Royal Magician – 131

Chapter 131 – Between Calm and Friendship

The great hole that appeared after the collapse.
The horde of monsters that flowed out.

On the other hand, the spirit queen’s attendants, Estelle and Synthia, were quick to act.

(If we can only stop this route where the monsters are flowing out from)

In the frontlines, closest to the great hole, they had to stop the horde.

The thunderous artillery of water unleashed and the giant walls of plant magic rose.
The demon beasts killed by the two most powerful magicians on the western continent surpassed 400 in less than a minute.

However, the problem was that the flow of monsters was stronger than expected.

After being exposed to the highly concentrated mana from the ancient dragon for so long, the monsters had a power that far exceeded the creatures on the surface.

And they seemed to be gaining momentum by the second.
They ate and tore their way through the giant wall of plants, and even when the water magic took away pieces of their bodies, they did not stop.

The unreasonable advantage of numbers.

(I knew that this would be harsh, but…this is too much…!)

They could not deal with that fast enough.
And so they were being pushed back.

Ferocious fangs pushed towards them.

(We cannot stop…!)

The two gasped.
It was just as the blinding light filled their vision entirely.

‘Air Fluegel.’

Light of destruction that evaporates the wave of monsters in an instant.
Overwhelming destructive power, realized by the Great Forest and over a thousand high-ranking spirits.

“The situation is very severe. I am tired after the match. However, that does not matter. I will fight in order to protect this friend that I finally made. That joy has elated me more than ever.”

Said Evangeline Runeforest.

“In order to protect her, I will not let you take a single step forward.”

(What the hell is she saying?)

Synthia felt truly puzzled by Evangeline’s words.

“Friend? Are you talking about that girl?”
“I am.”
“When did you get so close?”
“What kind of question is that? Really.”

Evangeline sighed with exasperation.

“Did you not watch that fight earlier? We clashed with everything that we had. We acknowledged and accepted each other. Just like the two who became friends after trading blows by the river. It is the ancient tradition of friend making.”

(No. That is definitely wrong.)

Synthia groaned internally.

(I have no idea what she is talking about. What am I…)

After some hesitation, Synthia said,

“…Um, Queen Evangeline.”
“What is it?”
“I think you are the only one who thinks that you are friends.”

There was silence for some time.
Long, as if it were thousands of years.


Evangeline’s shoulders drooped.

“Don’t do that, Synthia. It is not the time to force reality onto her. It will become impossible to get out of here if Queen Evangeline loses the will to fight.”
“But! It pains me to see her so deceived!”

The two argued.

“…Hmm? Huh? Where am I?”

Just then, the person opened their eyes, much to Synthia and Estelle’s shock.

Noelle Springfield.

The person that their queen had assumed was now her friend.
Depending on how they reacted now, their defeat here could be decided.

(If we act first and make her say that Queen Evangeline is her friend…)

Synthia was about to act.
However, Evangeline was faster.

She forgot everything and used teleportation magic.

“You…and I. We are friends…are we not?”

(Damn it. She is as fast as she is annoying…”)

A short silence.
Noelle Springfield looked a little puzzled as she answered.

“Friends? I think not.”

(It’s over. I should say my farewells to this world.)
(Why do we have to die over something so ridiculous!)

They grumbled as they tried to stop the monsters.

“I see…”

Evangeline said with disappointment.
However, Noelle’s words continued.

“But, I would be happy to be friends eventually. After all, you could probably teach me a lot about magic.”

(Good child! Blessed child!)

Synthia praised with a fist in the air.

“I see. In other words, not only am I the most amazing and wise person in this world, but I have the ability to tell the future. It was fate that we should become friends.”

(How is she able to speak with such confidence?)

Synthia rolled her eyes, but Evangeline ignored her as she continued.

“Leave this to me, friend. You should drink some potions and heal up.”

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