?”
“A place I would like to visit?”
“A place or facility that you would go to if you were a normal girl.”

I said, and then Ms. Evangeline thought for a moment.

“To be honest, I don’t know much about this human world. It was something I was supposed to avoid getting involved in, you know. Your culture is so shallow and crude. Well, that is what most elves think.”
“Well, now that you mention it, you’re not entirely wrong.”
“Still, since I’m already here, I might as well take a look.”

Ms. Evangeline said with a smile.

“Take me to a place that you recommend then.”
“A pl-place that I recommend…”

That was a big responsibility.
I had to make the right decisions, so that Ms. Evangeline will be able to enjoy human culture.

“In that case, I’ll take you to my favorite spot to have lunch.”
“Your favorite spot?”
“Yes. It’s a restaurant that is very popular… The Full-belly Dining Hall!”

The main restaurant was in the city, and it was holy ground for all gluttonous citizens.

Even though it was before lunch time, the place was already crowded with warriors.

“It really is popular. How impressive.”

Ms. Evangeline said with astonishment.

“Ah! Ms. Noelle! Good morning!”

Said a large man who noticed me.

“Hey, Ms. Noelle has arrived. Make some space.”
“No, no. Don’t mind me.”

I smiled at their warm welcome.
It felt quite nice to bring a friend to a place where I was treated like a regular customer.

“We’ll have the Full-belly set and the Cream Croquette set, please.”

I ordered some food and then we waited.

Ten minutes later, Ms. Evangeline looked at the food that had arrived with great shock.

“Wh-what is that…”
“My favorite, the Full-belly set. I don’t feel like I’ve really eaten a meal without it.”
“Hu-humans eat a lot, I see…”

I wasn’t sure if she was getting the right impression, but I didn’t care. I had to eat the fried chicken while it was still hot.

“So this is human food…”

Ms. Evangeline was rolling the food around on her plate and inspecting it hesitantly. And then she fearfully brought it to her mouth.

The crunch of the fried batter and breaded exterior.

In the next instant, Ms. Evangeline’s face lit up.

“Amazing! It is so juicy inside!”
“The cream croquettes here are superb. Many people come just to eat them.”
“I did not know of such a dish. How fascinating.”

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the taste.

It was such a nice expression that even I felt happy while just watching her.

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