Seisan Mahoushi – 172

Chapter 172 – Ascended to the Throne!?

“Your Majesty, congratulations!”

Ylis had returned to her throne after standing on the palace balcony and declaring her ascension to the public. Those around her then offered words of blessing.

The Toria king had surrendered on the day that he fled. And then he promptly announced his abdication to his followers, and to the rest of the country.
He was then allowed to head to the frontiers, where he would live out the rest of his days.

And then two days after that, Ylis was officially made queen of Toria.

She was ascending while the kingdom was still in chaos.
And so celebrations were kept short, and Ylis immediately started to give out orders.

Affected farm villages had tax exemptions, and settlements would be built for citizens who had lost their homes. Her first priority was restoration.

There was a mountain of decrees piled up next to the throne.
Among them, was the withdrawal of the banishment order for Beyron and the Grank mercenaries. Furthermore, Count Torlin’s family were ordered to pay to them what was promised.

Ylis had kept her word.

As I watched her from a corner of the throne room, I spoke to Iria, who stood next to me.

“I think that this country should be fine now.”
“Yes! Many houses have now been built, thanks to you.”

During the past few days, we had done what we could inside the city, and the surrounding area.
Thanks to this, the housing problem was resolved, and we were also able to repair the city walls and sewage system. Outside of the city, the crops in the fields that Ecleshia had made were already sprouting. You could say that the first step of restoration was complete.

Still, there was a mountain of problems left. But we could not stay away from our village for too long.

“I think we should go home tomorrow. I will go and bid Ylis farewell.”

Once I saw that Ylis was taking a brief rest, I knelt before the throne.

“Your Majesty.”

Ylis looked like she wanted to say something, but held it back.
I suppose she did not like having to speak so formally.

However, she was the queen now.
And so she had to act in a queenly manner.

“…Toria shall never forget the services offered by the Fendel Alliance. And so I hereby declare that the Fendel Alliance is officially recognized by the Toria kingdom, and we shall respect its territories.”

No one seemed surprised by this.
Perhaps it had already been discussed in advance. It probably helped that our contributions were known across the kingdom.

“Furthermore, we shall form an anti-war pact, and commence trade. And for the time being, I would like you, Joshua…to be in charge of trade between our countries.”

Ylis then had a servant bring me a scroll, as well as a ring with a seal engraved into it.

I opened the scroll, and saw that it was a trade agreement.

First, the Fendel Alliance would be allowed to trade in any city or post within the kingdom.
As for Toria merchants, they could only trade in places that the Fendel Alliance allowed.

The ring was to prove that I had authority on such matters.

Even though it was with Ylis, this was a very important agreement.
And so I read it carefully, and saw that it was incredibly advantageous to us.

“But, Your Majesty. Are you sure?”
“I am sorry, but there is so much work to do. Look at all these other orders I must give out. If you are not satisfied with that, then you may throw it away.”

So, now that there was a new ruler, and so many ordinances were changing, no one would complain about her decision.

“Thank you, Your Majesty. I too have something for you.”

And then I took out a wooden box from magic workshop.

I opened the lid, showing that it was filled with bottles containing liquid.

These were various potions made from medicinal herbs and crushed Ent leaves.

“What is this?”
“Potions from our Alliance. They should be effective for any illness or injury.”
“…We will accept them with gratitude..”

And then Ylis noticed that there was a letter in the box as well.

The letter contained information about Kyuby, who we had not been able to find in the royal capital.
Including our suspicion that it was Kyuby’s magic that had made the priest act strangely in the past.

Indeed, these potions would be able to cure any disease or wound.
However, I wanted them to be used on anyone who had been affected by Kyuby’s magic, so that they could regain their senses.

Ylis understood that it was a special gift, and so she had the potions carried to her room, instead of the treasure vault.

“Now we will take our leave, Your Majesty.”
“Yes, Joshua. We should meet again… Definitely.”

I nodded, and then left the palace with Iria.

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