Royal Magician – 25

Chapter 25 – Negotiation(Magic Artificer Guild 3)

That day, the vice guild chief and the guild chief were to enter negotiations with the marquis.

He went to the bathroom many times and checked his appearance in the mirror.

There could be no failure on any account.

Because for today’s business negotiation, Grand Duke Arthur Oswalt, the very top of the noble society in the kingdom, was going to attend.

“Calm down. Why are you so scared? Don’t be a coward.”
“I am sorry. However, it’s not just the marquis, the Lord Oswalt…”

This was someone so important, that he would never have dreamed of ever being in his company.
If the Grand Duke did not like him, it could affect his life from that moment on.

Of course, that worked both ways.

(These negotiations must succeed, no matter what)

The vice guild chief was excited.
He calmed his breathing and then turned to the guild chief.

“Still, why is Lord Oswalt attending?”

There had been no plans for him to appear at first.
And yet things had changed suddenly on the previous day.

“Who knows? But it would be unwise to pry. But just having a connection to him will give us a great advantage. And so even if he decides to back out of it, we must smile and be graceful. The most important thing is to not make an enemy of him.”
“I know that.”

The Oswalt Company was known for only dealing with the best.
So even if things didn’t work out this time, they had still attracted his attention.
And that alone would raise the profile of the guild’s products.

Merely having him take an interest.
That was a success in itself.

The two had been waiting in the drawing room, but stood up as they heard sounds coming from the outside. And then they bowed as the others entered.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”
“No, not at all. Thank you for creating this opportunity for us to talk.”

And then the negotiation began.
After some mild smalltalk, the marquis said something that nearly made the vice chief’s heart leap out of his chest.

“The Oswalt Company has officially decided to carry your products…”

He was speechless.
Grand Duke Oswalt nodded and continued.

“All of my merchants were in agreement that the crystal balls you make are of wonderful quality. And we would like to move things ahead of schedule.”
“Thank you…! Thank you so much…!!”

How great were those words for a Magic Artificer Guild in the western frontiers?
Since they came from a great noble who owned the biggest company in the kingdom.

(We will now be one of the leading guilds in the kingdom…! Our profits will more than double…!)

“And so, we would like to start at once and order some products to sell in our stores. Here is the amount of the order. Now, when will they be ready?”
“If that is the amount, then there is no problem. They can be prepared in two weeks.”

The Grand Duke looked a little uncertain at the guild chief’s words.

“Are you sure? I do not think it would be an easy task to prepare so much in just two weeks.”
“We have been working to create an efficient workplace without compromise. We make this amount quite often.”
“Our company places importance on trust more than anything. High quality and good service. And that includes distributing goods on time. No delays will be forgiven. I would like for you to remember that. And in order to keep such promises, I prefer for crafters to have more forgiving deadlines. You cannot make good magic artifacts in a rush.”

And then Grand Duke Oswalt said with some emphasis.

“And with all of that considered, I want your assurance that you will be able to deliver everything on time. So, when will it be?”
“Two weeks later will be just fine.”

Said the guild chief with a confident expression.

“For our guild, there is no possibility of us not being able to deliver the whole order on time. I can assure you of that.”

“It went quite well.”
“Yes. Better than expected. I didn’t think we would be able to start right away.”

The two talked excitedly on their way back from the negotiation.

“But, will we be alright with that deadline? We did not discuss it with the magic artificers.”
“It is our job to decide such things. And it’s their job to make it in time. Besides, it is not even that great an amount. Even that useless woman was able to do it in a few days.”
“This is the first job, and it will affect their first impression of us. It will not hurt us if we deliver the products with extra speed.”

The guild chief nodded.

“Now, go and tell the workers. Understand?”
“Yes. Understood.”

After separating from the guild chief, the vice chief headed to the workshop.

“Hey, you better be working hard.”

The magic artificers looked even more tired than usual.
They had dark lines under their eyes, and their movements were sluggish.

This had never happened before, even when they were forced to work late hours.

(Perhaps we reduced our laborers too much?)

While he felt a little worried, the guild chief then asked the supervisor about how things were going.

“Here are the ones that have finished the third step in the production process. Over here are the ones ready to be shipped.”

Upon hearing this report, the vice chief was terribly confused.

“So little…?”

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