Paintbrush Summoner – 8

Chapter 8 – The Excessive Status Issue


“Hello, sister. This is Sir Menew. He has come to be baptized.”

They were greeted by a nun who had droopy eyes and a kind expression.

Her hair, and really everything but her face and hands, were covered with a dark blue cloth. And there was a white embroidered cloth that went down from her chest to her feet.

“Baptism? Very well. Please take a seat and wait one moment.”

The interior of the church was about what he had expected.

There were rows of benches, and in the far back, there was an altar and confession room. But on the altar, there appeared to be an idol of a bird god?

The colors of the stained glass sure were pretty.

(So picturesque…)

He suddenly had the urge to draw them. However, this brush and sketchbook were dangerous.

And so he held back the urge and waited quietly.

Next to him, Valette and Cheeta were playing happily.

Without having to wait long, the nun returned to them.

“Mr. Menew, please come this way.”

“Ah, yes. I will go then, Valette.”

“Yes. I shall wait for you here.”

And then I followed the nun.

We entered a small room next to the chapel, and then the nun locked the door.

“You will now be shown your personal information after it is registered. And so we must be careful so that others do not see it.”

Ah, so that was why she locked the door.

She then placed a stone slab on the table. It had a precious stone embedded within.

“Now, please place your hand on this stone.”

“Very well.”

Menew placed his right hand on top, and the stone started to glow.

Thin lines of light ran over the surface. Geometric patterns emerged across the entire surface, and on top of them, the ‘Status Window’ appeared.

Hmm? Her face suddenly froze ominously.

And so he looked at his status carefully.

Age: 23
25th, Month of the Snake
Occupation: ???
LV. 54
HP: 5,600,000/8,000,000
MP: 9,800,000/9,999,999

Attack: 985
Defense: 598
Magic Attack: 999
Magic Defense: 999
Speed: 575
Luck: ???

Acquired Skills:
Seven Magic Elements, Status Ailment Resistance, Divine Oracle
Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Manifestation of All Things
Divine Artist, Growth Enhancement ???

(Well, that is strange… It looks like I’m all maxed out!?)

Seker, that is too much! He grumbled within.

Not only that, but what did ‘???’ mean? Also, the HP, Defense and Speed had a sense of ‘I tried my best, but this was all I could raise it’ which was slightly annoying.

The nun was shaking.

“Ah…are you alright?”

“I have never seen anything so wonderful…!”

She said through tears. It was a little scary.

And her nose was running.

“The MP is maxed out. As are the other 999s. And the skills! So many! And what a lineup! They are acquired at birth and when reaching a certain level, but they really are some of the best ones! Manifestation of All Things! I have not seen that one before! Advanced skills are composite skills and…”

Her face was a mess.

Divine Artist. That was used to describe popular artists online. But it was a skill?

However, the most mysterious thing was the skill that turned art into something real. And he still did not know what it was.

She continued to explain his status to him rapidly, and he listened quietly. And then she finally wiped her nose and paused.

“Mr. Menew. You will be able to partially show your status. Up to the level. But I would recommend that you do not show the rest. Please don’t. You may cause resentment in others. After all, it is quite abnormal to have such a status at your age.”

“Alright, but I have a question.”

“Yes, what is it? Though, I am the one who has questions, if I am being honest.”

“Please do not ask them. …In the first place, are you supposed to show some of your status to others?”

She looked at him with disbelief.

“I fell off a cliff and lost my memory…”

“I see… That is why… Well, it acts as your personal identification. Your status will determine which job you are suited for, so you can register… Though, I suppose you could do anything.”

She then took out a sheet of paper.

While I didn’t know the language, I could read it somehow.

It had various jobs, from knights, sorcerers, merchants, magic fighters, summoners, priests, nuns, singers and more.

Menew saw ‘Artist’ and became rather excited, but the nun quickly added,

“If you do things that are not a part of your choice of occupation, you will be regarded strangely. In places where the law doesn’t reach, vigilante justice may rear its head.”


He really did not need these skills outside of Divine Artist. However, it was clear that skills did not go away after acquiring them.

So he should choose a job where he could draw, and it wouldn’t matter what skills appeared.

(I would have liked to be an artist… As long as I can draw, the rest does not matter…)

“…This Manifestation of All Things is in the way.”

“Are you trying to make me mad?”

“I’m sorry.”

He didn’t understand why she was mad, but she was intimidating enough to force an apology.

“Well, I think I’ll choose this one… It should allow me to cover up in various ways.”

And so Menew chose one job.

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    • I know, right? Especially after seeing that his job is blank. Even if he lost his memory, his job should still be filled! Well, maybe it’s a side effect of her being a nice Sister.

      Thanks for all the chapters!

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