Royal Magician – 57

Chapter 57 – Visit

The great shadow that covered the sky.

Scales that beautifully reflected the light.
Limbs like great tree trunks and sword-like wings.

Such was the magnificent and mystical black giant dragon that appeared in front of my eyes.

It was there just as I opened the door. The unbelievable sight. How long had I stood there, scratching my head?

Ca-calm down.
You have to calmly assess the situation.

Apparently, this dragon had come here in order to repay a debt.
It’s that thing that often happens in fairy tales.
Stories about animals or monsters coming back after you had shown them a kindness.

The problem was that we were right in the middle of the royal capital.
The dragon took up all of the empty space that was in front of our house.
While I was a little relieved that there was enough space there, it also presented another problem.

…For people who do not understand what is happening, it would look like the city was in danger of being destroyed.
It was quite possible that the Royal Magicians Order and Royal Knights Order would mobilize. They would come to kill the dragon.

“Um! While I am happy that you came to repay the debt, you better run away quickly.”

As I said this, the dragon tilted its head as if puzzled.

‘…Why? There is no need to run.’

The voice echoed directly in my head.
Some monsters were capable of communicating through telepathy.

“Because the appearance of a dragon will cause a great panic. People might attack you in order to protect the city.”

Yes, this could be one of the great incidents that would be remembered through history.
The result of its kindness leading to a large-scale battle. That would be too tragic for everyone!

As I pleaded with it desperately, the dragon replied in a calm voice.

‘…That is not a problem. For I am using concealment magic. You would have to be terribly close in order to perceive my presence.’

“Oh, is that so?”

Indeed, now that I thought about it, there were no signs of anyone reacting to the presence of such a large dragon.

In the first place, if it could be seen, then people would have noticed it before it arrived at my doorstep. The battle would have already begun.

Perhaps it was because of this concealment magic, that there were so few reports of people sighting dragons.

But just as I began to sigh with relief, I heard the sound of a shopping bag dropping to the ground.


My mother was standing there.
She must have just returned right now.
And had entered the area where the concealment magic was no longer effective.

She looked up at the dragon and froze.
And after shaking for a moment, she collapsed as if fainting.


I frantically rushed forward and caught her.
Apparently, the shock had been too much, and she had lost consciousness.
Well, it was no wonder.
She returned from some shopping and there was suddenly a dragon in front of her house.

“I’m sorry to startle you like this.”

I felt quite bad as I carried my mother back to her room.
I placed her on the bed and checked her pulse and breathing to confirm that she was fine.
Still, I cast healing magic on her, just in case, before returning to the dragon.

What I heard was a somewhat baffled voice.

‘…I am sorry. Did I frighten her?’

I looked up.
The eyes that looked down from so far away did seem apologetic.

‘…In order to avoid surprising anyone, I had made my visit in accordance with the culture of humans…’

Apparently, it had been considerate.
Indeed, the dragon had rung the doorbell and waited patiently.

That was rather like a human.

The dragon’s shoulders seemed to droop with disappointment.
Its body somehow looked smaller.

“No, not at all. I am grateful for your consideration. And I’m happy that you came.”

The dragon looked at me, and its great eyes blinked.

‘…Is that so? That is good to hear.’

The dragon sighed with relief.
Then with its great arm, it handed me a small whistle.

‘…This is an artifact I found in a dungeon. The ‘Teleportation Whistle’ can activate a magic teleportation circle when you blow it. I have made it so that you can summon me this way.’

It was a small, silver whistle crafted with magic crystals.
The quality of it as a magic artifact was so high that I was stunned.

It clearly exceeded what modern magic artificers were capable of… An ultra special artifact.

…Surely this was not something that a starting magician like me could hold.

Not only that, but the dragon said that blowing the whistle would summon it. As if I would call a dragon so casually!
Its mere appearance would cause chaos on a historic level throughout the kingdom!

Though, there was no turning back now…

My mind wasn’t really able to process what was happening.
As I stood there with wide eyes, the dragon said,

‘…Call me whenever you like. And I promise to make your wish come true.’

The beating of wings.
The sudden gust of wind caused me to close my eyes.

And when I looked up again, the dragon was gone.
It must be because of the concealment magic.
It had returned to the sky freely without anyone else seeing it.

Everything in front of the house was back to normal. It almost felt like a dream.

However, the small whistle in my hand was proof that it had been real.

“What are you doing?”

My old friend had an exasperated smile as he approached.
Apparently, he came just at the wrong time, and saw everything.

Still stunned, I looked up at the sky and said,

“Even I don’t know…”

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  1. I was expecting a reverse harem scenario here, with that dragon taking the human form and so on. A completely cliche development. I’m glad that’s not the case. Although that might serve as a kick to the backside of certain guy.

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