Royal Magician – 22

Chapter 22 – The Two

The battle against the onslaught of shadows became even more severe.

After all, there were just too many of them.
No matter how many I destroyed, the horde would revive and attack again.
On top of that, each one of these opponents that I faced had incredible ability.

It was all that I could do to keep up.
And so I desperately tried to maintain this stalemate that I had created.

However, what really proved to be the defining difference between us was fatigue.
I had limits in both magic energy and ability to concentrate, while the dungeon relics did not.

I was getting tired.
And so the balance started to tip in his favor.

I could not allow them to get close.

Even as I thought this, I started to get pushed back.


The space between us was shrinking.

And the unending rush of shadows gained momentum.
I could tell that I was close to reaching my limit.

I had to bear it…I had to bear it somehow…

However, the world was cruel, and I knew that the reality was that I could not stop them.

No, I couldn’t hold them any longer…

One of them moved behind me.
I swirled around, unleashing the wind blades.
Two shadows went down, but it was not enough.

The shadows leapt into the air, and their blades flashed towards the woman that was their target.

Lightning Blitz.

In the next instant, there was a flash and my vision was filled with blinding light.
A bolt of lightning shattered the air, and the ground shook and roared.

The smell of something burning filled the air.
And just like that, the shadows were gone without a trace.

In the face of such overwhelming speed and firepower, I could tell by the air that the enemy had shrunk back.

Immediately, I felt a presence standing behind me.

I didn’t need to look to see who it was.
After all, I had observed him closely for so long now.

…Luke Waldstein.

That brilliance and effort. I knew it more than anyone.

“Sorry I’m late.”
“It’s fine. It wasn’t too late, so I forgive you.”

The friend I had competed against for so long back at the academy.
His presence was greatly comforting, as we stood there, back to back.

“You have my back now. So follow my lead.”
“Understood. You deal with the others.”

And like that, we faced the shadows that surrounded us.

Air Raid Storm.

Lightning Blitz.

An in-sync combination attack.
Violent wind and electricity shot through the air.

Now, there was no way that the enemy could get close.

Without even being able to maintain their distance, the horde of shadows began to retreat.
The two kinds of magic that were unleashed were overwhelming the infinite shadows in terms of speed.

As I began to be sure of the outcome, my mouth widened into a smile.

It didn’t matter how many of the shadows there were. We were much stronger.

He must have decided that he had no chance of victory as well.
The assassin who was dressed as a butler suddenly turned around with his shadows and tried to escape.

However, I knew it.
Luke and I had already bought so much time.

My brilliant superiors would manage the rest.

In an instant, there was a flash and an explosion of fire.

“Well done. That was amazing, Noelle Springfield.”

And just like that, the horde of shadows were evaporated, and Mr. Gawain moved towards us.

“I’m glad that you are here.”

Ms. Leticia said with a cool expression as she attacked.

It did not take long for things to finish after that.
The dungeon artifact was nullified, and the assassin was arrested, much to my relief.

“Very good. You did it.”

Luke said with a smile.
It was a big job, and it was our first together.
There was a sense of accomplishment from having fought back to back.

I was once just a student, but now I was working as a Royal Magician.

‘I did it!’ was the emotion that filled my chest.

Also, I was happy that he was the first person to rush to help me.
I really was.
However, I was too embarrassed to say such a thing.


Still, I raised my palm up in the air and met his eyes.
He nodded and hit his palm against mine.

The sound of our high five echoed in the air amidst the chaos.
It was so quiet that only we would have been able to hear it. But that just made it better, as if it was something between the two of us friends.

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  1. Thank you for your ongoing hard work!

    Their grandchildren would one day ask, “Grandfather, why didn’t you kiss her instead of giving her a high five?”

    “You don’t know what your grandmother was like back then, children!”

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